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Moving On After You Was Harder Than Anything I Ever Did

Moving On After You Was Harder Than Anything I Ever Did

It’s not like I haven’t gone through a lot in life, but moving on after you was harder than anything I’ve ever done. I guess that proves you were more important to me than you should’ve been.

You weren’t aware of that and you thought I didn’t care anymore. Maybe you even thought it was easy to walk away and forget all about what we had.

Getting you out of my head and heart was a lot harder than you can imagine. In fact, moving on after you was tougher than anything I ever had to do, or at least it felt that way…

Because I wanted you more than anything, of that I’m sure. You might not believe it, but you were the only person in the world I could actually imagine a future with.

Unfortunately, though, you were all my pain at the same time… It was killing me to love you as much as I did.

You almost destroyed me and I couldn’t let it happen. It took all the strength I had to prevent it from happening.

I had to play the role I did and pretend like you didn’t mean much to me. It was simply something I had to do to save myself from loving you so much.

DONE! Moving On After You Was Harder Than Anything I Ever Did

I needed to show you that I was over you and that it was easier for me to move on than it was for you. After all, wasn’t my pride all that was left of our sorry love story?

It was the only thing that could make me move forward and go on with my life without you.

Moving on after you was the hardest thing ever, but I had to do it.

How you saw it play out was not how it felt from my point of view. When I looked at you, I saw the man I loved that I’d have to forget no matter what it took.

Maybe you never saw me look back, but I did look back on us. And whenever I did, I wanted to run back into your embrace.

Sometimes, I would even grab my phone meaning to call you and tell you that I still love you… But every time, I’d stop, reminding myself of how unhealthy and toxic our relationship truly was.

I had to remember how much it would hurt every time you’d break my heart. How could I let you do that to me again?

Moving on after you was by far the hardest thing I ever did, but I did it anyway.

DONE! Moving On After You Was Harder Than Anything I Ever Did

Long after our relationship was over, my heart was still a prisoner of your love – you’d never believe it, but it kept hurting me once it was broken.

At the same time, I’d hope to see you again and pray that I never would. As much as not being a part of your life hurts, the pain you put me through was unbearable.

I just had to take some time to cry my eyes out and pray to God to give me strength not to let you back into my life so that I could get you out of my heart.

People always tell us to walk away from a toxic relationship, but they never say that it hurts like hell for the longest time. And despite everything the person’s done to you and how badly they hurt you, you still want them.

Regardless of how many times you try to convince yourself that you need to leave, you’d still rather stay. You’d rather let the toxicity destroy you than run away from it as you should.

That’s the awful truth about moving on from someone you loved. You keep hurting for a long time before you finally move on – and sometimes even then.

Still, love can’t be true when it hurts, and sometimes loving someone simply isn’t enough. Sadly, the love we feel is what makes the relationship so toxic – because it’s not the way love’s supposed to feel.

DONE! Moving On After You Was Harder Than Anything I Ever Did

Even if you’re sure that you did love me, it wasn’t the love I deserved. The way I loved you was the love I was hoping to get in return. The safe, tender, everlasting, and unconditional love…

Your love was dangerous and it could have killed me if I stayed by your side.

You never respected me enough to give me what I deserve. But moving on after you was harder than anything I ever did.

Will I ever find love again? I thought I knew the answer to that question because your kind of loving was all I’d ever known.

You never wanted to work on our relationship and I got tired of being the only one trying. Now I learned my lesson: You’ll never be enough for someone who isn’t right for you. And you weren’t right for me.

Did you really think that I would keep giving you all of me while you didn’t give me anything in return? The truth is, even I thought I would. But I had to stop.

DONE! Moving On After You Was Harder Than Anything I Ever Did

I stayed with you despite all the hell you put me through. Even when I had no more strength to try to make it work, I still prayed you’d show me love instead of pain.

Moving on after you was painstakingly hard, but staying with you was just as hard, if not harder.

At first, everything would remind me of you and I had to avoid all the painful reminders. Then, I slowly stopped seeing you as the man I imagined you were.

I finally accepted that you’re not right for me and that you’ll never change.

We are not getting back together. That sentence could have instantly brought me to tears at the beginning, but it eventually became the painful truth I accepted.

Now, I don’t regret leaving you, but I don’t regret being with you either. Regardless of all the pain that you put me through, what I felt was strong and real…

I just don’t feel it anymore.

Moving On After You Was Harder Than Anything I Ever Did

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