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Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

When talking of the most jealous zodiac signs, you never want to see your sign on the list, am I right?

What you’re actually looking for is to see if you potential love interest could be one of them. You’ve been meeting up with him for quite a while now and he’s showing you signs of jealousy, but he’s a Gemini and Air signs aren’t supposed to be jealous.

There are many signs that someone is jealous and it doesn’t necessarily depend on their zodiac.

What you do have to understand is that everyone has an entire natal chart and you have to look at every little piece of it to be able to read someone’s personality. But the question is: Is there a way to know if someone’s jealous just by their Sun sign?

Your Sun sign is the central star sign we all ask for when we meet someone for the first time. When someone asks you “What’s your zodiac sign?” they’re mostly referring to this one.

Your Sun sign is the part of the natal chart that describes your basic nature and personality traits. They’re constant throughout your entire life.

It’s different from the positions of the other planets. It’s a constant. The Sun is the center of the solar system and that’s why it describes the very core of your personality.

So let’s see which zodiac signs are the most jealous of the lot.

The most jealous zodiac signs – ranked!

Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

Jealousy is a very strange emotion. It’s a combination of so many different sensations that we get confused by it quite easily.

We feel anxious, angry, sad – all wrapped up in a lack of self-esteem. All of these things at once are enough to make you doubt your entire relationship.

Also, jealousy is not the same thing as envy.

Envy is all about the insatiable longing for the things and advantages someone else has in their life. On the other hand, jealousy can be described as a sort of rivalry for someone’s attention.

Here we’re talking about the specific type of jealousy found in romantic relationships – when you feel like someone (or something) else has all of your partner’s attention and is competing for the position you currently hold in their life.

Are you one of the most jealous zodiac signs? Or are you at the very bottom at the list?

Based on a person’s Sun sign, you can easily figure this out and save yourself a lot of heartache and headache.

When you first meet someone, you really want to make sure that they won’t be jealous. Jealousy is an extremely big red flag that we need to identify before we start considering a more serious relationship.

Before we continue, what’s his zodiac sign? Is he a Scorpio? Capricorn?

Find that out and then come back here to see where he ranks in this list of the most to least jealous zodiac signs.

1. Scorpio

DONE Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe 2

Scorpio is a Water sign and they’re the most jealous of all the zodiac signs. They don’t trust people easily, so even when you think that you’ve got them figured out, you have to think again.

A Scorpio man is led by his emotions and doesn’t think twice about speaking them. He’ll turn his jealousy into a passive-aggressive combat of words and silent treatment.

When a Scorpio gets jealous, he most probably won’t say it right away. He is filled with pride and thinks that he’s the best thing that can happen to you. The issue is that he doesn’t truly believe it himself.

A Scorpio man can get very passive-aggressive with his words once his jealousy is triggered. When he sees another man talking to you, his primal instincts take the wheel.

He’s very territorial, so when someone threatens his territory (aka you), you’ll see the way his eyes flash in anger and jealousy.

You’re probably not doing it on purpose, but even the slightest sign that you might like someone else more than him will drive him nuts.

When he’s done brooding by himself, you’ll get side remarks and full-blown arguments about this. He won’t let you off the hook easily.

He’ll need you to block the men he feels threatened by, stop talking to them, or whatever else it takes to remove the competition. He’ll take it to the extreme.

The worst thing about it? He’ll never admit that his insecurity is the issue. He’ll believe that you’re the issue the entire time this goes down.

2. Aries

Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

Aries men are known to be extremely temperamental and moody. The very first thing you’ll be able to see when you meet an Aries is that they get triggered pretty easily.

So what happens when this fire sign, ruled by Mars, experiences jealousy?

A jealous Aries man is like a ticking time bomb. Aries ranks way up there as one of the most jealous zodiac signs, simply because he can’t handle his emotions.

You’ll see that he’ll most likely throw a tantrum. Aries doesn’t know how to handle issues without making a fuss about it, so you’ll have to deal with his temper.

He’s clearly short-tempered and you won’t have to wait long to see an outburst. He’ll react right away and make a huge deal about it.

Jealousy is a big trigger for Aries. So head’s up – you might not want to let any of your male friends hug you in front of him. It’ll be like someone yelled “action!” and he’s about to make a scene.

3. Leo

DONE Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe 4

Are we surprised that the next one on this list is another fire sign? Nope.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and, as such, expects everyone to treat him as if he’s the center of the galaxy. Every other planet orbits the Sun in our solar system, so Leo believes that he’s that important too.

When someone else has your attention, it’s like a blow to his core. How dare you look at anyone else when there’s a Leo right there next to you?

Leo’s jealousy isn’t very vocal. He’ll probably try to ignore the feeling. You might catch him rolling his eyes or releasing an annoyed breath. You won’t easily catch him say that he’s jealous.

The Lion is too proud for that.

But the very moment you mention another issue you’ve found in your relationship, he’ll say something like, “Why don’t you go to Josh then? You two seemed to get along quite well, or did my eyes deceive me?”

That’s when you know that he hasn’t stopped thinking about that friend of yours from the very moment he first heard of him.

It’s not really your fault. His pride is the biggest issue here and it doesn’t have anything to do with your friends.

Every Leo feels at least a little bit jealous, but the gender of your friends doesn’t matter. He’ll feel threatened by whoever might have your attention instead of him at any given moment.

4. Cancer

Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

Cancer is also high up on the list of most jealous zodiac signs. A Water sign ruled by the Moon, he’s extremely moody and emotional when he doesn’t get what he wants.

But he’s extraordinarily talented at hiding his jealousy.

If the man you’re seeing is a Cancer, you’ll soon realize you’re dealing with a very emotional being. It’s unusual to see a man who’s so sensitive, because men are usually taught by society to not show feelings.

He’ll show you how sensitive he is if he truly trusts you. So when he’s jealous and he tells you as much, you’re in for a show.

He’s very conscious of his part in your life and doesn’t think that you’re able to love him as much as he loves you.

When he does get jealous, he’ll probably be extremely cuddly toward you. He’ll be all over you to remind you that you’re his. He’ll hug you, kiss you, hold your hand, and he won’t want to let go of you.

If it’s possible, he’ll make his jealousy even seem cute.

But what happens when a Cancer man is pushed to his limit? You’ll see the full tsunami of emotions that are hiding inside him, that’s what.

If you, at any point try to invalidate his feelings, he might even start crying. He’s jealous because he’s scared of losing you and doesn’t believe that he’s good enough to keep you around.

5. Taurus

DONE Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe 6

Taurus are known to be very possessive and insecure before they start to trust you completely. They’re ruled by Venus and are usually very grounded.

That’s why they’re somewhere in the middle on this list.

They’re not the most jealous zodiac sign, but they are very sensitive at the very beginning of the relationship. If your guy was born under the sign of Taurus, you’ll bear witness to this strange phenomenon.

When you’re just starting to talk about your exes, you’ll notice the way his eyes flare up in anger and jealousy. It’s more because he thinks he won’t be able to fill their shoes than anything else.

It’s not that he believes you’ll leave him for someone else, but more because he’s scared that you’ll compare him to your previous partners.

A Taurus’ envy is also a huge issue. He’s probably envious of your materialistic possessions and your wealth. He’ll want to reach that status, but know he can’t do it overnight.

He wants to be the one to provide for you, so if you’re wealthier than he is, that’ll be an issue in his eyes. You won’t see it on a daily basis, but from time to time he’ll subtly let you know how he feels.

6. Virgo

Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

This is a tricky one because Virgo is an Earth sign that is very calm and collected. Virgo’s exactly in the middle of this list of most jealous zodiac signs as he is usually very indifferent.

He knows that he doesn’t have a reason to be jealous. He has you already! You chose him over all the other men that you could’ve had.

However, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel like there are better options for you out there.

If you chose someone else, Virgo men are so self-conscious and self-critical that it’d be a direct and personal attack on them.

He’s a perfectionist who loves to be right. He loves to always be the best at things. It’s not for the attention of others, but more so for his own pleasure.

So knowing that there’s someone out there who won his game it’s a huge strike to his ego. You’re the ultimate prize and if he isn’t able to win, what is he even good for?

That’s his mindset for almost everything in life, so relationships aren’t that different.

7. Capricorn

DONE Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe 8

As you can see, all the Earth signs follow up on one another. Capricorn is just on the other side of the ranking of most jealous zodiac signs.

But that still doesn’t mean he’s not jealous. He’s just too proud to actually admit it to himself.

If the man you’re seeing is a Capricorn, you’ll immediately be aware of the amount of self-control he has. He controls his emotions perfectly and will make you believe that he isn’t bothered by anything.

Small things just as much as big situations can cause a Capricorn to develop jealous thoughts. His jealousy will get triggered the moment he finds out you told one of your friends something personal before you thought to tell him.

It’s not that he thinks that he’ll lose you to them, it’s more about whether you trust someone else more than you trust him.

But even those situations are quite rare. He knows his boundaries and once you walk over any of them and try to make him jealous on purpose, he’ll simply leave. He doesn’t need you in his life if that’s how you’re ready to act.

8. Gemini

Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

A man born under the sign of Gemini won’t really be jealous of the fact that another man is giving you attention, but more so because you have more friends than he has.

This might sound odd, but it’s true. A Gemini is a great conversationalist and loves to be around people. Being the center of attention is like an addiction to him and he can’t get enough of it.

Because of that, his jealousy will be very obvious. He’ll most probably come up to your friends and introduce himself. But the good news is this doesn’t transfer into romantic relationships.

He doesn’t feel threatened that you’d leave him, because honestly, he doesn’t care enough to be jealous. In his mind, he’s God’s gift to humanity and you’re just passing by.

So yeah, is he jealous? Absolutely, but only in social situations. Does he care if you leave him for someone else? No. Your loss.

9. Pisces

DONE Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe 10

You might be surprised to see a Water sign so low on this list, but it’s actually not that big of a deal.

If your man is a Pisces, you might have realized how compassionate and caring he is toward other people around him. He’s very loving and doesn’t really experience jealousy because his eyes are always on you.

If you happen to talk to another man in front of him, he’ll be too mesmerized by you to even realize what’s going on.

Pisces is not at the end of the list because certain situations, bad relationships, and so on can cause him emotional trauma to the point where jealousy becomes a constant in his life.

I know that this is a very specific scenario, but Pisces is also a very specific sign. He’ll cry himself to sleep if he knows that you’re still talking to your ex. He might not tell you, but he certainly will.

So understanding where his jealousy comes from is extremely important when you want to reassure him in your relationship. His jealousy isn’t a toxic trait that you’ll have to escape from the very moment you see it, no.

It’s actually his way of asking you not to make him even more insecure than he already is. He doesn’t want to compare himself to someone else because he feels like he’s losing you to them.

10. Libra

Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

Now here’s one of the most understanding zodiac signs, simply because, just like Gemini, Libra knows his worth.

Libra is usually extremely gorgeous and intelligent, and he expresses himself through some type of art. Because of that, he knows that he’s interesting enough and probably the best partner you’ll ever meet.

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which makes him very romantic and focused on pleasing his partner in whichever possible. So if you see a Libra jealous, it’s mostly because he’s just weirded out by your relationship with someone.

If you’re still talking to your ex, he won’t think much of it. But that might change if you’re still seeing your ex.

These are extremes, of course. Not every Libra will get jealous when a boundary is crossed like this. But he will let you know when you mess up.

He’ll tell you when he sees someone crushing on you or making a move on you, but he’ll never do so out of jealousy.

More so to see how you’ll react to this situation. If you make a move on this person as well, a Libra won’t get jealous, he’ll simply walk away from you.

Libra isn’t one of the most jealous zodiac signs simply because he knows he can do better than you if you do give him a reason to doubt you.

He’d much rather let you be happy with someone else and then cry in his room about it or make a scene of it.

11. Aquarius

DONE Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe 12

The only reason Aquarians aren’t at the very end of the list is because they do experience jealousy, just very rarely.

If the Aquarius man you’re seeing is jealous, it’s probably because you know more than he does. He’ll be threatened by your intelligence and the fact that your thoughts are loftier than his.

He’ll most probably be unaffected by the fact you’re still talking to your ex or seeing someone else. He’s likely also seeing someone else while talking to you.

He’s rather emotionally unavailable, so it’s often hard to get an Aquarius man to fall for you. He won’t be jealous, as he knows he can find your replacement quite easily.

He’ll rationalize every single one of his emotions, so when he does feel the slightest spark of jealousy, he’ll probably brush it aside due to the fact that the other guy has better hair than he does.

And that’s when he’ll let the subject go.

Don’t go around believing that you can make an Aquarius jealous. They’re an Air sign, ruled by the planet Saturn, the planet of discipline. If you want to make an Aquarius jealous, it’ll only make you feel worse.

He’ll probably tell you that you lack validation in life and that’s why you’re so drawn to people who give you even the slightest amount of attention. And that’s not really what you want to hear, right?

12. Sagittarius

Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

At the very end of the list of the most jealous zodiac signs we have people born under the sign of Sagittarius.

If your guy is a Sag, the first thing you’ll realize is that people are mostly jealous of him. They’re jealous of his success, his intelligence, his appearance. It’s never the other way around.

If there’s someone around a Sagittarius that brings even the slightest spark of jealousy to life, he’ll simply walk away. Who needs that sort of negative energy?

A Sag knows that he doesn’t need you to validate him. He knows that it’s your decision who you talk to. If you choose to cheat on him or something, he’ll simply block you and never talk to you again.

It’s that simple with him. He might cry afterward and be upset at you, but he won’t harbor any jealous feelings.

It’s weird, I know, but it’s simply how the stars made him out to be.

Ranking The Most Jealous Zodiac Signs To Keep You Safe

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