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What’s The Meaning Behind Constantly Thinking About Someone?

What’s The Meaning Behind Constantly Thinking About Someone?

Lately, you’ve been constantly thinking about someone and now you’re here to find the meaning behind it. Am I right?

When you can’t stop thinking about one person, your feelings towards them are strong. Whether they are either positive or negative. But the fact is that they are the ones forcing you to have that person on your mind a lot more than you would like to.

Luckily, there are some explanations that will help you realize why it’s difficult to focus on anything else. Let’s take a look at them.

Constantly thinking about someone? 16 possible meanings

Since you’re obviously asking yourself why is it happening, let me help you out. There are so many answers to that question and you will definitely find yourself in at least a few of them.

Today is your lucky day because I’ve prepared 16 possible meanings behind constantly thinking about someone. So, what are we waiting for?

1) You have a crush

What's The Meaning Behind Constantly Thinking About Someone

Let’s start with the most obvious one: You have a crush on someone. And that special someone is exactly the person you’ve been thinking about frequently.

When we have a crush we tend to make them the center of our world. Everything we do or see has the power to remind us of them. Then it leads to problems with concentration because the person is present all the time.

Well, probably not physically, but one thing is for sure, they aren’t leaving our minds. So if you’ve been experiencing these “symptoms” the chances are you have a crush.

If you do, don’t be afraid to make a move. Who knows, maybe you’re not the only one who’s showing these signs.

2) That person inspires you

Here’s another meaning behind constantly thinking about someone. It’s possible that you’re thinking about the person who inspires you.

Thinking about a certain person isn’t reserved for those we’re in love with, or the ones we can’t stand. It can be someone who we think about because of their great personality and power to motivate others.

It’s usually an individual who is full of life, positive energy, and a unique attitude towards life. That’s why every time we feel down, we remember them.

If you’ve been sad or demotivated lately, that’s probably the reason why you’ve had this person on your mind so much. They can inspire you and motivate you to continue reaching your goals and becoming the happiest person on Earth. It’s actually a good thing your mind chose them.

3) You’re lonely

Sometimes we think about other people because we want some more company in our lives. It’s easy and more and more common to feel lonely in this digital era.

People are too busy keeping up their online appearances. Friendships are suffering, because we spend hours chatting with each other, yet it’s somehow difficult to find some free time and go out.

Then we start thinking about those people we used to hang out with before. We even miss them and that’s how we get lonely.

Maybe you’re focused on one of those people. Think about the possible reasons that are connected to loneliness. Could it be that the two of you did end things the right way? Maybe you just suddenly stopped hanging out? Or there’s something you always wanted to say but you didn’t?

All these reasons can make you think about someone a lot.

4) You dreamt about that person

Dreams can easily trigger our minds. Therefore the meaning behind your constant thinking about someone can definitely be seen through dreams.

When we sleep our mind goes to many different places. Sometimes it’s just some nonsense. Like rain made of meatballs or speaking cars. But quite often it’s about our past, fears, or wishes.

Maybe you dreamt about a person you haven’t seen in a while. Possibly someone who meant a lot to you. Then after you woke up you felt like you were still stuck in that dream. Sometimes they seem so real that it’s actually really difficult to switch back to reality.

As they hold great power, it’s easy to understand how they can place a certain person in your mind. So, think about your recent dreams and you might find the answer.

5) That person rejected you

What's The Meaning Behind Constantly Thinking About Someone

Have you been in love with someone and that person rejected you? Yes? I believe you. It’s because that is in fact one of the biggest reasons we can think about somebody so much.

Let’s say the two of you were hanging out for some time and everything seemed nice. You already thought about them a lot because you had a crush on them. Then suddenly, that special someone decides to reject you.

No long explanation, no foreshadowing, just a firm decision.

Then it’s only logical that you’ll start asking yourself questions. Where did you go wrong, what made them leave, why weren’t you good enough, and numerous more of these.

Since all these questions are concerned with the person who left you, you can easily understand why they’re still stuck in your head.

6) You have memories together

Memories are a powerful tool that can either make you extremely happy or very sad. So if you’re looking for the meaning behind constantly thinking about someone, you should take them into consideration.

Our brain has the power to send us back to any part of our past we remember. And every part of that past holds a memory. We love them, they are what makes us unique and something that shaped us. However, they can mess with us quite a lot.

As I said our memories can be nice and not so nice. However, both of them can make us sad. It’s obvious that those that are painful will always be difficult for us. But what’s the problem with the happy ones?

The problem is that they can make us miss something or someone. It can trick us into thinking how perfect our life was at the moment, and how bad it looks now.

And that’s how you end up thinking about a certain person a bit too much.

7) You were hurt

It’s expected that someone who hurt you is on your mind. Only people we care about can manage to disturb our peace. If you see a Karen in the shop, she bursts out at you for some reason, it might annoy you for a few seconds. But it’s not something that would hurt you.

However, if someone important does that to you, it will definitely have enough strength to affect your mood. You will think about what they’ve done to you. Look for the reasons behind it. Think about whether you’ve deserved it or not. Or discuss your feelings with friends and family.

But, whatever you do, feeling hurt doesn’t go away that quickly. So your thoughts will be crowded with that person and their behavior. Keep in mind that if someone did you wrong, it’s not your fault! It’s their mistake, so don’t blame yourself.

8) You recently broke up

Another meaning behind constantly thinking about someone can easily be explained if the two of you were in a relationship. If you’ve had a partner for some time, and you broke up recently, it’s very likely that you would think about them for quite some time.

It’s understandable. You’ve probably been through a lot together. Whenever you had a problem, your partner was there to help. You traveled, danced, kissed, sang, cooked, laughed, cried, and made some pretty amazing memories together. And now that you’ve separated, you need to get used to being alone.

Of course, it’s difficult at first and you just can’t stop thinking about them and the good times you had. However, don’t forget that you had a lot of problems too. You would still be together if everything was okay between the two of you. So try to look at your relationship realistically.

9) You have unresolved issues

What's The Meaning Behind Constantly Thinking About Someone

If you have unresolved issues with someone, it’s possible that they’ll be on your mind more than before. That’s because you’re probably bothered by the fact that something isn’t clear. You have many questions that need to be answered to feel relieved.

It doesn’t have to be your partner, it can be anyone in your life. Maybe you had an argument that just stayed unresolved. You continued hanging out, but something feels awkward because of that problem. Then it’s normal that it will bother you at the end of the day.

You’ll probably think if you should mention the issue again, or keep quiet for the sake of peace. None of the options seem to be a good choice for you, so you overthink it every time you go to sleep. Remember that you’re not alone.

Everyone has gone through it at least once in their lives. so you can always find someone who’ll have a piece of good advice for you.

10) That person supports you

Maybe you’re thinking about that person a bit more when life’s tough on you. That special someone is a person who always supported you, no matter what you’ve been up to.

And now when you’re going through some things, you’re having that person on your mind because of their huge influence on you. You try to remember all the good advice you got from them, and all the warnings they gave you.

Then you start realizing how right they were about some situations and people, which makes you think more and more. What are some other things they’ve pointed out to you? Should you be careful about them then?

Or you just started something new in your life, and thinking about that person who always supported you, helps you stay motivated.

11) You admire them

Another meaning behind constantly thinking about someone can be looked through the possibility that it’s a person you admire.

We live in an era of social media. There are tons of people we can follow and whose lives we can track on a daily basis. Their lives seem amazing. They are full of adventures, interesting trips, expensive restaurants, clothes, houses, cars, VIP events, and many more things that can make us admire them.

Then after we’ve seen all those “perfect” lives we compare them with ours. It has the power to make us feel sad because the way we live doesn’t seem so perfect. And then we end up thinking about their lifestyle and everything they have.

It gets stuck in our brains and it won’t let us enjoy our days. But it’s important to stay aware of the fact that social media can lie, and it usually does. People share only the best moments, and it makes us feel like they don’t have a single problem. But, of course, it’s not like that.

12) Their behavior confuses you

Is it possible that you have a person in your life whose behavior confuses you? If so, then there’s a big chance that you’re having that person on your mind a lot.

The people whose behavior confuses us usually have similar patterns of acting around others. They can act like your best friend for a few days, call and text you non-stop, share pictures with you on their Instagram accounts, give advice and share their problems.

But then, out of the blue, they start acting distant, cold, and uninterested. They ignore you or even seem annoyed by you trying to reach out. Then you’re left thinking about what changed. What’s wrong with their behavior?

Confusing situations can be a real brain teaser. So, there’s nothing weird in spending time thinking about them.

13) You are curious about them

What's The Meaning Behind Constantly Thinking About Someone

When someone grabs your attention, you can easily become curious about them. You start thinking about them more and more.

And the meaning of your thinking about that person is simply that something attracted you to them. Then you end up wondering what they’re up to. What are their hobbies and other interests? Are they single? What’s their profession? Where do they go out? And many more of these.

It’s possible you’ll even stalk their profiles on social media to find the answers. Maybe you’ll find some, but they will just make you even more curious, especially if you like the things you’ve seen.

And if you’re actively checking someone’s life, that person will definitely be on your mind a lot. It can also lead to having dreams about them. And what did I write about dreams? They have the power to make you think about someone even more!

14) You’re fantasizing about them

If you couldn’t find yourself in the explanations I’ve already mentioned, maybe it’s because you were waiting for this one. We know that you’ve been thinking about someone a lot. But were you fantasizing?

Have you ever caught yourself imagining your dates, movie nights, dinners, or road trips? Maybe you went to bed but just couldn’t sleep because you had so many planned scenarios in your head. Then your mind took you on a trip with that special person.

You felt like you were thinking for a few minutes, but then you realize that your fantasy had been going on for quite some time. If this has happened to you, it’s totally expected that the person will be on your mind for a long time after this, as you will feel that you share some memories (you made up on your own).

15) They disappointed you

Disappointment can trigger many negative feelings and actions. So if you’re constantly thinking about someone, the meaning could be hidden behind that.

Is there a person in your life you cared about so much but betrayed you in some way? Maybe you were going through some tough times and you really needed them, but they weren’t there? Or they promised something to you, but never kept that promise?

There are many different ways a person can disappoint us, but the fact is that it always hurts. After it, we tend to ask ourselves many questions in order to find the reason they did it. And because of that, the person gets in our head, and stays there for a long time, up until we’ve found the answer or got over it.

16) Your relationship isn’t fully defined

Everything that’s not fully defined can annoy us and make us feel confused. Especially if it comes to relationships!

If you’ve been seeing someone for quite some time. You’re texting, calling, hanging out, and you even have some internal jokes or you shared some pretty important things with each other. However, you’re still not in a relationship…But it doesn’t feel like you’re single either.

These situations can make us spend our nights thinking about the person and wondering whether it will grow into a real romantic relationship, or sadly not. And it’s likely that it will stop only when the relationship is defined. So if you can’t stand it, begin the talk.

How to stop thinking about someone?

I know that constantly thinking about someone and searching for the meaning behind it can be a bit annoying from time to time. You probably want to rest your mind for some time. And that’s why I’m here. I’ve been through this stuff before, and I’ve found methods that really work. Take a look at them and you’ll be on a good path to finding inner peace.

1) Find a distraction

What's The Meaning Behind Constantly Thinking About Someone

There must be many things you enjoy doing. Maybe even some you stopped doing because you were tired of all the thinking. Well, now you’ll have to take a piece of paper and a pen. Don’t worry, it’s not a math test.

What you’ll do next is write down those things you like to do. Maybe it’s drawing, writing, watching movies, reading, traveling, going out, cooking, swimming, dancing, or anything else. Then you’ll put one of those activities next to every day of the week.

So you’ll end up having Monday-reading, Tuesday-swimming… That way you’ll find yourself a perfect distraction, and you’ll get to enjoy your favorite activities every day.

2) Try working out

One really great piece of advice is to start working out. It’s something that can help keep your body and mind healthy.

When we work out we get rid of most of our stress, sadness, anger, and the rest of the negative feelings that have been bottled up. And on top of that, you’ll feel much healthier and you’ll feel better in your own body.

You can even find some new friends that way. Who knows, maybe that person will help you stop thinking about someone else?

3) Let go of the past

I know it’s easier said than done, but I believe in you! Try to remember why those things from the past didn’t work out, or why they turned out the way they did.

When you get most of your answers it will be easier for you to let go of the past. Past is making you stay stuck in there, and it’s preventing you to move forward. But if you get the strength (which I know you already have) you’ll be able to break off the chains of the past, and finally be free.

4) Put yourself first

Think about who and what are your current priorities in life. Now place yourself on that list. If you aren’t in the first place – Make a new list!

I know that it could sound selfish at first, but it’s not. It’s called self-care. If you don’t value yourself the most, you won’t be able to find what’s best for you.

However, if you put yourself first, you’ll always know what you need, want, and what can make you happy.

5) Talk to your friends

What's The Meaning Behind Constantly Thinking About Someone

Real friends are those who will always be by your side. So if you’re struggling with something, you need to know that you can always call them.

Sometimes we feel like we’re bothering our best friends with our problems. But when they call us and ask for help, we never ever think like that about them. So why would they? That’s just your anxiety making you stay her friend.

But you don’t need her as a friend, you have many of them who appreciate and love you. Talk to them and solve your problems together.

I hope you now know the meaning behind constantly thinking about someone and that it will help you get through it. I believe in you!

What's The Meaning Behind Constantly Thinking About Someone?

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Saturday 9th of July 2022

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