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Masculine And Feminine Energy: Finding The Balance Between The Two

Masculine And Feminine Energy: Finding The Balance Between The Two

You’ve probably heard about masculine and feminine energy before. Now you’re just thinking whether you have the right opinion on these.

You see, a lot of people don’t actually know what it means. It’s funny because it seems so obvious, right? But no, it’s not.

A lot of folks have a hard time actually understanding the true essence of masculine and feminine energy. And don’t get me started on how people usually divide the two.

Yes, it’s almost a worldwide known fact that masculine energy belongs to the macho man. On the other hand, feminine energy just has to be a part of the girly women.

It’s that simple! But, it’s not really how it’s supposed to go. There’s so much more to it than just being energy ascribed to genders.

In this case, genders don’t play a crucial role in having a masculine or feminine energy. Sure, they still partake in deciding that, but it’s not of immense importance.

It’s just how we’re taught to think. Nowadays, people don’t really have the time or the will actually to delve deeper into things.

That’s why you were probably presented with this same idea your whole life. Masculine energy is for men and feminine energy is for women.

You’re not good enough of a man if you have some of the feminine energy, no. Moreover, it’s impossible you’re expressing some of the masculine energy while you’re all dolled up!

Well, my dear, these are all just false representations that society teaches us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female, any of these two energies can prevail.

What does masculine energy stand for?

Masculine And Feminine Energy: Finding The Balance Between The Two

Masculinity and femininity are present in every gender. Therefore, whether you’re a male or a female won’t decide how much of these two energies you’re going to express.

Sure, it’s common for males to express masculine energy while women express the feminine. However, it’s not a written rule and it doesn’t have to be that way.

Therefore, don’t get all too smitten when I tell you that masculine energy wasn’t what you thought it was. In a nutshell, masculine energy differs a lot from feminine.

You might as well think of some of the features of masculine energy that are common. Some of these include roughness, directness, and more leadership characteristics.

It’s no surprise, I know. For someone to have masculine energy, you don’t have to be the Alpha male that will defend their friends.

It’s actually not what masculine energy stands for. Sure, it might be that you’re a bit braver and bolder than your female friend, but that’s it.

What really comes into the picture when speaking of masculine energy is conquering and firmness. These traits are usually tied to males, although they can be found in females as well.

Because it can also be a shared characteristic, it tells us that masculine and feminine energies aren’t strictly tied to genders.

Hence all of the explaining before this part. Now, let’s see some of the other features that are characteristic of masculine energy.

1. Focus and confidence

These two are one of the first ones that you’ll come across in a masculine energy presence. And also, they make a great team!

The reason why these two traits go so well hand in hand is that they complement each other. When someone’s focused, they can’t be smitten by anything, so it instantly means they have to be confident.

They have to be able to own up to their opinion, and mistakes as well. Therefore, confidence is the key to masculine energy and comes with focus.

What focus does for a person is that it gives them something they can rely on. It’s a strong characteristic that might take you a long way.

If you’re a focused person who doesn’t let anything get in your way, then you’re ready to conquer the mountains.

2. Logic and stability

DONE Masculine And Feminine Energy What Does It Really Mean 2

The next two features of masculine energy that are on the list are logic and stability. When you see that these two are ascribed to masculine energy, it all starts to make perfect sense.

Logic is something that doesn’t go too well with feminine energy. It’s the only reason we put it on the masculine energy list.

Jokes aside, masculine energy has logic as one of its main traits because it features determination and intelligence, as well as the ability to make decisions.

To top it all off, we have the stability that helps logic in making the tough calls. These two work in pairs and they fuel each other.

When you’re packed with logic, you constantly gain new levels of stability. When confidence and focus mix in on this, it’s a cocktail of masculine energy!

3. Clarity and assertiveness

Just like every previous feature, these two characteristics of masculine energy are a match made in heaven. They define masculine energy so well.

Clarity and assertiveness are perhaps one of the most recognizable traits of this kind of energy. Of course, feminine energy can also hold some of these, but all credits really go to the masculine side.

Clarity can easily be detected. When a person’s masculine energy is the dominating one, you can be quite sure that you’re going to see some of this.

On the other hand, assertiveness also fights its way through. They work in a similar way as focus and confidence do.

Assertiveness is there to make its presence known and felt. Clarity is there just to fuel it and add bits and pieces to it to make a bigger picture.

What is feminine energy?

Masculine And Feminine Energy: Finding The Balance Between The Two

Now when we’ve grasped the fact that masculine and feminine energy isn’t assigned to specific genders, we must find out what defines them.

We’ve dealt with masculine energy and figured out what were its domineering characteristics. Therefore, it’s only the right time to discover what feminine energy has been hiding so far.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Maybe feminine energy is everything opposed to masculine? Well, yes and no. It’s nothing too similar, but it’s not the straight-up opposite.

For instance, why would masculine energy have confidence and feminine not? Or vice versa, it doesn’t matter. We’ve already established that a person has both energies.

It’s only up to us whether we express ourselves one way more than the other. However, when someone says “He’s got a feminine side to him.”, it can be interpreted in all different ways.

The understanding we’re hoping for is when the response is something along the lines of: “Oh my God, I love his feminine side, it just brings out the best in him!”

Usually, the things that bring out the best in people that are related to feminine energy are emotions, intuition, creativity, surrender, stillness, and vulnerability.

I know, it’s nothing completely opposite to what masculine energy is. If this wasn’t something you were hoping for, I’m sorry.

But if you actually dig some deeper into your feminine side, you might actually find some of these peeking from around the corner.

These features are everything that makes feminine energy so unique and so dissimilar to masculine. It’s not a bad or a good thing, it’s just the way things are.

1. Emotions and intuition

As you might’ve already guessed, feminine energy is the one to get all the emotions. This can usually be seen in women, as women predominantly default to feminine energy.

However, this doesn’t make women worth any less than men. Also, this doesn’t mean that men are cold-hearted or unable to feel emotions.

These are all common misconceptions people make. Either way, emotions are a beautiful thing, and being able to cope with them and express them is a unique experience.

On the other hand, we have the intuition that never lets women choose the wrong option. It would more likely happen a lot more if it wasn’t for this strong feature.

Women are easy to get carried away by all of the emotions they’re feeling. Therefore, their intuition is there to help them remind them to keep their heads cool and not get ahead of themselves.

2. Creativity and surrender

DONE Masculine And Feminine Energy What Does It Really Mean 4

The other two feminine energy traits are creativity and surrender. Can you guess how these two differ from masculine energy?

Well, don’t stress any further because it’s quite simple really. Masculine energy has logic whereas feminine energy has a creative side to it.

I believe it’s something we’re all familiar with. People who default predominantly on the masculine side may have logic by their side, but where’s the imagination?

On the other side of the coin, we have feminine energy. It’s creative but it doesn’t get too wild. Surrender is there to keep things from getting out of hand.

Also, surrender is making way for masculine energy’s focus and confidence. It’s just another example of how masculine and feminine energies don’t fight against each other, but rather grow together.

3. Stillness and vulnerability

All of these features of feminine energy are interchangeably communicating with each other. They’re all a combination of something that’s tender but rumbunctious as well.

Stillness may symbolize the inner peace that we always seek to achieve. It’s just a major part of feminine energy and almost defines it.

Even though it can get a bit wild at times with all the emotions and creativity flowing in and out, stillness is there to keep it down a notch.

On the other hand, vulnerability is something that isn’t considered to be too much of a desirable trait. And I just can’t see why.

Vulnerability is a great trait of feminine energy to show just how much trust it can offer. It’s not easy opening up to someone and being vulnerable, that’s why masculine energy missed out on this one!

How do masculine and feminine energy differ?

Masculine And Feminine Energy: Finding The Balance Between The Two

We’ve already established that masculine and feminine energies aren’t complete, polar opposites. When I say this I imply that if masculine energy is strong, it doesn’t mean feminine is weak or vice versa.

You can’t determine if energy is second to the other based on its main characteristics. I mean, you can, but that wouldn’t be the whole point of it all.

The whole point is that we all have all masculine and feminine energies. It’s only up to us whether we’re going to express one way more than the other.

However, even though they aren’t completely opposite, they’re still quite unique. This takes us to the conclusion that masculine and feminine energies differ from each other.

But how? In what ways? What’s so desirable in feminine and masculine energies? This is the question that you’ve all been looking for the answer to. We know for a fact that they simply go hand in hand with each other.

One is more dominant over the other and that’s it. But what are their touching points if they have one? More importantly, what’s the reason that makes them so different?

1. The flow

One of the most obvious differences between masculine and feminine energy is its flow. You can’t help but notice how different they are!

It’s like black and white color, earth and water. These features are highly pronounced, so that’s why they’re probably the first ones to pick up on.

With masculine energy, the flow is almost nonexistent. The energy is kind of a stoic or a robotic one. It deals with things through logic and focus, so what else is there to expect?

I’m not saying that this is bad or anything, it’s just the way in which masculine and feminine energy differ from each other.

On the other hand, feminine energy flows, almost fluid-like. Things are always going smoothly. Although it can get through some ups and downs and rocky starts, it just gets on going as if nothing happened.

2. The rules

DONE Masculine And Feminine Energy What Does It Really Mean 6

Another way that can help you view the difference between masculine and feminine energy is the rules. It sounds quite unusual, but trust me.

If you’re an overly organized person, you might think of yourself as someone who follows the rules. Then you’re probably exhibiting more masculine energy.

The thing is that masculine energy is followed by order and rules. It has a certain stricture that’s assigned to it and it sticks to it dearly.

On the contrary, feminine energy is all about intuition as we previously said. People who default predominantly on feminine energy don’t have to plan things ahead of them.

Instead, they can just make it happen any time now. They’re led by their emotions and not the rules or any structures.

3. The emotions

Speaking of masculine and feminine energy, we must agree that the feminine is the one that’s always giving away their emotions.

It’s the one that can always cause trouble but also make amends with people more easily. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for masculine energy.

It tends to be a bit more strict and not aloof like feminine. Also, people with more feminine energy can comfortably listen to others’ needs and wants without interrupting them.

This makes them great partners and supporters. Quite the contrary, the masculine energy might lose this one because they’re not able to express themselves to that extent.

So if you’re sometimes feeling like your emotions are getting out of hand, you might want to pray for your masculine side to step in a bit.

Can masculine and feminine energy cope together?

Masculine And Feminine Energy: Finding The Balance Between The Two

This is probably an excessive question because that should be quite evident by now. However, I’m more than keen to explain to you how they actually cope together.

Masculine and feminine energy can live together in peace and harmony. There don’t have to be any fights breaking out between the two.

All of this might be a bit too much for you so it’s important you stay cool throughout the entire process. It’s the only way you can effectively bond masculine and feminine energy.

In fact, masculine energy won’t even cope without feminine and vice versa. It’s just how things are. People need to have both sides ascribed to them.

They’re quite necessary for everyone. Just when you think of a life with no emotions or a life without logic, it sounds unbearable.

Therefore, the co-life of masculine and feminine energy is a must, rather than an option. The key to living a happy life is to find a balance between yourself and your energies.

However, the balance between masculine and feminine energy can sometimes be hardly met. It usually happens when people don’t know who they are and what they think of themselves.

Once again, masculine and feminine energies don’t define us. They don’t tell us who we are, and they’re certainly not tied to gender roles.

1. Make peace with your dominant side

If you’re dissatisfied with what your dominant energy is, then you might as well sit down with yourself for a while.

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, remember what we said about gender and energies. You might be experiencing some struggle with masculinity being your dominant side if you’re a girl.

The same goes for guys. Imagine if a guy came up to you and told you that he was more feminine than you? I just can’t, sorry.

Therefore, don’t blame yourself for being who you are. Don’t get scared and try to run away just because this is something new.

First of all, you have to come to the conclusion that it’s a great part of you. It’s who you are and it’s never going to change again.

2. Let the other side get a chance

DONE Masculine And Feminine Energy What Does It Really Mean 8

The real problem with finding the balance between masculine and feminine energy is prejudice. People are making assumptions based on various misconceptions they were blindly following.

Therefore, some people might try to subdue their other energy that’s trying to surface. Actually, some have been hiding it really well.

However, it’s not something you should do or should even try. If you just keep on sweeping things under a rug, you’re gonna have a lump, eventually.

Still, make sure that both masculine and feminine energies get a chance. Sometimes, love can be born out of something you’re least expecting.

You never know. This might just unleash you as the person you unconsciously knew you were. It may help you view things from a different perspective.

3. Balance them out

When you feel like you’re experiencing both masculine and feminine energy at the same time, it might feel a bit busy.

However, you can still make it work. All you need is some patience and understanding. Think of them as two kids fighting for your attention. If you only attend to one, the other will end up screaming and crying. Also, if you don’t attend to any of the two, all hell might break loose.

However, if you try to deal with them at the same time, then you might as well achieve that long-awaited balance. Masculine and feminine energy really complement each other, they just need a little nudge.

Therefore, masculine and feminine energies will only cope together if you know how to handle them. It is not an easy task, but practice makes perfect, right?

Bottom line

When speaking about masculine and feminine energy, we’re imagining two opposite poles. Well, that’s true, but only to some extent.

Masculine and feminine energies are very different in certain things, such as their main characteristics. However, they’re also quite similar in the way they help each other grow.

Masculine and feminine energy belongs to everyone, and everyone deserved to express themselves the way they feel. Therefore, don’t try to differentiate the two too much. Give them both time to settle down and learn how to live in peace and harmony.

Of course, there will be some obvious differences, like black and white. But as time goes on, you’ll notice how that’s now the least of your worries.

Your only worry now is how you can get make it more comfortable for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female. Masculine and feminine energy isn’t ascribed to any particular gender. However, these might default predominantly.

Masculine And Feminine Energy: Finding The Balance Between The Two

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