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11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

Right now, manifesting love with a specific person might seem like something out of reach – like a task you’ll never be able to conquer. But once you know what you should be doing, you’ll realize that attracting the love of your life is easier than you think.

After many failed relationships, you start thinking the only thing that can save you and give you a happy ending is a miracle. That’s how pessimistic your thoughts about finding that true love are.

All of your previous romantic relationships fell apart faster than you expected them to. Now, you keep wishing for the universe to send you that perfect person you’ve spent your whole life looking for.

There hasn’t been a night that you’ve fallen asleep without these thoughts in your mind. But it’s all in vain as you still haven’t seen any results. 

Your soulmate is nowhere to be found and you’ve started thinking that manifesting love with a specific person is simply impossible.

But hear me out. I’m about to say something that will change your opinion completely. 

All this time, you’ve used the law of attraction the wrong way. You’ve been preoccupied with the thought that you haven’t been able to find your Mr. Perfect, which made your mind focus on negative things only.

Because of that, your attempts at manifestation were complete fails as you didn’t know how to achieve what you wanted correctly.

So, instead of a healthy and fulfilling relationship, you ended up attracting relationships that have no future and that you knew from the start would end badly.

But things are about to change once you take these tips to heart.

Tips to manifest love with a specific person

Maybe you want to manifest your ex back or maybe it’s someone completely new who’ll change your life. It makes no difference who you’re trying to attract, as long as you know how to manifest love the right way.

And these tips and tricks will reveal to you all of the secrets about manifestation techniques.

Step by step, you’ll get yourself into a perfect relationship – the one you’ve been looking for your whole life.

1. Focus your energy on what you want, not what you don’t want

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

When manifesting love with a specific person, it’s important to shift all of your focus to the things you want to get and not those you don’t.

Your thoughts will reflect your end result. So, if you preoccupy your mind with negativity and pessimism, you can’t expect to attract the greatest gift of your life.

Think about it this way.

If you keep thinking about your past mistakes and focus your attention on all of your failed relationship attempts, your mind will only keep thinking about negative things.

Your thoughts will become about what you don’t want to attract and how you don’t want your specific person to be.

But all that negativity overpowers the positivity. And instead of focusing on the positive possibilities of manifestation, you keep your mind dwelling on the negative.

That’s why you should let go of all those destructive thoughts that are trying to overtake your mind.

Stop thinking how you don’t want to attract a cheater because you’ve been cheated on in the past. Stop asking the universe not to give you a toxic person because you’ve been hurt by one before.

If you keep doing that, the chances are that you’ll get exactly what you didn’t want. And just like that, you’ll waste your chance of attracting the one who could change your life.

From now on, your mind should be filled with positive thoughts. Focus only on the good traits of a specific person and let the universe do the rest.

Every other thought that could sabotage you from getting what you want should be completely erased from your mind.

If you succeed at this, you stand a good chance at manifesting yourself the love of your life. 

2. Become a vibrational match to the person you’re trying to attract 

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

Manifesting love with a specific person isn’t only about trying to attract the one who’s good enough for you. It’s also about you being good enough for that person too.

Your emotions and thoughts radiate a certain vibrational frequency. And what you give is what you’ll receive.

Don’t expect to get the best person in the world if you know that you’re not the best person you could be.

So, instead of expecting that special someone to be the person of your dreams, you first need to work on yourself. You first need to be the best version of yourself.

It can be hard to admit your flaws. But that’s the only way you can work on them and improve yourself for the better. 

The person you’re trying to attract doesn’t have a purpose to make your life better. You should do that on your own and then share its benefits with others.

If your wish is to find someone who’ll be with you and help you fix all those broken parts of your life, then you’re searching for the wrong thing. You’re responsible for your own happiness and well-being.

If you know there’s something that needs to change, you have to do it on your own. 

Someone’s “I love you” won’t be able to fix all those parts that need fixing. But your will to grow and develop can help you become the best version of yourself.

That way, you’ll end up being a vibrational match to the person you’re trying to attract.

The universe sees that you’re willing to work on yourself and rewards you with the greatest gift you’ve ever received – the love of your life, your best friend, the one you won’t be able to imagine your life without.

3. Decide on the type of relationship and partner you want to manifest

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

You’re eager to let the universe help you with achieving your dream life. You feel ready to manifest love with a specific person and you want to start the journey as soon as possible.

But there’s this one highly important thing you need to do before you let your fate into the hands of the universe. You need to decide what is it that you actually want to attract.

When you want to manifest love with someone, it also means that you want to manifest a relationship with them.

Now, the question is: What do you want that relationship to look like? 

Do you want a relationship where you and your partner won’t be afraid to speak freely? One where you’ll share everything with each other, both the good and the bad? 

Do you want your partner to appreciate all of the little things about you?

If your answer is yes, then you need to keep reminding yourself of your desires. Say these words out loud. Write them down on a piece of paper and always have them close to you.

These are only some of the law of attraction techniques that you could use to always keep your goals in mind.

Once you know what you actually want to attract, your journey can slowly begin.

4. Imagine the final result

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

Manifesting love with a specific person can’t work if you don’t put your mind to the final result. What will you end up with once your manifestation succeeds?

One law of attraction tip you could use to know what you’re ending up with is pretending. Sounds foolish, but please bear with me.

Sit down in a quiet room and think about that specific person you’re trying to manifest. Imagine that they’re sitting right next to you, maybe even holding your hand.

Look them straight in their eyes, maybe even give them a kiss on the cheek.

How do you feel right now? Are you happy? Calm? Excited that you get to sit beside the one who’s meant to be yours?

One day, sooner or later, this will be your reality. That game of pretend that you just played will be the only truth you’ll know.

Every time you come home, this specific person will greet you at the door step and wrap their arms around you.

You’ll feel calm, happy, and safe. The same emotions you once felt in your room while you were trying to focus on how it would be one day.

And it will all be worth it.

5. Get rid of the limiting beliefs

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

Letting go of the limiting beliefs is another really important thing you need to do when trying to manifest love with a specific person.

If you don’t, you’ll end up creating obstacles for yourself. And that’s not something you need right now.

Every time you think that you won’t succeed in manifesting love, you place a burden onto your shoulders.

Whenever you entertain negative thoughts that make you feel like you don’t deserve to find your true love, you make your life more difficult.

Once you replace all of these limiting beliefs with positive thoughts that inspire you to keep going, you’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time.

Again, you can always use a pen and paper to write down all of your affirming beliefs. That way, whenever you start questioning your journey, you can simply look at them and reinforce your positivity:

“I will succeed in manifesting love with a specific person because I deserve it.”

“I deserve real love and someone who’s worth my time. And I’ll soon meet that person.”

These are the thoughts that should be present in your mind on a daily basis. Once you succeed at that, you’ll be one step closer to your final meeting.

6. Practice self-love

 11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

When you’re manifesting love with a specific person, you should never neglect the importance of self-care.

If you want to attract someone who’ll love you, you first need to learn how to love yourself.

Personal development is one of the most important things you can do. Once you learn how to treat yourself right and give yourself all the love you deserve, others will follow your lead.

Every time you put yourself down, you’re sabotaging your own destiny. Whenever you think that you’re not good enough, you’re working against yourself.

And I believe that you don’t want to be your own biggest enemy on your journey of attracting the right one. So, instead of hating on yourself, start practicing self-love. 

Look yourself in the mirror and appreciate the person you see. Know that she’s been your best friend from the day you were born. 

That person in the reflection is one who deserves to be loved. Yes, she makes mistakes, but she fixes them too and always strives to improve herself.

So, don’t trash-talk her. Don’t put her down and hate on her. She deserves so much more and you should give that to her.

So, feed yourself on love. Don’t ever forget your worth and always appreciate yourself a bit more than you think you should.

You need to be your own best friend, the one who’s always there for you. 

Once you learn what it means to love yourself to the fullest, you’ll be a step closer to manifesting love with your specific person.

​So, don’t let yourself stand in the way of your own happiness. 

7. Tell the universe that you’re ready

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

Once you’ve applied different manifesting techniques and learned the right way to manifest love with that one specific person, you need to let the universe know that you’re ready for the big meeting.

But it’s not as easy as simply saying, “I’m ready.” Instead, you have to genuinely believe what you’re saying.

And the best way to convince yourself and the universe that your heart is ready to meet your specific person? Well, it’s to physically say it out loud and also write down the words.

That way, you can keep reminding yourself that you’re ready for a huge step in your life. You know that it will change everything, but you truly believe that it’ll be for the better.

“I’m ready to meet the person I’m destined to. I’m ready to introduce that person into my life and I can’t wait for that day to come.”

If you say these words out loud and feel that something’s off, then you’ll know that you’re not ready yet.

But that’s okay, as it’s better for you to take some time than force yourself into something your mind and soul won’t be able to take.

Maybe your mind knows that you’re not yet a vibrational match for the person you’re trying to attract. It knows that you can be better and that you’ll get there soon.

Besides, it’s always best to take a bit more time than to rush things and only end up unhappy.

When you’re ready, you’ll know that and the universe will recognize it too.

8. Practice daily affirmations

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

Now this is a great practical way to help you manifest love with a specific person.

When you keep reminding yourself that you’re worthy of love and meeting that one specific person, your thoughts will become your reality.

It may seem like a pointless exercise, but you need to realize how much power your thoughts hold.

“I’m on my journey of finding love – a journey on which I’ll finally meet my soulmate. And I know that day will come sooner than I think.”

Every time you repeat these words to yourself, you’re getting one step closer to your specific person. You’re showing that you believe in this journey and that you know that the day of the meeting will come.

Your thoughts are the only thing that stands between your current life and the one you want to live in the future.

So, keep on practicing your daily affirmations as they can speed up the process and bring your person closer to you.

He might be right around the corner, so don’t waste an opportunity to meet him!

9. Practice visualization

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

Visualization can help you with manifesting love with a specific person. And it can work wonders – if you know how to do it properly.

Here are two exercises that can help you visualize your future.

First, use your imagination and act like you’re having an actual conversation with your special person. Engage all of your senses and enjoy the moment.

Pay attention to what you hear, smell, see, and feel. 

How is your conversation going? Do you feel happy? Can you imagine yourself together?

All these things will help you create scenarios in your head. Those scenarios can be replayed every time you feel down and start to question your journey.

Another thing you can do is create a vision board. Take a big piece of cardboard or even a notebook and keep sticking pictures inside of it.

Those pictures should represent your relationship with the person you’re waiting for. The two of you holding hands, your date nights, your first vacation together. 

Every time you feel like giving up, look at your vision board or book and remind yourself of all of the reasons why you deserve to attract love. That way, you will reinforce your intentions and dismiss the idea of giving up.

10. Be patient

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

Manifesting love with a specific person takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight and you shouldn’t expect that.

It won’t be easy as your mind will create different obstacles. You may even start questioning why you’re doing something like this in the first place.

But patience is key. If you want the universe to give you what you want, you’ll have to find enough energy to wait for it.

You won’t be doing yourself any favors by trying to hurry things up. Don’t expect that your final meeting should happen days after you’ve started the journey.

Nothing in life comes easy, but if you have strong willpower and believe that your meeting will come, IT WILL.

Take a deep breath and wait for the moment to come. Somewhere down the road, you’ll be grateful that you let the universe do its thing.

11. Believe that you’ll succeed and trust the process

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

If you want your manifestation to succeed, you’ll have to trust the process and believe that you’ll get what you want.

From time to time, you’ll feel like giving up. You’ll start to think that there’s no point in what you’re doing, especially because no one can tell you the exact date of the meeting.

And it’s hard to believe something you can’t see.

But if you keep reminding yourself of all of the steps you’ve gone through and if you keep repeating that things will work out in time, you’ll see the results of your thoughts.

Even if you don’t get what you wanted, you’ll certainly end up with something bigger.

Maybe at first, you won’t be able to see the meaning behind the events, but as time goes by, you’ll realize that the universe has given you the greatest gift there is.

It could be someone special you’ve been thinking about for quite some time. Or it could be the message that you’re still not ready for the big meeting and that your time will come.

No matter what it is, rest assured that the universe knows what’s best for you.

And even in those moments when we think that we’ve lost the game, it’s usually that we’ve won something bigger that we can’t comprehend at that exact moment.

I wish you all of the luck with manifesting love with a specific person! I know you’ll succeed in getting what you want.

And even if your wishes don’t fulfill in the exact shape as you expected them to, know that it’s still a gift in the form of a message.

11 Simple Steps To Manifesting Love With A Specific Person

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