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The Dos And Don’ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

The Dos And Don’ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Manifesting a specific type of person into your life requires time and effort, using a powerful technique that is called ‘the Law of Attraction’.

This is something that you might have heard somewhere, or maybe it’s your first time reading about it.

So what does manifesting someone really mean?

Well, before you learn about the process itself and how to attract a specific type of person, you need to know and understand that humans are magnets.

Like all magnets, they attract everything and everyone toward them and into their life.

You attract even those negative people around you, which could be consciously or subconsciously, it doesn’t matter.

I know that many times, you may have had the feeling that you are doomed to be alone and thought there was no person on earth who would date you.

But do you think it’s possible to change your life just by thinking about a specific type of person? I’m here to tell you that it’s true.

You can manifest a specific kind of person. You just have to use the proper technique and follow simple rules to achieve it.

I once thought I was destined to be alone and had pessimistic thoughts about my love life.

It’s hard to cope with those thoughts because they lower your self-esteem and you lose confidence.

If you’ve been disappointed once or twice, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Recovering from a nasty breakup and still having a positive outlook on life, especially on love, is hard to achieve.

However, that’s the biggest mistake you can make when manifesting a specific kind of person.

If you remain negative, you will block your wishes from being manifested into reality.

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Now you might ask what manifesting a specific type of person is all about?

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Well, to answer your question, I first need to explain what free will and energy have to do with manifesting a specific kind of person.

Did you know that you can influence free will? Probably not, but let me clarify this for a second.

You’re preparing to go on a date and you put on your best dress, your make-up is on point and you feel wonderful.

It fills you with positive energy and you want to spread that positive energy to the other person. N

ow, that energy affects them on a subtle energetic level.

You might not have the ability to consciously influence whether they like you or not, but the chances are that they will because your energy has influenced them.

However, keep in mind that you cannot manipulate someone else’s free will. You can only influence it on an understated energetic level.

So that’s what it means to manifest a specific kind of person.

This article will cover almost everything you need to know about manifestation and ‘the Law of Attraction’.

Firstly, I will talk about what manifesting a specific type of person looks like and tell you how can you achieve it step by step.

Then I will talk about the possible drawbacks that can be seen if you give yourself too much to the manifesting process, and I will talk about how you can tell whether someone is manifesting you.

Before manifesting a specific kind of person, it’s important to know how to prioritize yourself.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

So, you know your mind is in the right place, so you decided to try and manifest a specific type of person.

Clear your mind and remember you’re worthy of love.

However, be careful. You don’t want to appear needy or desperate.

You’re just trying to focus on yourself first and then decide to manifest another person into your life.

If you are needy or clingy, the kind of person you’re attracting will back away from you.

Remember, the crowning achievement of manifesting should be you. No matter what, you are the grand prize they get when they put in the effort and time.

You’re more valuable than you think you are. Your time, your efforts, and your energy are valuable.

Don’t settle for anyone who doesn’t cherish that.

The first step in manifesting a specific kind of person is to clear your mind.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Declutter your mind and let go of everything negative in your life.

Why? Because ‘the Law of Attraction’ is happening all the time and you’re likely not even aware of it.

You can’t just wake up and say, ‘Hey, today I’m going to attract a person I like,” or, “I’m going to manifest a specific type of person.” It doesn’t work that way.

You have to keep in mind that everything around you consists of energy, and all of your thoughts, whether they are positive or negative, are subtle energy.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad; if you can think of it, then it surely comprises of energy.

I know it sounds confusing sometimes, but just remember to keep your mind clear of any negative thoughts.

What you choose to do in order to clear your mind doesn’t really matter. You can choose to hike or do yoga or meditation.

Whatever it is you like doing, just start doing it. It will calm your mind and you’ll let go of your negative energy so there will be fewer messy manifestations in your life.

I know that life will have caught you by surprise many times and you wondered, “Why is this happening to me right now?” or, “Why did this come into my life?”.

The reason is that we attract vibrations, so what you give out to the universe, you will receive back.

If you want to attract a specific kind of person, you need to believe that the universe will bring you everything that’s on your mind if you’re just patient.

Now that you’ve cleared your mind, you’re ready for the next step in manifesting a specific type of person.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Tell your subconscious mind the things that are most important to you. What are some of the traits or characteristics that you are looking for in this kind of person?

Don’t just think about their physical appearance. The way they look isn’t paramount.

Most importantly, you have to ask yourself, “Why do you want this?” and, “How do you want to feel in this relationship?”

Be specific, and don’t focus on irrelevant things, but feelings.

Trust that the universe will give you exactly what you desire. Try to avoid superficial things and focus on what’s important to you in a relationship.

Do you want a relationship where mutual respect and honesty are the most important things?

Or maybe you want one where you will be open with each other all the time?

Don’t hold back and say it aloud, and don’t be afraid to ask for something different because people are different.

Thank goodness we are because earth would look very different if all of us were the same.

You can take ten minutes of your day and just write down the things you want in a relationship. If you can think of it, then you can write it down.

It’s most important to be creative with your writing and have fun.

If you don’t have fun in the process of manifesting a specific kind of person, it won’t come true.

Describe your perfect husband or boyfriend. If you don’t know how to do that, just follow your intuition.

Reject all the things people have said you need to have in an ideal partner. Get creative and don’t be afraid to be different.

If you can visualize it, you can have it.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Visualization is a very powerful tool in manifesting a specific person.

There are different techniques out there that you can use while doing so, but visualization is the most important one.

Relax, take time for yourself, and imagine what your person might look like.

Imagine all those different scenes playing in your head where you two are together.

If you want to have a perfect partner, picture him asking you out on a date. You can even imagine him calling you or sending you a text message.

Just hold on to that thought, and eventually, the thought itself will become a reality.

Why? Because it will build momentum; what you think, you will attract.

Another thing that you can do to amplify the process of visualization is to add emotions.

How do you feel when he holds your hand? How do you feel when he brushes your hair or how do you feel when he sends you a text message?

By imagining a person, the universe will pick up on your energy and make those dreams easier to come true.

Eventually, it won’t be just dreams, but a reality.

Those are subconscious visuals that will help in the process of manifesting a specific type of person.

Maybe you have caught yourself visualizing and you weren’t even aware of doing it. Send out the right vibrations in order for them to come true.

So, when I say visual your goals, dreams, or characteristics you are looking for in a partner, I mean subconsciously visualize them.

Be aware of the opportunities presented to you.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Whatever you do in your life, you have to work for it and do your part; you know that.

This also applies while manifesting a specific kind of person. You have to be open to receiving them and not be close-minded.

Opportunities arise from unexpected things, and you never know when an opportunity might pop up, but you need to be aware of it.

Let’s say you’re afraid of dating right now. You’re afraid of being hurt by another guy, so you reject anyone who asks you out.

By rejecting those guys, you are limiting yourself to opportunities. Don’t just stay at home and expect the universe to bring you the perfect partner right to your doorstep.

You have to do your part. Maybe the universe is waiting for you to say yes so it can introduce you to the love of your life, but you keep rejecting it.

Manifesting a specific kind of person doesn’t work that way.

You can’t reject all those opportunities and hope the universe will provide you with the perfect husband or boyfriend.

Just keep your eyes open and observe what’s happening around you.

Always be present and prepared to grasp the opportunities the universe throws your way.

Another important step toward manifesting a specific type of person is to take it slow.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

You should never force things because that will end badly for you. Patience is the key to being successful in your intentions.

Always enjoy the process and take it one step at a time.

Maybe you should imagine how the two of you hang out as friends. Then you can imagine how you exchange numbers and go on a first date.

By taking the time for your feelings to develop naturally, you’re giving the universe time to do its part.

Remember, emotions are vibrations that radiate around the universe. You have to take it slow because if you force something, it won’t be natural.

Give it time and you’ll see your feelings suddenly changing, which means the universe is doing its part.

On the other hand, don’t over-exaggerate when manifesting a particular person.

Take it slow and steady. Let the universe do its thing.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

When you exaggerate manifesting someone in particular, someone you already know, it might be interpreted as you putting them on a pedestal, which will end badly for you.

If you have a certain person in mind (rather than just a type of person), you should never text or call them too much, because if you go out of your way, the manifesting process will be imbalanced.

You have to trust the universe. Stay calm and remember to keep your mind off of negative thoughts.

To do this, you can use breathing exercises, for example, which can surely help you reduce your stress and learn how to be patient.

If you start chasing that person, they will probably run away from you. That’s what you would do, am I right?

Just stop chasing and you will see how everything unfolds on its own.

Chasing comes out of desperation and if you feel desperation, you’ll only attract more of it into your life.

Remember your end goal and what it is that you’re trying to manifest. Also, don’t forget to only prioritize the people who prioritize you.

Never settle for someone who doesn’t value your time or efforts. Remember your standards and set some boundaries.

If you keep yourself around someone who doesn’t value you, you’re not valuing yourself.

You are the grand prize and you should treat yourself like one.

You are their number one and you should only allow into your life people who think that way about you.

Let go of all those negative things that have happened to you and don’t give them any meaning. They’re not important.

The only thing that’s important now is your new story. Put your effort and time into this particular story and to this specific person or type of person.

Start applying these steps and affirm your new reality.

Now that I’ve covered the steps of manifesting a specific type of person or one person in particular, I’d like to mention that the latter can backfire on you, so be careful.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Sometimes manifesting a certain someone can have an adverse effect on you, like with your needs not being fulfilled.

Let’s say you have written down the things that you want from a relationship, such as trust, honesty, or adventure.

You’ve had a crush on this guy for so long and you follow these steps and manifest a relationship with him.

You think he’s the total package; he respects you, is honest, and makes you feel special, but he doesn’t love to travel.

Actually, he hates it because he gets sick all the time when doing so. Are you prepared to sacrifice and adapt to this one thing?

Of course, this is just one example and it shouldn’t be applied to everyone.

The thing with manifesting a specific person is that it’s about balancing what you truly want and what is less important to you.

If you overthink too hard when manifesting a particular someone, you might cut the universe off from giving you endless other possibilities it might have in store for you.

In the above-mentioned case, you have to make a compromise if you want to make it work with that specific person.

Remember to balance the things you want and don’t want to have in your ideal relationship.

The universe is filled with mysteries and limitless possibilities.

Trust me, you can have a relationship that will satisfy all your needs, you just have to trust the universe.

Another thing I’d like to talk about in this article is whether or not someone is manifesting you in particular.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Just as you dream of meeting your perfect partner, so do other people on this planet. Maybe someone is trying to manifest you.

But how can you know that? What are the signs someone is waiting for you?

Well, one of those signs is when you have dreams about that specific person.

When you dream, you are open to receiving energy from the rest of the world.

It’s the time of day when your mind is clear of any thoughts and is ready to receive them.

However, be careful. If you’ve experienced a recent breakup or if you want someone back in your life, maybe your mind is playing tricks on you, or maybe you’re still healing from a negative experience.

If your dreams are all about that specific person and there is no emotional charge, then you can be sure they are thinking about you at that time.

Another sign that someone is manifesting you is when you keep running into that person.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Perhaps you were thinking of or trying to manifest that cute neighbor of yours, and now you keep running into him. Is it a sign from the universe telling you to make the first move?

Or maybe you’re drinking your coffee in your favorite cafe and all of a sudden, he walks in and stares at you.

You know, when two people share the same energy, the universe finds its way to connect them.

It shouldn’t surprise you to end up at the same place as a person who’s trying to manifest you, at the same time as them.

Don’t confuse this with stalking, though. It doesn’t count if you go to the exact same bar where you know your crush always goes.

Another sign of manifesting is when he keeps occupying your thoughts.

The universe has its ways of showing you that you two belong together.

If someone is thinking about you a lot, you might find that they suddenly keep popping up in your mind.

Don’t be afraid and think that someone is trying to get into your mind. It’s a natural process that happens when two people share the same vibrations.

You’ll also feel or hear them with your senses.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

Maybe you’re walking down the street and you hear your crush’s voice, but when you turn around, you realize nobody is there, so you think it’s your mind playing tricks on you.

However, most people feel or hear when someone is manifesting them.

You start to hear familiar music that reminds you of your crush or maybe you start to see that person around you all the time.

It’s not that you’re crazy, it’s the universe saying someone is trying to manifest you.

You have to be aware of where these sensations are coming from.

If you are an emotional and intuitive person, you may even feel them when they are trying to energetically tune in to you.

DONE! The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

This means they are manifesting you.

Those sudden mood changes that you had recently might be because you were picking up on their emotions.

Maybe you associate positive and good emotions with that specific person, and so those sudden mood changes can be related to their manifestation.

To sum up, you have the ability to manifest a specific person or a specific type of person, you just have to want it and you have to be patient.

Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Focus on yourself and make yourself a priority.

Remember, you are the prize and you deserve a love that is exceptional and fulfilling.

However, it all starts with you. Love yourself first and then let others love you.

Take action when needed and be open to new opportunities. You never know what the universe has in store for you.

The Dos And Don'ts Of Manifesting A Specific Person

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