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15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back With The Universe On Speed-Dial

15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back With The Universe On Speed-Dial

How do you manifest your ex back? Can a person even use the law of attraction to get someone from their past into their lives again? 

You heard about people who use affirmations and visualization in order to get everything that’s been out of their reach. So why wouldn’t it work in this setting as well? 

When you believe that someone is your soulmate you don’t really think about the means necessary in order to get him back. You just want to try everything, no matter how bizarre it may seem to some people. 

You tried everything else. However, you don’t want to be the girl who begged him to come back because that would seem a bit too desperate. 

You want to retain your dignity but you can’t just sit around and cry all day! There’s no way that he’ll know you’re suffering through this so much, without taking some kind of action. 

The Internet is filled with stories of people who have found ways to get every little thing they wanted. They tell stories and preach about the success of these methods, so you want to educate yourself, too. 

Good thing is that there are many ways to manifest your ex back. These methods have been used by many people before you and they didn’t fail them. 

If you have enough trust in your love for him, then let’s get into it!

What can you do to manifest your ex back?

1. Clear your mind of negative thoughts

15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back with the Universe On Speed-Dial

Everyone knows that you attract the things you think of the most. If your mind is full of negative thoughts then you’re going to ruin your own chances of getting him back. 

You need to realize that thinking negatively about yourself or him could only lead to disaster. You can’t manifest the man back if you have a negative opinion of him. 

I’m not saying that you should be irrationally optimistic, but to always see the good in the things that are happening to you. When you start seeing yourself as a victim of your own life you won’t be able to get out of it. 

There’s probably a lesson that you could learn from everything that’s been coming your way. It doesn’t matter if it’s so bad that it’s leaving you questioning everything, because sometimes, there’s a good outcome. 

For example, your breakup isn’t a completely awful experience. There’s a good chance it taught you a lot and that you’re becoming a whole new person because of it. 

If you don’t trust the positive things in your life then the negative energy will take over you. This will only be blocking your relationship with the Universe, and manifesting won’t work for you. 

2. Clarify your reasons behind it

If you’re not convinced that you need him back in your life, then there’s no way you can convince the Universe to bring him back to you. When you want to manifest your ex back, you really have to consider all the reasons why you want it to happen. 

For example, do you believe that you could’ve done this better? Or maybe, you think that you’ll never find anyone remotely as amazing as he is? 

If this is the case, then you may come across an issue. Those are awful reasons that won’t give you any good background for your relationship. 

However, if you truly do believe that he’s the man for you, then there must be something that’s been keeping you from moving on from this man. 

You should clarify why this is the only option for you right now. Maybe texting him isn’t the right thing to do because you’re going through a no-contact period. 

You want to use these manifestation techniques because nothing else has worked before. Once you understand your own reasons your mind will be set to attract him back. 

3. Write down all the reasons why you believe he’s your soulmate

DONE15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back with the Universe On Speed Dial 2

What if you’re not on the right path? What if he’s just another man who’s supposed to teach you a lesson and you shouldn’t give him a second chance? 

​You must be pretty convinced if you want to manifest your ex back. If you feel like you should really do this, then write down why you believe he’s your perfect match. 

This is a very important part of your manifestation process. You need to be aware of the positive thoughts you’re relating to this man. 

If he’s the love of your life then you won’t have an issue with this, because he’ll have many good traits for you to consider. 

So, take out a pen and some paper and just start making a list of all the things that make you believe in your decision. Do you communicate the same way? Did he treat you as if you were the only woman for him? Was your relationship everything you could want, but you had to break up because of some unrelated reason? 

Your ex could be your twin flame even if you decided to part ways. True love can easily surpass issues like these and your positive attitude towards this man will definitely help out. 

4. Visualize the two of you together again

The first time you heard of visualization you didn’t believe in it, because it seemed like you can’t manifest love with a specific person through this method. 

In this case, your ex-boyfriend is the guy you want back in your life. You’re constantly thinking of him, isn’t that enough?

Well, it’s not. 

In order to visualize something you want the right way, you need to be in the right mindset. This includes being in a controlled environment where you’ll feel safe enough to let your imagination run wild. 

You have to visualize your perfect relationship with him. Remember the amazing moments you shared, but also the new experiences you want to go through with him. 

You can even use this time to visualize the way he’s going to approach you. You can’t know what will happen exactly, but you can daydream about it until the day it comes true. 

Focus on everything you want your relationship to look like after you find your way back to each other. This way you’ll be able to motivate yourself to make these images in your head your reality. 

5. Use affirmations wisely and be precise

15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back with the Universe On Speed-Dial

You’re probably still skeptical about whether or not the law of attraction works as good as people claim it does. Especially because they’re talking about some affirmations that genuinely make you question everything. 

However, every thought you have is a message that you received at one point in time. Through growing up we hear a lot of different messages that shape our conscious and subconscious minds. 

When your mind is filled with negative things, then you can’t expect good things to happen to you. There’s so much energy in your thoughts and they can be transferred into your surroundings if you know how to do that. 

For example, you can do that by using affirmations. The only rules are that they should be very specific and always said in the present tense. 

Talk about rekindling the flame with your ex as something that’s already happening. Describe your feelings and always remind yourself that this is what’s happening at the very moment you’re talking about it. 

Simply because you’ll never get the things that you’re constantly talking about as if they’re somewhere in the far future. You’ll only get them if you already believe that you have everything that you need. 

6. Don’t involve others in your drama

When you want to manifest your ex back you can’t ask someone else to do it for you. For example, you may think that you should consult a psychic or another expert in this field. 

But you need to know that you’re the only one who can do this job for you. Once you start to involve others in this entire ordeal you’re only going to make a bigger issue. 

You’ll start to involve different energy into a sacred space that you have to create for your journey. They may not have the same pure intentions as you have, and you can never know what’s going through someone else’s mind. 

When you do this you’ll be inviting them into your life as well as block your own blessings. This is best done by yourself while you’re in complete control of your mind and your intentions. 

If you want to involve a professional you can certainly do that, but you can’t expect the journey to be as successful as it would be if you were alone in this endeavor. 

When you do things by yourself all you have is positive energy with the complete absence of negative emotions that could stand in your path. Your ex-partner will find his way into your arms much sooner and you’ll get your love back. 

7. Don’t rush into a new relationship

DONE15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back with the Universe On Speed Dial 4

Because of a lack of self-love and self-confidence, many people turn to someone else in order to validate them. These relationships are usually referred to as a rebound. 

You’ll put a huge brick wall between you and your ex. There’s no way that you’ll be able to spiritually call him back into your life if you have someone else by your side. 

People believe that jealousy can cause a man to want you back. The problem here is that, even if he does come back, he won’t stay for long. 

I would like to believe that you want your relationship to last a little bit longer so you’re choosing very powerful tools for that. You want to create a better and healthier relationship with that man. 

If you believe that you can do that by being toxic and jumping into a new relationship, then you’re really delusional. If anything, you should stay alone for yourself. You can learn so much by being alone for a while after the breakup, and the things you learn can help manifest your ex back in no time. 

You’ll only block your blessings if you keep another person around for no reason. Even if you start falling in love with someone else while manifesting your ex back, the Universe will prefer the new guy more. 

So, don’t do that to yourself.

8. Stop contacting him

There are so many different benefits to the no-contact rule that it’s actually funny at this point. If you only gave it a chance you’d see that this rule works wonders with just a few weeks or months of not spamming his phone with text messages. 

If you feel like you won’t be able to keep your arms at bay, then give your phone to your close friend for a while. It’s a scary thought, but you can’t tell me that it won’t work. 

You need to stop contacting him in order to arrange your thoughts and create a better environment for the two of you. You’ll be able to see things from a new perspective and he’ll see that life without you isn’t as fun as he thought it would be. 

Once he starts to miss you and sees that it was better when you were around he’ll want you back. Of course, you know how long he’ll let you ignore him before he completely walks out of your life. 

You shouldn’t play games with him, but simply communicate that you need some time away from him and that your mind will work better this way. This is the perfect time to figure everything out and to manifest your ex back with a relationship that’s actually worth staying in. 

9. Understand your value

15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back with the Universe On Speed-Dial

Do you understand your own value? So many women these days aren’t really aware of their worth because they’ve always been taught to dim their light. 

So, once you start to understand your own value your ex will be able to see it too. He’ll respect and love you much more if he knows that you’re aware of your worth. 

This will also bring you to the point where you’re not going to settle for minimum effort. You’ll ask for more from him and with that, you’ll also be able to maintain a healthy, long-term relationship after you reunite. 

10. Try the 55×5 method

This is a great way to manifest your ex back if you have a little more time on your hands. 

Think of one affirmation that you’ll use to describe the feeling you think you’ll experience once you reconcile with him. For example, that sentence could be something like: “I feel happy because Tom really shows me his love now that we’re back together.”

What you need to do now is take pen and paper first thing in the morning. Write down this affirmation 55 times for 5 days straight. I know that it seems like a bore, but I can assure you that it’ll be helpful. 

The first step is to concentrate on the feeling you want to experience. When the first 5 days are over, you can use another sentence and repeat the same process.

11. Let go of any limiting beliefs

DONE15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back with the Universe On Speed Dial 6

Negative beliefs can limit your success during this time. When you start to question this process and also start to negate its effectiveness, the Universe will stop being on your side. 

You can’t really expect everything to work if you keep doubting everything. 

I know that this isn’t a conventional way of getting the things you’re looking for in your life, but it’s definitely something effective if you know how to do it right. 

Any type of limiting beliefs can stand in the way between you and the things you want to reach. So, don’t let your mind play tricks on you because it could easily affect your mental health. 

12. Don’t ignore the signs he’s coming back

After you use positive affirmations and LOA to manifest your ex back, you can expect to see signs he’s coming back. Those signs are different for every person. 

For example, you could start bumping into him when you look your best. Another thing is that he could follow you back on social media or unblock you in a short period of time. 

He’ll even contact you when you least expect it or he’ll show up at your doorstep because he wants to talk to you about your relationship. These things are obviously happening because you’ve been calling out to them. 

So, now that you’re seeing these signs don’t play a cat and mouse game with him. If you start to ignore the things the Universe is sending you without a grain of gratitude, it’ll take it back from you. 

13. Evaluate your relationship

15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back with the Universe On Speed-Dial

A very good thing you can do when you’re trying to manifest your ex back is to evaluate your relationship. This is very important because you may be getting yourself into a trap that you weren’t ready for. 

If your relationship was toxic and manipulative, then you have a lot of work to get done before you even get to the point where you can talk about getting back together. 

There could be a lot of work that has to be done in your relationship or it could simply be a lost cause. Some relationships aren’t meant to be worked on – you should just let him go; he wasn’t meant for you at all. 

If he comes back to you, then you can definitely do this entire thing with him. Put everything down on paper even if you feel like there’s no need to do that because it’ll create an amazing overview of everything that happened. 

You can even evaluate your breakup and the time you spent without each other. 

14. Focus on yourself

When things start to take too long, you have to focus on yourself. You can continue using affirmations and visualization each day, but you shouldn’t plan your entire life around this. 

What you have to do is take yourself out on dates and use the time you have to experience freedom. There’s nothing better to do than to treat yourself with things that you need right now. 

When you start to focus on yourself you stop obsessing over him and the relationship. I mean, you can’t tell me that it hasn’t been taking a toll on your mental health. 

​You’ve been trying so hard to get him to come back to you that you forgot to take care of the one person who’s always there for you – which is yourself. 

If you choose to give him all of your time and energy then you’re only going to spend your life on someone who obviously doesn’t want to be anywhere near you. If he wanted to be near you, then he would, without a doubt in his mind. 

Until then, all you can do is put your focus on yourself and live your life to the fullest. You shouldn’t even think that, for whatever reason, your happiness depends on that miserable male specimen. 

15. Trust the process and don’t rush the Universe

DONE15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back with the Universe On Speed Dial 8

At the end of the day, what else can you do? You can believe that he’s your soulmate but the Universe could have completely different plans for you. 

You can pray and manifest your ex back all you want when in actuality you saw everything there was to see. There’s someone better on their way to you and your ex is just another lesson to prepare you for the real deal. 

I know that you don’t want to hear that, however, you could easily say that you’re obsessing over a guy who doesn’t deserve you anymore. There’s someone who will love you better than you ever thought was possible. 

You can’t rush the Universe into doing something that isn’t supposed to happen. You can do everything in your power, but at the end of the day, people have their own free will. 

Once you understand this, you’ll start listening; you will have to trust the process right now as your reconciliation with your ex is in the hands of the Universe.

15 Tips To Manifest Your Ex Back With The Universe On Speed-Dial

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