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Make Him Obsessed With You In 6 Easy Steps

Make Him Obsessed With You In 6 Easy Steps

You want to make him obsessed with you. This is not unusual; if anything, every single woman wants this from a man.

It doesn’t matter whether you just met, if you’re casually dating, or if you’re already in a relationship. There’s always a way to make a man obsessed with you and it’ll be quite easy once you know how.

Women are guilty of always giving too much time and effort into relationships and we don’t get the same energy in return. We put our heart on the line but men never really do the same thing for us.

So is there even a way for you to get on the list of things he’s obsessed with? Well, he’ll be more interested in you than his video games, bros, and football combined.

Don’t believe me? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

1. Don’t chase him

DONE! Make Him Obsessed With You In 6 Easy Steps

You’ve heard multiple times that guys just adore the chase. He loves to be in charge of the situation, completely in control, and without a doubt would love to be the one to sweep you off your feet.

He wants to chase after you! So don’t take that away from him, as it’ll save so much of your energy and you’ll get your grand prize.

A man can’t be obsessed with you if you’re obsessing over him, so show him the cold shoulder from time to time. Don’t reply to his text messages right away and don’t be on call for him.

You should show him that you know your own value and that you won’t lower yourself to running after him. You’re better than that and you deserve to be taken care of.

If you want him to obsess over you, show him that you have a life outside of him and that you can do whatever you want. If he doesn’t step up his game, you’re out.

2. Show him that you have substance

DONE! Make Him Obsessed With You In 6 Easy Steps

You’re absolutely stunning and your good looks are a great asset. However, you want to keep him interested for a long period of time.

So show him that you have substance. Show him how intelligent you are as well!

Don’t hold back when it comes to this. If he says that he’s interested in something, talk about it and tell him everything you know about that topic.

Or simply ask questions. Show him that you’re interested so that next time, you can still talk about this subject.

When you want to make him obsessed with you, just remember how smart and communicative you are. That’s what’ll put you at the top of the list of his obsessions.

3. Choose your battles

DONE! Make Him Obsessed With You In 6 Easy Steps

Don’t fight him over everything. If it’s a small and petty fight, then you can live without it.

You don’t have to make a huge deal about the fact that he forgot what your favorite color is or something like that or, for example, if he forgot to wipe the sink and now you’re creating a big fuss about it.

Men get very bored because of little fights like these. He’ll think that you’re just annoying and the only reason why you’re doing that is that you want to create drama.

If you want to make him obsessed with you, then you should really try to choose the battles that are truly worth the fight. It’ll only drive you further apart if you keep stressing about everything.

4. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not

DONE! Make Him Obsessed With You In 6 Easy Steps

We have this instinct to show the best version of ourself to someone we’re interested in, which is completely normal and understandable. However, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

At some point in time, it’ll just come crashing back down on you. You’ll say something or you’ll do something that’ll let the other party know that you’re not being honest with him.

If you want to make a man obsessed with you, you have to know that he can only be obsessed with your true and authentic self. When he sees that you don’t care about societal standards and are unapologetically yourself, he’ll also adore that side of you.

5. Be flirty (in a classy way)

DONE! Make Him Obsessed With You In 6 Easy Steps

To be flirty in a classy way means that you won’t back down from an opportunity to flirt with him but that you still won’t look desperate.

If you look desperate or too needy, he won’t be interested in you anymore. You want to make him obsessed with you so that he will be the one to chase after you.

You can flirt with him from time to time but mostly do so with your eyes. Smile at him seductively and play with your hair.

However, don’t do that excessively either and make sure to keep eye contact with him when you’re talking. When he says something flirty, you can either smile at him or you can say something flirty back but just remember that overdoing it will cause more harm than good.

6. Be there for him when he needs you

DONE! Make Him Obsessed With You In 6 Easy Steps

Everyone wants to be taken care of by someone else, especially the person they love the most. So if you want to make him obsessed with you, you should want to be there for him when he needs you.

Men will rarely admit when they need someone to be there for them and because of that, it’s so important for you to play your cards right.

Show up when he needs you and ask him about his day. Sit down with him and talk about the issues he’s been facing and don’t just brush aside his struggles.

He’ll appreciate that more than anything in this world and he’ll make sure to give you the same treatment in return. He’ll fall head over heels for you because you’re the one who’s been there for him through thick and thin.

Even though he may not be aware of the impact you’ve had on him, his heart will forever skip a beat for you if you’re there for him.

Make Him Obsessed With You In 6 Easy Steps

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