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Lying To Her Caused Her To Have Trust Issues

Lying To Her Caused Her To Have Trust Issues

Does it seem to you that every time you get to see your girlfriend lately, all you can recognize is her doubting you? You’re probably thinking that she’s imagining things or that it must be the time of the month.

Perhaps you think that she’s overreacting or exaggerating, so you do nothing because you don’t believe it’s your fault she’s feeling that way. You don’t know what has gotten into her and why every time you say something, she doesn’t believe you.

Obviously, your girlfriend has trust issues and your relationship isn’t the same as it used to be because of it.

You reminisce about a time when she was happy and carefree whenever she got the chance to see you. But that suddenly disappeared.

Now, she questions every word you say and every action that you take. She’s always complaining and nagging about the fact that you’ve been lying to her.

And the worst part is you can do nothing to prove your love for her.

DONE! Lying To Her Caused Her To Have Trust Issues

You think you’re doing your best to be the perfect boyfriend to her, someone who would always have her back and show her nothing but love and appreciation, but nothing seems to work.

Even if you climbed the highest mountain and sailed the Seven Seas for her, she would still have doubts about your love for her. It’s just that your words mean little to nothing to her now.

And even though you really do love her, this situation is getting a bit out of hand and you’re starting to get annoyed. You tell yourself that you didn’t sign up for this and you want her to change.

You don’t need a woman who’s an overthinker and whose pessimistic thoughts would have a negative impact on your relationship. And you don’t want a woman who checks up on you constantly.

You hate when someone tries to take away your freedom and when it feels like you’re being controlled or monitored.

Even when she knows where you’re going and with whom, she still calls you to check and you despise her for doing that.

DONE! Lying To Her Caused Her To Have Trust Issues

You hate to admit it but you say to yourself that things need to change. She quickly becomes jealous no matter where you are and you’ve started thinking that she’s going crazy.

It’s like her constant mood swings affect your state of mind every single day and you can’t stand the way she behaves toward you.

But what you haven’t taken into consideration is that relationships require both partners to put in an equal amount of effort.

And why is that? Because a relationship is a two-way street.

You can’t only receive and yet give nothing back in return. Essentially, you get what you deserve.

The truth is her behavior is just a reflection of your actions. Her trust issues are caused by your lying issues and nothing else.

Instead of thinking that she’s been controlling you all this time, have you ever asked yourself what you did to put her in a position where she can’t trust you at all?

DONE! Lying To Her Caused Her To Have Trust Issues

Have you thought about why she’s been acting all crazy and jealous all this time? Is it really her fault or is the root of the problem much deeper than you previously thought?

Whether you believe it or not, it doesn’t matter but the truth is she knows she has trust issues; she’s aware of that. She just can’t believe a single word that you say and there’s nothing you can do that can convince her of your honesty.

It may be true that there are times when she’ll blame you for things you haven’t even done and she may act a bit paranoid from time to time.

However, did you think about what you did that caused her to be like this, and have you ever questioned yourself and your actions that pushed her to her breaking point?

Remember, she wasn’t always like this; she didn’t display any kind of jealousy or control when she first met you.

She was just an innocent and caring girl who actually believed in love and she always thought that being in a relationship should only make your life better and not let you question whether or not true love even exists.

This girl embraced your flaws and she always believed that there was something good in you.

People kept telling her how she needed to save herself from being broken by you and that she should stay away from you but she didn’t listen to them.

She always had faith in you.

DONE! Lying To Her Caused Her To Have Trust Issues

Her greatest mistake was believing she could change you by loving you more. But little did she know that people do not change because of love, they change because they want to.

Instead, what you did was change her. Your actions caused her to have trust issues.

You proved to her that everyone else was right about you, that she was a fool for believing you.

Her love for you weakened every time she caught you lying. But then, she saw the messages on your phone and she knew you were cheating on her.

She couldn’t imagine that her heart could break into a million pieces and that her trust would be betrayed like that but still, she forgave you but she didn’t certainly forget about it.

You were given a second chance because she loved you with all of her heart, despite everything bad that you did to her.

DONE! Lying To Her Caused Her To Have Trust Issues

She really tried putting everything behind her and turning over a new page but she just couldn’t do it. She felt so betrayed when the man she loved disappointed her that it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

To this day, she can’t forgive herself for staying by your side for so long.

Do you know what she sees when she looks at you? She sees a man who inflicted so much pain on her and who changed her completely.

Perhaps you think that time will heal her wounds but there’s no hope for the two of you. She finally embraced that being broken is part of who she is now.

Everything that happened between you and her is your fault. When you think about all the lack of trust and every time you thought she must have been going crazy, remember that it was you who forced her to change.

Her trust issues are caused by you having lying issues.

Lying To Her Caused Her To Have Trust Issues

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