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What You Should Know Before Loving The Girl Who Feels Like Damaged Goods

She is the girl in the corner of the coffee shop, quiet, simple, beautiful, and seemingly content.

She is the girl at the party who had one too many shots and followed home the first guy who gave her attention.

She is the girl on Instagram with over 10k followers with the life that seems perfect.

She is the girl who keeps her head in books and is avoiding any distraction.

She won’t look damaged. You’ll never know her past, her regrets, her faults until you decide you want her for everything she is. The good, the bad, and the broke.

She won’t always share with people what broke her. She fears judgement and the pain resurfacing.

So she takes it day by day and lives for what she’s learned through it.

Before you love her, love her past. Love who she was because if you can’t bear to accept who she was, you’ll never fully love her for who she is now.

Before you love her, love her mistakes. Love the faults she had because it is what made her into who she is and what you love her for now.

Before you love her, love her grief. Something hurt her, damaged her, made her weak, and formed scars on her heart that once bled.

Before you love her, love her ambition. For her will to do better and to be more than what she felt inside.

Life hasn’t always been good to her. Somehow and some way she managed. When people thought this would break her, she took it another day and did everything she could to be better.

When people asked her how she got through it, she says with a smile, “I had no other choice.”

So love her through her pain. No matter how far she comes, what hurt her still haunts her dreams, leaves her breathless late into the night, and weaker on some days. So be her strength when it becomes too much.

Ultimately, love her through it. She is strong-willed and will take time for her to open up and show you what she went through but when she is ready she will.

She wants you to never give up on her.

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What You Should Know Before Loving The Girl Who Feels Like Damaged Goods

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