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Loving A Woman With Trust Issues Is Hard, But It’s Worth It

Loving A Woman With Trust Issues Is Hard, But It’s Worth It

She’s always been alone.

In the dark, when you think about your life being hard, she’s been sobbing for hours already. Her inability to let people help her only makes things worse.

She never had a say in her trust issues. It didn’t come like one tidal wave that washed away any faith she might have had in people.

Her trust issues came little by little. They probably started when one of her parents walked out of her life, or when her best friend kissed her boyfriend back in the day.

It started off slow.

She knew that telling someone her true emotions and being vulnerable was like sentencing herself to inevitable pain.

It’s not like she doesn’t want to trust people, it’s just that everyone she does trust ends up breaking her heart.

The last time she let someone in, he made her regret her decision quite quickly.

DONE! Loving A Woman With Trust Issues Is Hard, But It's Worth It

She gave him a hard time from the very beginning. She made him work hard to prove his loyalty and love for her.

There wasn’t a moment when she wasn’t on high alert. It took him twice as long to gain her trust than anyone else ever before.

So when her guard was down, when she thought that he truly loved her, that’s when he thought it was the best time to strike.

He cheated on her, left her hanging, and showed her that trusting someone and being vulnerable is like asking for heartbreak.

She cried her eyes out for weeks after that. A woman with trust issues always blames herself for ever trusting anyone.

“Was I really blind enough to believe that a man wouldn’t hurt me?”

Of course, he’s to blame for cheating on her, he’s to blame for lying to her! But she believes that she’s the one to blame for trusting him at all.

So what happens when you fall in love with a woman with trust issues? Will you betray her just like everyone else did?

DONE! Loving A Woman With Trust Issues Is Hard, But It's Worth It

When you meet her for the first time, you’ll notice her smile is breathtaking!

The only thing you’ll see when you look at her is a gorgeous woman.

She seems healthy, she seems strong. But her smile doesn’t really reach her eyes and when she thinks no one’s looking, you can see the pain so clearly.

She has been through a lot and that isn’t a secret anymore.

You want to make her happy! You want to show her that not everyone is as bad as she thinks they are.

Before you start believing that you’re going after something impossible, you need to believe me when I tell you that it’s not.

A woman with trust issues is hard to love. No one can lie to you about that, because she looks into everything you do very closely.

DONE! Loving A Woman With Trust Issues Is Hard, But It's Worth It

A woman with trust issues looks for a certain type of comfort and safety that not everyone is capable of giving her.

She wants someone who will do things right.

You will know when she’s testing your limits. There will be one test after another, which will let her know whether she can trust you or not.

She doesn’t want a temporary visitor in her heart. She wants someone who will stay by her side even when times are tough.

Even though she’s testing you, she’s going to forgive your mistakes.

She made many herself in her own past and she knows there’s nothing wrong with being human!

What you need to understand the most is that even when she starts trusting you, she won’t be able to silence her worrying mind.

DONE! Loving A Woman With Trust Issues Is Hard, But It's Worth It

Her anxious heart will always scream at her to run as fast as she can. She’ll always anticipate the worst.

From the moment she starts trusting you and lets you in, she’ll expect a downfall.

A woman like her won’t have a moment of silence inside her overthinking mind.

You will have to give her constant reassurance.

You’ll have to tell her how grateful you are to have her in your life or how you couldn’t wish for anyone better.

However, words will never be enough. She sees your promises as empty words, with no meaning.

Many people before you have promised to keep her heart safe, just to shatter it a little while later.

You’ll see her assessing your words more often than not.

You’ll see the moment when she doubts your intentions because it’ll be written all over her face.

So why would it be worth it? Why would you want to date a woman with trust issues?

DONE! Loving A Woman With Trust Issues Is Hard, But It's Worth It

It seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

This woman knows what it’s like to be hurt, so she would never do the same thing to you.

She would never do something to jeopardize your relationship or your trust.

She’s loyal, she always says the truth, and she would do anything and everything for someone she loves.

If you’re that someone, then you should be proud of yourself.

It will take you longer than usual to get her attention and even longer to earn her trust.

However, once you have it, she’ll meet all your needs and expectations.

Finding someone you can trust is a hard thing to do, so when she truly trusts you, she will be so scared to lose you.

Just because she’s wearing a mask to protect herself from people, it doesn’t mean that she’s not able to show you how beautifully vulnerable she is.

DONE! Loving A Woman With Trust Issues Is Hard, But It's Worth It

She is soft, emotional, and very empathetic. She’s probably the best person you’ll ever meet.

Just because her heart is broken and has been stitched up more times than she can count, it doesn’t mean that she’s not able to love.

Actually, when she loves, her love is the strongest you’ll ever know.

A woman with trust issues will love you with every fiber of her being and she will fight for your love.

She will fight for the relationship with all her might.

So yes, loving a woman with trust issues is extremely hard, but once you have her in your arms, it’ll be the best thing that happened to you.

Just don’t hurt her.

She’s endured enough as it is.

Loving A Woman With Trust Issues Is Hard, But It's Worth It

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