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Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away

Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away

When people tell you to love yourself and walk away from the man you love the most, it’s a tough pill to swallow.

You love him. There was a time when you thought that he loved you too.

When people tell you to love yourself, they make it sound so easy. They make it sound like it’s something we should all be able to do without a second thought.

They forget that sometimes, loving ourself means giving up on people who are bad for us. So what if one of those people is the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

Since the beginning of your relationship, you had the feeling that all the pieces would fall into place over time.

He would learn how to love you, sometime in the future.

You thought that he would be able to look past his own pride and learn that love is something so beautiful.

The only thing that happened was that he taught you how much love and loving someone could hurt.

DONE! Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away

It was so painful at times that you might have lost your belief in love if it wasn’t for your pure heart.

You were always a hopeless romantic. You have always been someone who wanted the perfect love story to take place.

When things started going downhill, you tried to see the bright side.

He was still there by your side; more absent than not, but you took what you could get.

You took the positive things, because they made you believe that one day, things would be different.

You made yourself believe that once he trusted you more, once he let his guard down, he’d see how important you were.

So you waited. You waited patiently by his side while he worked through his issues and thought that surely it couldn’t last that long.

You wanted him to see that people shouldn’t walk away every time something bad happens in a relationship, so he would learn that things can’t always be perfect.

DONE! Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away

There was a time when you believed that it would be all milk and honey, but now you’re left to wonder whether love really should be this hard.

But you stuck around. You stuck around when he decided to lie to you and betray you more times than you could count.

When he didn’t reply to your text messages for days, you cried yourself to sleep each night.

Days would turn into weeks, but you would always take him back.

It didn’t matter that your friends told you how crazy you were for doing so each and every time.

Your friends tried to reason with you. They tried to show you what a monster he was, but you just countered with: “You don’t know him as well as I know him! If you did, you’d understand!”

They would shake their heads in disapproval. One by one, your friends stopped nagging you about it because they actually gave up.

They gave up on showing you how stupid you were for letting him do that to you.

DONE! Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away

But what they didn’t understand was that the heart of someone who loved unconditionally couldn’t be convinced, especially not the heart of someone who didn’t love themselves enough – or maybe even at all?

However, I am here to tell you that you deserve so much better.

You need to love yourself enough to walk away from a man so toxic that he chooses to ignore your pleas for love.

Know that you tried! You tried so hard to show him that loving someone and being loved shouldn’t be this difficult.

It’s not just wishful thinking to believe that love should be easy. It’s the honest truth!

In relationships, things will get tough, but you will never have to fight each other if there is actual love and you want to work things through. Instead, you will work together against any problem that occurs.

When you don’t love yourself enough, you forget to appreciate all the effort you’re putting into the relationship.

He made you believe that it was never enough.

DONE! Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away

He made you think that whatever you were doing would never be enough for him and that you needed to try harder. So you tried.

For so long, you tried to make him see your efforts.

Even when you tried to leave him, if you tried, he would be on his knees, eyes full of tears, begging you to give him another chance.

You loved him more than you loved yourself and it was obvious by the way you’d always forgive him. You forgave him more times than he deserved and here you are now, absolutely broken.

What did you get from that goodness of your heart?

Did you become a better person or did you become a broken human who’s too anxious to live a life without this abuser?

Because that’s what he is! He’s an abuser who doesn’t deserve any of your love or forgiveness.

He doesn’t deserve all that mercy from you. He doesn’t deserve you.

DONE! Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away

He’s a toxic man who will never be able to love you. He doesn’t know what love is and you’re not the one who should be teaching him how to love.

Your entire relationship was nothing more than a game to him and you know it!

Stop listening to the words that come out of his mouth, because they’re all blatant lies!

Listen to yourself. Listen to that ache in your heart and the pity you feel for yourself every time you think of this entire fiasco of a relationship.

The truth hurts, but I’m not going to soften it just so you can find another reason to stay with him. Love yourself enough to leave him.

Walk away from him. You will learn how to love yourself soon and there will always be people in this world who will help you with that.

Don’t just give up on yourself because you’ve been stuck there for far too long. Pack up your things and just leave.

DONE! Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away

Don’t listen when he says that he needs you, don’t listen to him when he says that you’re a quitter, don’t even acknowledge him anymore!

The only person in this entire world who you actually need is yourself! You don’t need a man and you will never need him.

It’ll hurt for a while, it’ll be painful. But it’ll never hurt as much as it hurt to stay by his side.

Then the love story you always wanted to happen can finally take place! Let that love story happen between you and yourself.

Love Yourself Enough To Walk Away

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