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Love Should Bring You Clarity, Not Confusion

Love Should Bring You Clarity, Not Confusion

Not knowing where you stand or what the other person wants from you is one of the biggest problems with modern dating.

Sometimes it feels as if everyone is scared to say that they’re in a romantic relationship and that they’ve committed to someone. Rather than labeling, they leave it all undefined, wondering if they’re in a relationship or not.

Even if you’ve been on a couple of dates, it doesn’t mean that he’s going to make the first move and ask you to be exclusive.

Or you’ve told your boyfriend how much you love him and now you’re expecting him to stay by your side forever and never disappear.

Well, I must disappoint you, but in today’s world, anything is possible. Many people are just looking for something casual – a hookup or an almost relationship.

DONE! Love Should Bring You Clarity, Not Confusion

Be honest with yourself here for a minute: How many times have you dated a guy or hung out with him, but when things started to get real, he bailed on you and refused to explain to you what you two are?

I’m quite certain that you’ve been in numerous situations where you didn’t know whether you’re single or taken.

You can’t say that he’s your boyfriend, but you can’t flirt with other guys. And you’re not allowed to accuse him of cheating on you because you two aren’t officially in a relationship.

In those kinds of situations, you’re probably wondering where this relationship is headed or if you’re in a relationship to start with.

Your mind goes wild and you start thinking that it’s just something temporary and that he’ll leave as soon as he finds someone better. You convince yourself that you’re only enjoying the moment without questioning what will happen next.

Or it could be that you daydream about your future together?

Those mixed signals and multiple hidden meanings must be exhausting to you.

DONE! Love Should Bring You Clarity, Not Confusion

Truthfully, love should bring you clarity and not confusion. But when talking to a man, you feel like you’re decoding some top government secret, not speaking to a human being.

It’s like you’re never quite sure what’s going on inside his heart or how he feels. You can’t gauge if he’s faking his love just to get what he wants or faking indifference because he’s afraid of commitment.

There are thousands of questions going through your mind and not a single answer in sight. You’re only doubting him and his intentions, but you secretly wish that he’ll confess his love for you.

Let me tell you something. This shouldn’t be considered normal, no matter what. You should never feel this way with a man.

In fact, a real man would never make you question his loyalty or intentions.

DONE! Love Should Bring You Clarity, Not Confusion

Besides, if you doubt that he’s interested in you at all, that’s actually a clear sign he doesn’t have any feelings for you. And if he doesn’t give you an answer, that still says a lot about his play with you.

The simple truth is that when a man falls in love with you, he’ll do anything in his power to show it to you.

He won’t hesitate to move mountains and cross oceans just to get to you. He won’t be afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve because he knows you won’t hurt him.

He’ll prove with his actions that you belong to him and that he belongs to you.

A man who loves you will never make you doubt his feelings. You’ll always know where you stand with him and if his feelings for you have changed.

Love should bring you clarity, not confusion.

DONE! Love Should Bring You Clarity, Not Confusion

You’ll always be the grand prize to him – he won’t treat you like you’re some random girl. He won’t be one to make you compare yourself to other women.

And he won’t be the reason for tears. Instead, he’ll help you wipe them off and do anything he can to make you smile.

His wishes will be known to you and he won’t put you in a position where you don’t believe his words. He’ll never make you question his loyalty because the only woman that he’ll see is you and no one else.

On top of that, when this guy promises something, then you better believe that he’ll deliver. He’ll stand behind his word and you’ll never catch him lying to you.

Next to this man, you’ll never question if you’re worthy of being loved or not. You’ll never have to feel like a needy lunatic.

Also, contrary to what you might believe, he’ll probably not awaken butterflies in your stomach. And most of all, he won’t force you to lose faith in love.

However, he’ll finally bring you peace and that’s something we all look for. Love should bring you clarity and not confusion.

That’s why you should never settle for anything less than this.

Don’t let other people convince you that you have high standards and that you’re asking for too much. You’re not like that, it’s just that you know what you want and you won’t settle for anything less.

Love Should Bring You Clarity, Not Confusion

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