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What Does Love From A Distance Look Like? Here’s What To Expect

What Does Love From A Distance Look Like? Here’s What To Expect

Have you ever tried to love from a distance?

Relationships can be hard on their own, but what happens when there are other obstacles you can’t impact? It seems as if you’re not able to overcome certain problems due to the space that’s dividing you.

You’re sad over the fact that you’re incapable of saying I love you to your significant other without having to use your phone. You’re tired of the text messages and constant phone calls. To make matters worse, how ill-fated you are because it happens that you are in different time zones!

This is tiring and it can certainly wear a person out. You can’t really plan anything because you never know if there’s going to be a flight delay.

There are no birthday surprises, not enough pictures taken together, and certainly not enough affection. All of this can affect your everyday mood, view on relationships, and even the bond between you and your partner.

However, a long-distance relationship (LDR) isn’t just something that you “need to do”. It’s a whole new experience that will keep you on your toes the whole time.

You’ll end up learning new stuff about love from a distance, your partner, and even yourself. Together, you’ll overcome certain hardships, you’ll enjoy late-night conversations. There will be happy and sad tears, a mix of everything!

Long-distance relationships are something else and you must be fully prepared to commit to one!

What does a long-distance relationship look like?

What Does Love From A Distance Look Like Here's What To Expect

You never know what awaits you around the corner since life is unpredictable. You’re hoping for one thing and then it throws another in your face. It’s up to us whether we’re going to learn to live with it.

Being in a long-distance relationship can be quite challenging, and not everyone is suited for this type of partnership. You require a strong character and good personality traits for this.

If you’re the type of person that can’t go without seeing your boyfriend, then I’m afraid this isn’t the right choice for you. Patience is the key because you’re always waiting on him. You’re expecting his calls and text messages, you’re waiting for him to come back and visit you.

Also, you can’t swim in these waters together if you don’t trust each other. Couples nowadays need a lot of faith in one another for their relationship to sustain all the hardships.

If you can’t seem to trust your partner when he’s in your surroundings, then I suggest you stay clear of long-distance relationships.

One of the most common reasons for a breakup is jealousy. Your partner could be making you jealous on purpose to try and get some kind of reaction out of you… or are you just being overly possessive?

Either way, jealousy is like a bacteria, and once it has infested your relationship, that relationship is doomed. So, if you can’t make peace with yourself and you’re constantly thinking about how he’s cheating on you, it’s best you don’t try out these waters. They may end up too deep for you to swim in.

You may develop trust issues, essentially setting your future relationships up for failure.

What you need to know about love from a distance

If you’re diving right into this relationship with high expectations, you may come out with your tail tucked under. It’s not wrong to expect something from a relationship or your partner, but you must be aware of the restrictions.

Being in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean you’re emotionally disconnected. Although it may feel like that at times, you’ll soon see that’s not the case.

The space that’s so big between you two doesn’t undermine the love you have for one another. Here is everything you need to know when you’re loving someone from a distance.

1. Trust each other

What Does Love From A Distance Look Like Heres What To
What Does Love From A Distance Look Like? Here's What To Expect 10

How is it possible to trust someone when they’re on the other side of the world? How are you going to know that you can put your faith in them?

You can’t know this for sure, but you can set the grounds for a healthy relationship. Have the two of you been together even before life decided to separate you? Then you’ve got yourself a headstart.

It’s easier to trust someone when you’ve already known them for a while. However, you can also have certain suspicions that he’s not going to be the same person he was before.

You probably think that he has more freedom now and is going to play you. This mindset is completely wrong and won’t lead you anywhere. If you’re having these thoughts daily, things can go downhill pretty quickly.

2. Patience is a virtue

If you think that this is true love, then you’ll wait for him as long as necessary. Do not let your hopes down!

If you want this long-distance relationship to work, then you’ll have to hang on in there. I’m not going to lie – this is going to be tough.

It’s a bumpy road you have to take in order for your love to survive. Remember that all of the obstacles that get in your way are supposed to make your bond stronger. This journey is like a puzzle that takes two to finish. If one piece is missing, the rest will fall apart quickly.

You will probably be tired of all the waiting; whether it’s him calling you before bed, or awaiting a simple good morning text.

You’ll wish for your boyfriend to be there with you, face to face. You’re going to crave his touch, his scent, and everything that he is. But, remember that good things come to those who wait.

3. You’re not alone

What Does Love From A Distance Look Like Here's What To Expect

Even though you may feel lonely sometimes, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. You’re a long way from your partner, but this doesn’t mean that you’re entirely by yourself.

It can be hard to grasp that fact because he’s not there physically. Trust me, it’s enough that you’re keeping him in your heart.

Sometimes all you need is some inspirational long-distance relationship quotes to keep you going. When you love someone from the bottom of your heart, the distance doesn’t matter.

You will see happy couples walking down the street, holding hands, and you’ll feel your heart sink to the bottom of your chest. But believe me, that ding from a text message is bound to bring a smile to your face.

4. Others will try to interfere

When people hear you’re nurturing love from a distance, they will come at you with various opinions and bits of advice.

Your task is to not listen to any of them. It’s not that you’re trying to be cheeky or anything like that. It’s just that every relationship is different, and every person is unique. What worked for them may not work for you and vice versa.

You can end up getting confused and try to implement others’ opinions and views on your boyfriend. This is a disaster waiting to happen because you can’t take relationship advice from someone who hasn’t been in a similar situation!

You and your partner both know what’s best for your relationship. Don’t let anyone interfere in your love life because it’s guaranteed that it won’t end well.

Most likely, the people that are prying are your family and friends. You matter to them a whole bunch but they don’t know how to express their concern.

Instead of being supportive and loving, they can end up being nosy and pushy. They’ll constantly ask you how you’re feeling, is everything okay between you, etc.

This can easily get on your nerves and you may become defensive toward them. Even with the best of intentions, their attempts to care for you can end up with them breaking your trust.

These are hard times for you which can reflect on your close ones, but I’m sure they’ll try to understand. But for the sake of your relationship, follow your guts and listen to yourself.

5. It can fall short of expectations

DONE What Does Love From A Distance Look Like Heres What To Expect 4

Sure, we all need hope in our lives, but you have to know to not cross the line. It’s a really thin line between hope and expectations.

The higher your expectations are, the higher the chances of your LDR not fulfilling them. It’s a risky game you’re playing if you’re expecting something you’ve seen in movies.

It’s okay to not let your hopes down, but don’t get ahead of yourselves. Go at it one day at a time, and see where all of this takes you.

What you can gain from a long-distance love

Not everything is grey and gloomy when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Yes, there are tough times that you need to overcome, and you will struggle.

However, don’t let your spirits down quite yet. LDRs don’t have to be negative but this depends on you. It depends on the way you look at it, and how you’re going to perceive the outcome.

This experience can bring you your best friend. When you’re so far away from each other, you tend to share more of your secrets with one another since spilling your emotions is easier to do over a text than in person.

You build trust, and your bond just grows stronger with each secret you share. You’ll want to try to make up for the lack of presence with constant texting and calling.

This way, you’ll get to know each other more and more every day. The two of you will share your personal interests, and your life goals, and you’ll even end up making plans together.

With all these little bits of your life stories, you’re going to get yourself a best friend. You’ll know everything about each other, so once you finally meet again, it’s going to feel as if he’s been with you every second of the day.

Love from a distance can teach you a lot of things. It can show you how you don’t appreciate someone enough when they’re right next to you. It can give you a new point of view on life and teach you not to take things for granted.

How can he love you from a distance?

What Does Love From A Distance Look Like? Here's What To Expect
What Does Love From A Distance Look Like? Here's What To Expect 11

You’re worried about him being able to show his love for you from a distance. Your boyfriend will need some time to adjust to these changes as well. However, I’m sure that after some time, you two are going to figure it out.

Lengthy video calls, cute text messages, and long-distance relationship quotes can all replace physical affection. There are plenty of ways he can love you from a distance.

Just a simple how are you? or how was your day? text can show you he cares for your well-being. A relationship isn’t all about kisses and cuddling.

It’s about caring for one another, showing interest in what you like, supporting each other’s dreams, and rushing towards a common goal. It’s also about planning your future together, sticking next to each other through tough times, and laughing by their side when everything is sunshine and rainbows.

Love from a distance is special but can seem quite unusual at times. It’s new territory for both of you, so some things are going to look a bit different.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. That good morning text he sends you when you know he’s just a couple of blocks away from you is basically a tradition.

However, an I love you text he sends you from miles away, from a different time zone warms your heart in a special kind of way. You know he woke up just to type it, which shows that love from a distance doesn’t lose its value.

1. He stays loyal

One of the most obvious things you want when your boyfriend is going overseas or on a long-distance trip is to know he’s faithful. You want to be the only person he’s got eyes for which is totally fair. However, how can you know that he’s not cheating on you?

You can never be one hundred percent sure, but you can trust him. If your relationship is built on strong foundations, then you have no reason to be worried.

Deep down, you know you can’t stop a man or any person from doing things that are on their mind. So all you’ve got is his reassurance and constant proof that you’re his true love.

Still, it’s not right to expect something from him if you’re not going to act the same. If you’re going around flirting and texting with other guys just because “you’re bored” or because “he’s not here”, then you can’t expect him to remain loyal, either.

2. He keeps in touch

DONE What Does Love From A Distance Look Like Heres What To Expect 6

Love from a distance can give you some weird vibes. It may feel as if you don’t have as much of a commitment as you’ve had before. Wrong!

The things stay the same, it’s just that they’re done in a slightly different way. You’re not expecting some fascinating love stories to come out of this experience, but you still fear that something’s going to change.

If you’ve found yourself true love, then you’re never going to feel left out. He’ll try to include you in his new life as much as possible and you’ll do the same.

There’s always time for a good morning text or even a postcard! Old-fashioned guys have a special charm.

3. He doesn’t give up on love from a distance

Just like Beres Hammond says in his song “I see love from a distance, coming but slowly.” If your boyfriend loves you, he will love you from a distance as well.

He won’t give up and will encourage you to do the same. Both of you have to fight for one another and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s not a big deal if you come across an obstacle here and there. It’s completely normal and something that comes along with loving someone.

The most crucial thing is that you both feel good about what you’re doing. Coming to terms with such important decisions in life is going to decide whether you’re right for one another or not.

LDRs are difficult and only true love can survive in those circumstances.

What are the consequences of loving someone from a distance?

What Does Love From A Distance Look Like Here's What To Expect

Getting into an LDR is going to be unlike any typical love story, and you should be aware of that. How can love from a distance affect you and your partner? Will it have positive or negative consequences? In the end, it’s all about having good vibes. If you’re thinking positively, good things will happen.

Yes, the t-shirt he left you can sometimes draw tears to your eyes, but let them be happy ones. It’s up to both of you how to perceive these different memories.

Even those long-distance relationship quotes can sadden you, but they can also give you the strength to get through this period.

1. It may not be a good choice after all

Sometimes things just don’t work out. However, you don’t have to always believe that a long-distance relationship is to blame.

You’re maybe just not made for each other and that’s fine. Finding a soulmate means finding your best friend in the first place. If you’re not a match made in heaven, that’s completely okay.

Also, if you were headed off to a rocky start and had to experience love from a distance afterward, then the stars simply didn’t align for you two.

Whatever happens, don’t think that either of you is to blame. There’s no one to need for that if the relationship doesn’t work out.

The most important thing is to not guilt-trip your partner for your breakup. You know that you did your best but you also know when it’s time to give up.

2. It’s a happily ever after!

DONE What Does Love From A Distance Look Like Heres What To Expect 8

You never knew he could love you from a distance, but you were proven wrong. Your experience may just end up as one of the biggest love stories.

Even though you had to pave the path for yourselves, you made it! You got through all the hardships standing side by side.

The thing that has helped you the most in this long-distance relationship is trust. You had faith in one another and you kept the promises you gave each other.

Both of you stayed loyal, didn’t make each other jealous, and tried to keep in touch as much as possible. But one of the most important things is that you love each other.

You proved to yourself, your family, and friends that love from a distance can be a true one. The proud feeling and the never-ending smile on your face will give you away.

You know that it was all worth it; every sleepless night, every lonely morning coffee, and every tear you’ve spilled.

Now, after all, you’ve been through, you’re free to ride away with your prince charming into a happily ever after!

What Does Love From A Distance Look Like? Here's What To Expect

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