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Life Doesn’t Give You The People You Want, But The People You Need

Life Doesn’t Give You The People You Want, But The People You Need

By now, you probably know that things don’t go according to how we planned them. You think you know what’s best for you, you have it all figured out, and you’re convinced that your life would be perfect if circumstances would just allow it.

But the thing is, life doesn’t work that way.

Life isn’t some smooth ride and you know that. That’s why you’re wondering why bad things always happen to good people, even though they don’t deserve them.

There are times where you wish for someone or something to happen so badly, but you can’t seem to manifest it.

DONE! Life Doesn't Give You The People You Want, But The People You Need

And that’s especially true when we’re talking about love. You’re desperately looking for that special someone who’ll make you feel like you’re the only one for him.

A man to climb the highest mountain just to get to you and to be your knight in shining armor.

So, you give love a chance and fall in love with that one man.

You do everything by the book, you play your cards right, you give a piece of yourself to the other person, but somehow, you’re always one step short from achieving eternal happiness.

No matter how hard you try and how firmly you believe that this person is your forever after, it simply doesn’t work. It’s like the universe or God is working against you.

And that’s exactly why I’m writing this article for you. I want you to remember all those times you lost someone, thinking that they broke your heart and that it was the worst thing that could ever happen to you.

I want you to think about each one of your exes who made you feel worthless and took you for granted. Remember those guys who treated you poorly and who caused you not to believe in true love anymore.

DONE! Life Doesn't Give You The People You Want, But The People You Need

Then I want you to remember the time you finally healed from those toxic men. Try to imagine them walking away from you because that’s exactly what you needed to become the woman you are today.

Be thankful for those moments because they turned out to be the best ever.

The thing about life is you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Life doesn’t give you the people you want, it gives you the people you need.

Don’t pray for God to give you the person you think you want. You need to pray for the one you actually need.

I know that it’s quite easy to fall into a dark place whenever someone hurts you, but as the old saying goes, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

And it’s true. Having hope for a better tomorrow is essential when trying to get back on your feet again.

Keep in mind that God always has an agenda that is often beyond our capabilities to understand. He’s waiting for the perfect moment to occur before He sends you the most awesome man because He knows what’s best for you.

I’m positive that He will send you the person who is just right for you, but you need to be patient and wait.

DONE! Life Doesn't Give You The People You Want, But The People You Need

He will send you the one who will heal all of your emotional scars and pick up the broken pieces of your heart and put them back together.

A man who will appreciate you for who you are and give you all the love you deserve to experience.

God has His ways of showing us that He is almighty. First, He will allow a man in your life who’ll hurt you, who’ll crush your dreams and delicate soul into pieces.

However, there’s a lesson to be learned from every mistake. Those people that He puts on your path are there to make you stronger and better. They will help you grow to become the person you’re meant to be – a superwoman.

With each new obstacle you face, you learn more about yourself. You uncover that you’re capable of extraordinary things and moving forward even when all odds are stacked against you.

All the changes you faced weren’t curses. They were blessings in disguise.

DONE! Life Doesn't Give You The People You Want, But The People You Need

Keep in mind that God has a plan for you. There’s a reason he gave you all those toxic people in your life. He was testing you and preparing you for the person you deserve to have.

And when that special someone who is your other half, your soulmate, enters your life, he’ll have everything you’ve been looking for and even more. That man won’t be perfect at all, but he’ll be perfect for you.

And that’s more than enough.

I’m not advising you to give up on your life and stop searching for your own happiness. Don’t expect a miracle to happen without you putting any effort into it.

I’m just suggesting that you have a little more faith that things will happen when you least expect them to. Every piece of your life will fall perfectly into place when the timing is right.

There are always two sides to the same coin. A bad situation or a toxic person can force you to become more mature. Just because you don’t know the reason something happened, it doesn’t mean it didn’t have a deeper meaning.

Don’t build walls around your heart or fall into despair every time a man hurts you. You won’t get everything you wish for when you wish for it and that’s just how life goes.

Never lose faith in God. Believe that He will give you the people you need.

Life Doesn't Give You The People You Want, But The People You Need

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