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Lessons You Learn As You Watch Your Almost-Boyfriend Move On After You

Lessons You Learn As You Watch Your Almost-Boyfriend Move On After You

As if almost-relationships aren’t hard enough, seeing your almost-boyfriend move on after you makes the pain even worse. While you were still praying that the two of you would end up together, he kept living his life as if he forgot that you even existed.

You saw him dating other girls, falling in love with one of them, and committing his whole life to her. In the meantime, you still have a hard time stumbling upon him as your heart breaks a little every time you see him.

While your almost-relationship never worked out, you still can’t stop thinking about him. Then, once you see that he’s actually happy and he’s not just pretending that he has moved on in order to hurt you, your whole world starts to collapse.

You realize that seeing him with someone else isn’t at all easy, even though you were never actually together. But throughout this period of time, you’ll learn some valuable lessons.

Even though they will be tough to chew over, they will also open your eyes. They’ll make you realize some things you used to ignore.

1. You will heal

DONE! Lessons You Learn As You Watch Your Almost-Boyfriend Move On After You

Once you finally give up on your almost-relationship because it becomes too obvious that you’ll never end up together, the only thing you feel is pain. Your heart gets shattered into pieces and you truly start to think that you’ll never be able to move on.

But as someone who has gone through the same, I must let you know that you’ll heal. Eventually, the pain will go away and you’ll be able to feel like your old self.

You’ll smile again and not because you pressure yourself to but because you truly feel happy. You’ll learn your lessons and you’ll eventually feel ready to get back up again.

Even though right now, you don’t really think that the wound of seeing your almost-boyfriend move on after you will ever fully disappear, I have to tell you that you’re wrong.

At some point, you’ll realize that it no longer hurts and the only things that are left are small reminders and good memories you actually shared together. Everything else will be gone.

2. There’s a reason why you didn’t end up together

DONE! Lessons You Learn As You Watch Your Almost-Boyfriend Move On After You

Even though you don’t see it right now, there’s an actual reason why you didn’t end up together. The whole time you were trying to make your almost-relationship work, the universe was trying to separate you.

You were never meant to end up together since you weren’t made for each other. Even if you had got to the point where you were officially in a relationship, things would still have ended the same way.

All in all, you would have still gone down separate roads and you would still have ended up at this same spot. That’s why you have nothing to regret as everything played out the way it was supposed to.

3. Comparing yourself to his new girl is never worth it

DONE! Lessons You Learn As You Watch Your Almost-Boyfriend Move On After You

When you watch your almost-boyfriend move on after you, you immediately start comparing yourself to her.

Been there, done that, ended up hurting even more. That’s why I’m using this opportunity to warn you not to make the same mistake I did.

Even though you still can’t accept the fact that you’ll never end up together, there’s no point in comparing yourself to his next girl. I know that you’re jealous of her because she got everything you always wanted but still, it’s not worth it.

Maybe they were meant to be or maybe she’ll end up being his lesson the same way he was yours. Maybe they met each other at the right time or they will end the same way you did.

You never know what will happen between them but what matters the most is that you can’t change anything by comparing yourself to her.

Maybe you think that your relationship could work out if you were more like her. But there are many different reasons why it all fell apart before it even started and you being more like his next girl wouldn’t change anything.

4. You deserve much more than an almost-relationship

DONE! Lessons You Learn As You Watch Your Almost-Boyfriend Move On After You

You deserve to feel truly happy and to get all of the things you wish for. And it’s obvious that this almost-relationship could never get you that.

While you were doing your best to make things work, your almost-boyfriend didn’t even bother to give you all of the things you expected from him. He didn’t bother to make you happy since that wasn’t his priority.

And even though you still think that he was your soulmate and your true love, as time goes by, you’ll realize how wrong you are.

You deserve a man who’ll respect your wishes and who’ll make you feel loved every second of the day. You deserve someone who’ll be there for you and who won’t ever call you too much.

He’ll never feel like you’re asking for too much because he’ll love you just the way you are.

At this moment, I know that it feels like you’ve lost someone who can’t be replaced. But the truth is far from that.

You actually lost a person who was just a lesson and because of him, you’ll one day realize that you have the right to wish for anything that makes you happy.

True love is about making both partners feel satisfied with their choices. It’s not about bending over backward and pretending to be less than you are just so your partner feels happy.

You deserve your part of happiness as well and that’s why this all played out the way it was meant to be.

One day, it will all make sense. Watching your almost-boyfriend move on after you won’t be easy but the lessons you’ll learn will stick with you for the rest of your life.

You deserve to be happy and to feel that special kind of love. The love that makes you feel alive but at the same time, also makes you feel calm.

And that’s what you’ll be able to get once you finally meet the one who’s meant to be only yours.

To him, you’ll never be an almost-girlfriend. Instead, you’ll be his whole world.

Lessons You Learn As You Watch Your Almost-Boyfriend Move On After You

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