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Law Of Assumption: Is This The Best Formula For Manifestation?

Law Of Assumption: Is This The Best Formula For Manifestation?

I guess you’ve heard about the law of attraction, but do you know what the law of assumption is? I’ll simply start this article by saying that it’s not the same and we’ll go through it together so I can prove my words. Are you ready?

Both of these will help you manifest what’s in your mind and actually show you how strong you actually are. Neither of these principles will be contradicting any religious beliefs and you can practice them if you firmly believe that they will work.

So, the famous law of attraction states that if you think positively, you’ll attract good things, and thinking negatively will influence your life in a negative way. Together with the law of assumption, it can bring success and prosperity in many spheres of your life.

They are really similar, but the main difference actually lies within the fact that the law of attraction allows you to believe that there is a higher power, contrary to the law of assumption that says that nothing exists outside of your consciousness.

This universal law, the law of assumption, is a very powerful tool if one knows how to use it. Manifesting is not a sin (in any religion) as long as your thoughts and intentions are clear, so everyone can practice it. Basically, this law helps you understand that everything you need is within you.

Without further ado, let’s get familiar with the law of assumption and how you can actually manifest it.

What is the law of assumption?

Law Of Assumption: Is This The Best Formula For Manifestation?

Okay, time to finally answer this question. The law of assumption has changed a lot of lives throughout history. A lot of great leaders, philosophers, and influential people have followed these rules. They all lived lives worth mentioning and writing about.

Neville Lancelot Goddard was an American philosopher who wrote a book called “The law of assumption” where he explained this principle. He said that “God” and our imagination are the same and that everything that surrounds us is a physical manifestation of our own consciousness.

Our subconscious mind controls the great majority of our actions and their outcomes. So, according to this law, if you believe that you have something, or that you’ve already achieved it, your desire will become your reality.

The law of assumption relies a lot on energy and vibrations. Knowing that energy can only be transformed, not created nor destroyed, means that when manifesting this law, you don’t create something new. It just helps you to attract faster and easier what already exists in your life.

Something similar can be said for vibrations as well. You’re well aware that every movement causes some kind of vibration, therefore when energy transforms from one shape to the other, it creates vibrations. When two objects are at the same wavelength, it means that their energies match.

There are a couple of things that you can manifest with the law of assumption. This law can help you in different spheres of your life including financial issues, romantic relationships, and even health problems that you may encounter. So…

How to manifest it?

The question that you’re impatiently seeking answers to ever since you started reading the article, right? How can you manifest the law of assumption in your life? With these steps, you’ll achieve your desire faster and you’ll be able to live the life you deserve.

1. Clear your mind

DONE Law Of Assumption Is This The Best Formula For Manifestation Or Not 2

First of all, you have to clear your mind. Get rid of all the thoughts and worries that may influence your manifestation in a negative way. This may blur your vision of the life you want for yourself. So, put yourself in a positive meditative mood.

You can play some calming music in the background to help you focus. Keep in mind that everyone, regardless of the imperfections they may have, deserves to be happy and blessed.

2. Write down your thoughts

The second thing that you have to do it so write down your thoughts that you want to turn into assumptions. Focus on one thing at a time, because that will help you achieve it faster and once you do, move to the next one.

Use all of your five senses to describe your desire, as detailed as possible. Create a clear vision of how that would influence your life in the long run. When you’re sure of what you want, it will be easier to manifest it and you’ll avoid conflicting assumptions that may only become distractions on your way.

3. Feel your desire

Law Of Assumption: Is This The Best Formula For Manifestation?

The next thing that you have to do, in order to manifest the law of assumption, is to feel your desire. It’s not enough to simply think about it or write it down, you have to feel the emotions of fulfillment. That way your desire will be more vivid in your imagination and you’ll easily obtain it in the physical world.

Your imagination will then change your internal state and the manifestation of getting a new job, for example, will come true.

4. Assume that your desire is accomplished

In this step, go beyond the bounds of possibility and assume that your desire is accomplished. How does that make you feel? Think about all the emotions that you may feel at that moment, happiness, gratitude, and pure joy. Focus on them.

You can even think about the influence that manifestation will have in your life, in the lives of your friends and family members. Are their lives changed as well? Rest with your feelings for some time and envision all the possibilities.

Transform your view of the world and cease your disbelief.

5. Believe in the law of assumption

DONE Law Of Assumption Is This The Best Formula For Manifestation Or Not 4

Last but not least, believe in the law of assumption. You have to have faith that your assumptions will become a reality. Don’t let the fears interrupt your manifestation. Nothing is too big to manifest, so don’t be afraid that your desires won’t be fulfilled.

In case you feel like your belief has been questioned and it may not be fulfilled, go back to the previous steps and make sure you did them correctly and realign your manifestation. Also, the law of assumption affirmations may take you a long way.

By simply repeating these, you create a positive mindset. These affirmations help you believe in the power of your mind as well. Here’s the list of the most powerful ones to help you with your manifestation.

Law of assumption affirmations for every occasion

In this part, you’ll be able to find some affirmations that you can use when you want the law of assumption to work in your favor. There are a couple of categories and I hope you’ll be able to find the perfect affirmation for whatever you want to manifest.

Love and family affirmations

Law Of Assumption: Is This The Best Formula For Manifestation?

1. I have a profound ability to feel and show love.

2. A happy relationship is my reality.

3. There is nothing stopping me from finding true love.

4. My family is safe and thriving every day.

5. Things will only improve for my family and me.

6. My family is already happy, safe and sound.

7. I feel loved and valued every single day.

8. This is a dream partnership.

9. I am the luckiest person on this planet.

10. I am 100% secure in my relationship with a specific person.

Law of assumption affirmations for achieving career goals

1. I am worthy of the promotion I want.

2. Starting my own business will lead to extraordinary success.

3. Taking on more responsibility affects me positively.

4. I can achieve whatever I want.

5. I am destined for greatness and my success is inevitable.

6. I’m persistent and I push through setbacks.

7. Persistence is my greatest strength.

8. I deserve all the luxuries the world has to offer.

9. I regularly get opportunities that bring me enormous money. 

10. I do the work that I love and get rewarded for doing it.

11. My thoughts are creating reality every moment of every day.

12. I’m strong and powerful.

13. I have the ability to design the life I want.

14. Nothing can stop me from manifesting my desires.

15. I control the trajectory of my life.

Affirmations for everyday life

DONE Law Of Assumption Is This The Best Formula For Manifestation Or Not 6

1. I make the time and effort to reach my fitness goals.

2. When it comes to my health and fitness – I am unstoppable.

3. The gym is my happy place.

4. Feeling strong is normal for me.

5. I have friends who know me well and love me for who I am.

6. My friends and I accept one another and celebrate our successes.

7. I deserve to be happy and peaceful.

8. I accept that there are events I can’t control.

9. As I assume, I create.

10. My body is always well nourished and hydrated.

11. I am in control of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

12. The universe moves mountains to make way for my desires.

13. My life is unfolding perfectly for me right now.

14. I am letting go of my worries one at a time.

15. My life is so easy and joyful.

16. I let go of negativity and limiting beliefs.

17. I am open to receiving what I’ve been asking for.

18. I am so grateful for my wonderful life.

19. I am invincible.

20. I am proud of myself.

21. My thoughts are positive and uplifting.

22. My external reality is a direct reflection of my internal state.

23. I’m ready for a positive shift in my life.

24. I know my desire is already accomplished.

25. I let go and allow my desire to manifest effortlessly.

26. I deny the power of fear and negativity.

27. There is no other power creating my reality except my own consciousness and I have complete control over my consciousness.

28. I deserve all the good things in life.

29. My manifestation is an unstoppable force.

30. I give permission for all I desire to come to me.

In the end…

The law of assumption is a very powerful tool as we’ve mentioned in the beginning, so make sure to get the best out of it. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use it often, but remember – one manifestation at a time. If you start manifesting a couple of things at once, it will only create confusion.

Since this is the universal law, it works for everybody. Everything that you need is within you, so you can start right now. What do you want your life to look like? Where do you want to be in five years? Do you want to travel the world or have a stable income and a home filled with love?

You are as powerful as your thoughts are and nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams. Embrace the idea that you’re already there and the law of assumption will make it happen. Give it a try, will you?

Law Of Assumption: Is This The Best Formula For Manifestation?

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