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Keep Your Words To Yourself And Show Me You Want Me Through Your Actions

Stop looking at me like I’m crazy every single time I tell you to keep your words to yourself.

You make promises of eternity and a bond that can never be broken, but your actions show that it’s not really the truth.

Have you ever thought about how it makes me feel?

Have you ever thought about the feelings your words ignite inside me that turn into pure sorrow once I realize that you aren’t being honest with me?

To be completely frank, it doesn’t matter how many promises you make if you don’t make them a reality.

Keep your words to yourself next time.

DONE! Keep Your Words To Yourself And Show Me You Want Me Through Your Actions

When people told me that actions speak louder than words, I was so skeptical. Now I realize that they spoke the truth.

I was so in love that the butterflies your words ignited inside me stifled my own gut feeling. They made me ignore it.

At the beginning of our journey, I would hold on to every word you spoke.

Your eyes would sparkle with mischief, but I always confused it for adoration and the pure love that you must have felt for me.

Now I realize just how much my heart deceived me. When you broke my heart the first time, I was convinced that it was also the last.

You see, I am not a weak woman. I have seen and endured pain much stronger than the pain of a flimsy broken heart.

I am not, and never have been, a woman who lets a man control her every thought.

I didn’t think that there would ever be a time when you could have convinced me you were worth a second chance.

Manipulative and toxic people would always end up kicked out of my life the very moment I realized their true intentions.

But why were you so different?

Why were you the one man who could break me that badly? Why were you the man who showed me that a broken heart isn’t just a pain in my chest?

You made me realize that I must have never experienced a real broken heart before, because this hurt more than anything I have ever experienced.

I just want to know: Why?

DONE! Keep Your Words To Yourself And Show Me You Want Me Through Your Actions

Why did you have the need to lie to me about wanting to spend your life next to me?

Why did you tell me that you loved me when you obviously didn’t?

I actually believed you when you told me that my love was your favorite thing in this world.

If that were true then we wouldn’t be where we are right now.

We’re here, not knowing where we want to go. Do you want to walk out of my life and know that you never had the chance to truly love me?

Or do you want me to beg you to tell me more lies, to tell me that things will change, that my love will make you feel better, that I was the one you waited for your entire life?

Do you want me to fall for them once more?

My poor heart is ecstatic at the thought of that, just so it can once more skip a beat when you’re whispering empty promises into my ear.

I am ready to give you another chance, but your actions have to show your intentions.

DONE! Keep Your Words To Yourself And Show Me You Want Me Through Your Actions

I probably shouldn’t. There, inside my gut, something is protesting but I have to see it for myself.

I have to see whether you’re capable of loving me through your actions the way you love me with your words.

Your words are a caress on my skin, but you’re haven’t shown me what it would be like to be loved by you and see it in your actions. Not even once.

Don’t just tell me you love me, show me. Reply to my texts, answer my calls, be there for me when I need you.

Show me that I can trust you. Show me that I can put my heart in your hands and that you won’t just break it into pieces.

I haven’t been able to trust you lately and I can feel the impact of that on myself.

I can feel it whenever I look at you and my chest constricts, taking my breath away.

Don’t let me hurt anymore. Please don’t.

Keep your words to yourself and show me through actions that you love and that you care for me.

Don’t tell me you love me just to leave me alone to fight for myself.

If you truly loved me, your actions would reflect that.

This is your last chance to show me just how much you actually do want to spend your life next to me.

Because if you don’t, I won’t mind letting you go.

Keep your words to yourself. Show your love through actions or leave.

DONE! Keep Your Words To Yourself And Show Me You Want Me Through Your Actions

I’m not going to stand around and convince myself that you’re the one if you make me feel like this.

My friends and family keep telling me to walk away from you before it’s too late, but I believe in you. I believe in us.

I believe that there is still something true inside you that can show me the love that I deserve.

There were sparks of it visible every time I looked at you.

But if you can’t do that in the name of our relationship, then please leave.

It’ll break me into pieces, it will shatter my poor and wounded heart, but that’d be better than expecting something I can never have.

So if you’re not able to keep your words to yourself and show me through your actions that you love me, I’d much rather not have to look at you every day.

I would much rather not have to look into the eyes of a man who lies to me so obviously, without even feeling regret.

Show me you love me, be there for me, or never address me again, because I swear to God I am not able to handle any more of this game any longer.

I deserve a man who will always make me his biggest priority.

I deserve a man who will always be there for me and not just when it’s convenient for him.

That man will tell me that he loves me only when he knows that it’s true.

If you can’t be that man, pack your bags. I’m not going to listen to your words anymore.

Keep Your Words To Yourself And Show Me You Want Me Through Your Actions

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