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Just Because He Didn’t Love You, Doesn’t Mean No One Ever Will

Just Because He Didn’t Love You, Doesn’t Mean No One Ever Will

He didn’t love you. He didn’t know how to love you. His words were poison, even though his touch was the sweetest torture.

You got shaped by that experience. Whenever he’d say something that hurt you, it stuck to you. There were times when you’d ignore his little jabs just to make him believe that he didn’t get under your skin. But he lived under your skin, completely rent-free.

Even when he’d tell you that he loved you, you knew that those words weren’t true. You knew deep down because someone who loved you wouldn’t treat you like that.

Remember all those times you sat waiting for him to come home to you? You’d curl up into yourself on the couch, waiting for him to return. You’d text him, call him, but he would never reply.

The first time it happened, you felt like it was your fault. Like you were just too possessive and jealous. You felt like you centered so much of your own happiness around him. That’s why you felt so absolutely awful when you’d call him again just to see where he was.

DONE! Just Because He Didn't Love You, Doesn't Mean No One Ever Will

Your concern was so genuine, but he made you believe that there must be something wrong with you for even calling. You wanted to know if he was doing alright, but he made you feel awful for caring.

So you stopped calling him when he wouldn’t return home. He said that he was going to see his friends, but something inside you didn’t let you believe those words.

You were never a priority to him. Even when you would beg to see him, to spend time with him, he couldn’t have cared less.

When you were sick, he was the last person to check up on you. On occasions he would be there, just to not listen to you nag about his absence in those moments. You needed him to be there for you.

You needed him to care about you, but he simply never did.

A woman like you, someone so empathetic and compassionate, isn’t someone a man should just brush aside and ignore. You’re not the person he should have ignored when you needed him the most.

After all, you were always there for him when he needed you.

Realizing that he didn’t love you was the hardest thing to do. Admitting this to yourself hurt like hell because you really wanted to make things work. You wanted to believe that things could be better and that if you were persistent enough, he’d change.

But he didn’t.

DONE! Just Because He Didn't Love You, Doesn't Mean No One Ever Will

It doesn’t matter who broke up with whom. If you decided to leave because he never gave you the love you genuinely deserved, then you are extremely strong and I’m so proud of you.

But if he broke up with you, cheated on you, or simply decided to walk out of your life and ghost you, then he’s the one who made a huge mistake.

No woman out there will deal with his mood swings, his outright dishonesty, and his complete lack of interest.

No one will be willing to work through things the way you did. You did so much for the relationship and he never knew how to appreciate you.

He’s the one who lost you in both cases. He lost you and he’ll never get you back.

You need to understand that just because he didn’t love you, doesn’t mean that no one else will. He never knew how to appreciate you, but believe me when I say that there’s someone out there so much better suited for you.

You’re a woman who knows how to love someone properly. You treat him with kindness, compassion, and love.

You support your partner through everything and anything they going through. You’re always the first one to celebrate with him and cry with him.

DONE! Just Because He Didn't Love You, Doesn't Mean No One Ever Will

Don’t you see just how absolutely amazing you are?

When you meet your forever person, he’ll make all of your exes seem insignificant. That man will show you just how much someone can love and adore you – how much you can be cherished.

He’ll be there for you when times get tough. You won’t have to call him and beg him to come and see you. He’ll just be there for you. You will be his number one priority. There’ll be no one more important to him.

That’s exactly the love you deserve! You deserve someone who doesn’t think twice about being there for you. You’re worthy of a man who loves you completely unconditionally.

So don’t break yourself down trying to make him love you. There’ll be someone who you won’t have to please just to get his love. That someone will show you that the only thing you need to do in life to get his love is to be yourself.

Your special someone won’t lose a day of loving you just because you might have had a disagreement. He’ll spend time talking to you to figure a way out of the sticky situation. He won’t just leave you to deal with everything by yourself.

That’s exactly why you don’t need to cry right now. Just because he didn’t love you, doesn’t mean that no one ever will.

Right now, all you need to do is to heal. Focus on yourself, your own growth, and when you are ready, the universe will send you someone who’ll show you what love should actually be.

Heal your broken heart, so that you have the entirety of it to give to someone who knows how to love you properly.

Just Because He Didn't Love You, Doesn't Mean No One Ever Will

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