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It’s Not Your Body That Aches, It’s Your Soul That Is Tired

It’s Not Your Body That Aches, It’s Your Soul That Is Tired

Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. Human beings possess extraordinary abilities, but we cannot be superheroes all the time.

When life gets tough and hard times hit us, it can take a toll on us physically and mentally.

Sometimes we feel like we are emotionally and mentally drained, whether that be from a toxic person who is present in our life or a situation that took a bad turn.

Even though it is not a physical thing, your soul can also hurt and it might feel like depression to you.

The feeling that you have when you are tired all the time might not refer to the fact that your body is tired, but actually your soul.

Yes, we can go to the gym, work out like crazy, and take vitamins to feel better, but how do you cure a soul that is tired?

Your soul, just like every part of your body, needs time to recover. The soul is a delicate part of you. It needs proper healing when it is tired.

Your soul affects your mental health, so it is of vital importance to take care of it.

When your soul is tired, it is hard to stay positive and optimistic.

You might feel like everyone is rooting against you, like you have nobody to hold your hand and you feel down overall.

Never push beyond your limits if you feel like it tires your soul.

Since it is very hard to recognize when your soul is tired, certain signs might help you recognize your state, and then you can act to start the process of healing.

1. You don’t feel rested

DONE! It's Not Your Body That Aches, It's Your Soul That Is Tired

When your body is aching and you feel physically fatigued, there is a simple solution for such a problem, and that is rest.

However, if you wake up every morning and feel tired, maybe your soul is exhausted.

No matter how much sleep you have, it doesn’t help your soul to recover from everyday life.

You may never feel refreshed or energized and you generally feel weak. You might think that you are sick, but the thing is, your soul is craving rest.

Another hint that might indicate your soul is exhausted is when you are no longer interested in the activities you enjoyed doing before.

Now you are just focused on resting because your lack of energy prevents you from doing anything.

2. It is hard to explain what you are going through

DONE! It's Not Your Body That Aches, It's Your Soul That Is Tired

Describing that your soul is tired is just as hard to explain as the soul itself.

You feel it might be easier if you had the words to describe how you feel, but there are none.

It is difficult to let your soul heal because no one can understand your pain and there are no words you can use to explain your current state.

It feels like you are the only one in the world with this problem and no one can understand you.

You have your friends and family who care deeply about you, but you cannot confess your problem to them because you don’t think they will understand it.

You just feel empty and uncomfortable in your own skin.

Picture your soul as a pool. Now that pool has been drained of water and is now empty. That is how you would describe your soul right now, am I right?

Don’t avoid people and don’t only talk to your inner self. You should be able to express yourself freely.

The people who truly love you and know you will understand what you are going through and they will try to help you no matter what.

3. You constantly dream about having a different life

DONE! It's Not Your Body That Aches, It's Your Soul That Is Tired

When your soul feels tired, your everyday life becomes a burden to you.

The constant stress and depression hit you hard and you no longer want to play a part in it.

You want to escape present life and have a simple one, maybe somewhere in the woods, where it is stress-free.

You are constantly daydreaming about living a separate life.

Well, I know how you feel. I have experienced similar things and most of us have.

You think that moving to a different planet would be the only way for you to replenish your soul.

You want to escape reality and live in an imaginary world because it is the only way your soul can find peace and quiet.

However, you should actually turn things in your favor.

When they have created this kind of imaginary world, most people use it to write books or draw pictures.

You can turn that feeling into something positive which can help you get through the troublesome times that you are experiencing right now.

4. You only emit negative energy

DONE! It's Not Your Body That Aches, It's Your Soul That Is Tired

The emotions that you have at the moment are intense and tough, I know that.

However, those emotions make you radiate only negative energy, which you might not be aware of.

It is not you who starts avoiding people, but it is they who don’t want to be in your presence anymore.

Those negative and bitter thoughts and emotions don’t fill you with a positive attitude or positive energy.

And let’s face it, no one likes to be around negative people.

The part of you that cared about others now seems to have disappeared or has been switched off.

You are insecure and lonely because you don’t possess the ability to give your heart to anyone.

Maybe you did that in the past, but now the emptiness and negative thoughts are preventing you from doing so.

5. You are always making excuses

DONE! It's Not Your Body That Aches, It's Your Soul That Is Tired

If you think that your problems will just disappear or if you can’t take responsibility and face your issues, believe me, they will eventually get you in trouble.

Your soul will not stay pure if you try to make excuses for everything bad that you have done.

Making excuses will make you tired and will not just take a toll on your soul, but will cause physical exhaustion as well.

The only thing that you can do is stop making excuses and face your problems. Don’t let them control your behavior.

Now that you have recognized some signs that your soul is tired, how do you deal with it?

Well, the worst-case scenario is that you need medical attention. However, first, try to assess your lifestyle.

Maybe you have toxic people in your life or a stressful job. Take care of those problems first and see where it takes you from there.

Pay attention to your needs and make sure they are met. Focus on yourself first.

Remember those things that you enjoy doing and make time to do them. Eliminate all the negativity from your life.

The heaviness in your soul will disappear the moment you take care of yourself.

It's Not Your Body That Aches, It's Your Soul That Is Tired

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