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It’s Not That God Is Testing Your Relationship, It’s Just That Your Partner Is Toxic

It’s Not That God Is Testing Your Relationship, It’s Just That Your Partner Is Toxic

I know that you’re head over heels in love with him. And I know that it’s difficult for you to imagine your life without this man.

You justify him whenever he does something bad to you. But that’s just who you are – forever trying to see the best in people.

I understand how you feel because I was once in your place. I was blindly in love with this man and I really thought that he was my happily ever after. And no matter how poorly he treated me, still, I would never leave him. I belonged to him and I believed he belonged to me.

I put everything I had into that relationship. Some might say that I gave a bit too much and that I couldn’t see the truth. My friends told me to open my eyes and see how manipulative he truly was, but I decided to listen to my heart and not my head.

It was the type of love that once you pour yourself into the relationship, you forget everyone around you. You start missing out on your friends and family, and you solely focus on your partner. And he was the center of my universe.

Everything revolved around him. The only thing important to me at that moment was him. When he was happy, I was too. His feelings reflected on me. That’s why I always tried to put a smile on his face.

DONE! It's Not That God Is Testing Your Relationship, It's Just That Your Partner Is Toxic

He was my last thought before I went to sleep, and the first one when I woke up. In a short period of time, he became my everything.

I know that you truly love someone only once in your life, but I could never imagine that the man I loved so much would bring nothing but pain in my life. Now, when I think about it, I was living in a nightmare.

I gave everything I had to a man who doesn’t even deserve a hello when I bump into him on the street.

So many people gave up on me and left me because of my love for him. People who truly cared how I felt and genuinely loved me. I regret to this day loving that man, but he’s just another life lesson.

God has His way of showing you that you deserve so much more. Maybe you think that He’s testing your relationship, but it’s just that your partner is toxic, nothing else.

You may not see it right now because of your love for him, but he’s playing you. Trust me, you deserve so much more than this guy. And you don’t have to be in a toxic relationship, you know.

Find someone who’ll love you for who you are. Someone who can love you the same way you love him. You deserve to be appreciated and respected by a man, not manipulated and poorly treated.

DONE! It's Not That God Is Testing Your Relationship, It's Just That Your Partner Is Toxic

I never listened to my friends and family when they said the guy wasn’t for me.

I simply turned my back on them. I didn’t realize they saw something that I didn’t see because of my love for him. They tried to warn me about him, but I didn’t listen.

I thought they were jealous of me and our relationship. Little did I know that they saw how toxic he truly was.

I wasn’t able to think clearly back then. I didn’t know that they had nothing to be jealous about. He disrespected and mistreated me every chance he got.

And I was the one giving him countless second chances because I thought he’d change for me.

But men won’t change for anyone. They simply can’t see their mistakes and only a precious few ever own up to them.

But now it’s too late. I already hurt my dearest ones. Those who tried to save me from the toxic guy.

Those who only wanted what was best for me. I hope that one day they find the strength to forgive me because I am genuinely sorry for not listening to them.

I wanted to share with you my story because I know what you’re going through right now. And I wanted to help you realize that God isn’t testing your relationship, it’s just that your boyfriend is toxic.

DONE! It's Not That God Is Testing Your Relationship, It's Just That Your Partner Is Toxic

I don’t want you to waste your time, like I did, on someone who isn’t worthy of you.

Don’t go blaming God for what’s happened to you. Have faith because God is always on your side. He’ll never allow a man to enter your life without teaching you a lesson about something.

I know that you’re going through hell right now, but you shouldn’t believe that it’s God’s fault. Your significant other is the one who’s making you suffer.

Open your eyes and see the truth. Your toxic boyfriend doesn’t love you. And he never will.

He’s only keeping you around because it suits him. He knows that no matter what he does to you, you’ll always go back to him. He has you wrapped around his little finger.

Don’t repeat the same mistake I made. Don’t stay with him. Walk away once and for all.

As hard as it may be, you have to leave him for good. It’s time that you listen to your head and not your heart. Take control of the wheel of your life and steer it down the road to enduring happiness and unconditional love.

It’s time for you to make a change. For your own sake, admit to yourself that you were wrong this whole time.

It’s not God who is testing your relationship, it’s just that you have a toxic player by your side. Walk out and don’t give him any more second chances!

It's Not That God Is Testing Your Relationship, It's Just That Your Partner Is Toxic

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