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It’s Difficult To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship And This Is Why

When you find yourself in a toxic relationship, it may seem to you as if there’s no way out and that you’ll always be stuck with him. You’re trying to find the courage to walk away from him and free yourself from his toxicity.

You’re afraid that you won’t be able to love again and that you’re heart is going to break into a million pieces, so instead of leaving him, you stay by his side in the hopes that he will change.

You think that you’re not worthy or not good enough to give your love to anyone else. You’ve become uncomfortable in your own skin.

That’s why you can’t break up with your toxic boyfriend.

To be honest, it’s never easy to say goodbye to the person you love. In many relationships, we sacrifice our own happiness for the benefit of staying with that person.

But if that relationship isn’t fulfilling your needs and you’re not receiving the love you know you deserve, then you need to leave. It’s better to let go than to hold onto something that is doomed to fail anyway.

Maybe once you read these signs, you’ll come to your senses and see that you deserve much more than what you have right now.

1. You’re afraid to let go of all those happy moments together

DONE! It's Difficult To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship And This Is Why

Every relationship has its ups and downs. Just because you’re stuck in a toxic one doesn’t mean that you didn’t have your happy moments.

Perhaps he surprised you with flowers on your anniversary or he brought you some soup when you were sick and now you’re afraid to let go of those good times.

You’re still blind in love and totally ignoring all the other bad things that he does to you. You ignore that he’s not answering your calls, or that he makes excuses for not showing up when he says he will.

You think that if you leave him, those memories will fade away and you don’t have the strength to make them part of your past. So, you choose to believe that he’ll change and that he’ll love you the way you deserve to be loved.

You can’t see that he’s playing mind games with you to lure you into his trap and keep you by his side.

2. You still hope things will get better

DONE! It's Difficult To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship And This Is Why

You cling to the belief that things will change for the better. After all, you’re in a long relationship, you two had bigger problems, and this is just another obstacle that you’ll get through together. Right?

Wrong. What you can’t see is that this is not a normal problem that’s easily fixable. By staying with him, you’re losing parts of yourself and sooner or later, you won’t be able to recognize yourself in the mirror.

If you continue staying in this toxic relationship, your self-esteem will take a nosedive and you’ll start believing that this is the best you can do, when in fact, you deserve much more.

Eventually, you may end up being depressed and that’s a road you don’t want to take.

3. He’s become a habit of yours

DONE! It's Difficult To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship And This Is Why

Everyone knows that getting rid of bad habits is tough, but staying in a toxic relationship is the worst thing that you can do to yourself.

Eventually, when you do gather enough courage to leave him, you’ll soon realize that it wasn’t love that kept you from walking away, he was merely a habit.

You may think right now that you won’t be able to get back on your feet without him and no one will ever want you with all that emotional baggage.

But that’s not true at all. A real man will accept that you were broken and he’ll help you heal those emotional scars.

But staying in this kind of toxic atmosphere will bring you more pain than getting rid of someone who can’t make you truly happy.

4. He sometimes shows you that he loves you

DONE! It's Difficult To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship And This Is Why

You think that you see glimpses of hope that he’ll change every time he does something nice for you, but you need to be careful because that’s a trap. He only wants you to see that he can do better so you don’t leave him ever.

He’s controlling you every time he says that he’s guilty of some things and promises you that he’ll change because of your love, even though we both know that he’ll stay the same.

He’ll use every trick in his book to convince you to not break up with him and even tell you that no one will ever love you as he does. He’d say that you’re too complicated for other guys or that you’re asking for too much.

For your own sanity and well-being, walk away from this toxic man. He’s feeding you lies and you need to stop believing them.

5. You’ve invested too much

DONE! It's Difficult To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship And This Is Why

It’s difficult for you to leave him because you’ve invested a ton of energy into your relationship. You don’t want to have this love fail because you’ve put so much of yourself into it.

I understand that it’s harder to give up on something when you feel like you’ve put your all into it, but that shouldn’t be the only reason to stay with him.

After all, you deserve a man who’ll keep fighting for you even in the dark times, and that’s not something you’ll ever get from your toxic boyfriend.

It's Difficult To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship And This Is Why

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