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It’s Better To Let Him Walk Away From You Than Walk Over You

It’s Better To Let Him Walk Away From You Than Walk Over You

When you give yourself fully to a relationship, you don’t realize how harmful it is for your well-being. You keep convincing yourself that love is supposed to be hard and that you have to fight for it.

And then, when a relationship ends, you feel guilty because you didn’t fight for it hard enough. You feel the pain deep inside because the guy you loved left you.

No matter how badly someone treats you, it can still be hard to admit that your relationship is over and that it’s all for your own good.

We’re creatures of habit and when we fall in love, we get used to the way our partner treats us. Even when his behavior becomes unacceptable, we still look for excuses, thinking that he could change.

So, when he gets bored of you and leaves you so he can look for another victim, you still feel the pain of a broken relationship. Even though you know that he wasn’t the best boyfriend and he did you more harm than good, you still fail to fall asleep at night because you’re thinking about him.

You still grab your phone, wondering whether it’s a good idea to call him.

But before you dial his number, I want you to know one thing. It’s always better to let him walk away from you than to let him walk over you.
DONE! It's Better To Let Him Walk Away From You Than Walk Over You

Trust me, he would never change for you. That’s the sad reality of your story.

No matter how much you beg him to listen to you and think about your feelings for once, there’s nothing you can do to get him to be the kind of guy you want.

He will always remain self-centered and care only about himself. Because that’s what he’s used to.

I know that it hurts right now and that you thought that your love could change him. But trust me, that was never a part of his plan.

If he had stayed in your life for any longer, he would have messed you up completely. He would have changed you for the worse and you wouldn’t be able to recognize yourself anymore.

He would have destroyed the idea of what love should look like because he knows that he could never meet your expectations.

He’s the kind of a guy who can’t commit so he treats girls like options because that’s the only thing he does well. And you’re the kind of girl who falls hard for one guy and gives herself fully to him.
DONE! It's Better To Let Him Walk Away From You Than Walk Over You

From the very beginning, you were a combination of two worlds that could never work. It was always you who made your relationship last, while he never gave a hoot about it.

One second, he was there and the next, he was gone. The moment of his departure was always something you expected but still, you wanted to believe that he would stay.

But you better wipe away those tears and don’t let him see that you’re hurting. Don’t let him see that you’re crying over a guy who never made you a priority.

You know that all this time, you were just a number, one of many, and you could never have changed that about him. He’ll always be a player and chase after girls, no matter how hard you loved him.

So, it’s better that he left you because if he had decided to stay, you would have lost your self-respect completely.

The only thing he wants in a girl is for her to trust his lies and sweet words of delusion. He wanted you to believe in the false reality that he created for you and he wanted it to last for as long as he wanted.

And then, once he got bored, he knew he would walk away and that’s where the story would end.

But God knew that you deserved so much more than that. God knew that you were worth more than a guy who wanted to play games with you.
DONE! It's Better To Let Him Walk Away From You Than Walk Over You

And the moment he walked away from your life was the moment when God actually did something to save you.

Because if he had stayed in your life, you would have continued to feel what it means to be in a loveless relationship. You would still feel the pain of loving someone who doesn’t give you anything in return.

I know that he was good with words and he knew how to seduce you. But did you notice that his actions never supported his words?

Did you notice that he always failed to do the things he said he would? He was wrong from the beginning but he fooled you and made you fall for him even though he never deserved you.

However, time is the best healer and sooner or later, you’ll realize that the moment he left your life, you didn’t lose anything. Instead, you got all of the things you deserve.

You got your sanity and your self-confidence back. Once again, you’re able to stand up for yourself and love yourself the way you did before you met him.

He would’ve had crushed you if you had fought for him to stay. But thank God that you didn’t and that you saved yourself from a guy who doesn’t deserve you.

So, the next time you start thinking about him and you wish to have him back in your life, remember how badly he treated you. Think about how he ignored your words and acted like his feelings were the only ones that mattered.
DONE! It's Better To Let Him Walk Away From You Than Walk Over You

At that time, be thankful for every force in the universe that sent him away from you because that was the biggest gift you could have gotten.

And remember – it’s better to let him walk away from you than walk over you.

If he had stayed in your life, he would have treated you like trash, and sooner or later, you would have no idea who you even were to begin with.

So wave goodbye to him and don’t ever look back. He doesn’t deserve you and you know that, so don’t fall into the temptation of having him back in your life because you’re worth so much more than that.

It's Better To Let Him Walk Away From You Than Walk Over You

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