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Is He Mentally Cheating: How To Know If He Sees Another Woman When He Looks At You

Is He Mentally Cheating: How To Know If He Sees Another Woman When He Looks At You

When someone mentions cheating, the first thing that comes to our mind is physical cheating. However, there’s something that’s even more common and some people would agree that it’s even more destructive – it’s mental cheating.

And if you’re here, you probably noticed some changes with your boyfriend. It could be nothing, but it could also mean that he’s thinking of another woman. To make things easier for you I made a list of things that a man does when he’s mentally cheating.

1) He’s acting different

DONE! Is He Mentally Cheating How To Know If He Sees Another Woman When He Looks At You

There’s no one else who knows your partner better than you do, so you can probably notice any changes pretty quickly. Maybe he started going out more often, working late, checking his DMs way more than he did before, or he’s suddenly interested in something he never even mentioned before?

If you feel like some of these changes happened and he truly is acting differently then it’s a big sign he might be mentally cheating on you. However, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions immediately. Maybe something completely different made him act different. Ask him, you have nothing to lose.

2) He doesn’t talk to you about his life anymore

Couples usually share everything about their lives with each other. Your boyfriend should be your safe space, and healthy relationships work well because of good communication. It’s essential to know what’s going on in the life of the person you love and the one you want to have a life-lasting relationship with.

If you know all the things that are going on, you feel more special and it’s easier to help. However, if you and your partner used to tell each other almost everything, and now you barely know anything that’s going on. Then it’s likely that he’s talking to someone else.

3) The phone is his new best friend

DONE! Is He Mentally Cheating How To Know If He Sees Another Woman When He Looks At You

Most of us spend a lot of time on our phones. However, when we’re next to someone we care about we usually tend not to use it that often. It’s not because we can’t, but because we don’t want to lose any precious moment with the person we love.

If your relationship looked like this before, but now your boyfriend is constantly scrolling on his phone while he’s next to you. Then you might want to ask him about the reason behind it. It could be that he just knows you’re there forever, but it could also mean he’s not interested.

4) He doesn’t want you around his phone

And one more important thing about phones! If he’s on his phone just because he likes to be, then he won’t find any problem with you laying next to him, and looking at his FB timeline together. He’ll even find it cute and you’ll probably end up watching some funny reels together.

However, if he obviously doesn’t want you around his phone. Maybe he locks it when you get close to him, he changes the topic when you say something about it, or you noticed he’s constantly looking at the profile of the same woman. If this happens it’s a big sign he’s mentally cheating on you.

5) You don’t feel like his priority anymore

DONE! Is He Mentally Cheating How To Know If He Sees Another Woman When He Looks At You

When you’re dating someone it’s expected that you are their number one person. And your partner should make sure that you feel that way.

It’s not only about the big things, like helping with problems. It’s also about the small ones. Like bringing you your favorite flower or canceling plans to stay with you if you’re sad.

If you stopped feeling like his priority, then it’s possible someone else has taken your place in his mind.

6) He always gets upset without any reason

Another sign of mentally cheating is getting upset at everything without any special reason. You always used to leave your toothbrush on your sink, and it never bothered him. Now he’s so annoyed at you because of that.

Or you sang a lot and he loved it, but now he says it’s too much and he needs some silence. If that’s what’s going on in your life, then he might be thinking about another woman. And she made him forget about the little things he loved about you.

7) He seems disinterested in any intimacy with you

DONE! Is He Mentally Cheating How To Know If He Sees Another Woman When He Looks At You

If you feel like his disinterested in any intimacy with you at all, then it might be a red flag. If you’re unsure what I’m referring to, it’s about less kissing, hand-holding, hugging, cuddling, or touching in general. Anything that differentiates a couple from a platonic friendship.

Did he use to be very cute when it comes to these things, and now it seems like he’s ignoring you? This might be a sign that he’s thinking about another woman. And he feels bad being intimate with you while thinking of someone else.

8) He gets defensive

If he’s often angry at you, he always tries to start an argument and he gives you the silent treatment every now and then, it means that something is definitely wrong.

But if you tell him something that bothers you and he immediately gets defensive and changes the topic, then you can be sure something is going on.

And if he starts making you feel like you’re wrong all the time, and that your suspicions are harming the relationship, he is going into manipulative emotional abuse called gaslighting. And that’s definitely not something you should put up with.

I hope you haven’t recognized your boyfriend in these signs of mental cheating. However, even if you did, you’ll know that he’s not the right guy for you. Give yourself a chance to go out there and meet your Prince Charming.

I know it’s difficult to leave someone you love. But, you deserve to find someone who’ll make you his number one priority. You’re worth it so don’t be afraid to make the necessary changes.

Is He Mentally Cheating: How To Know If He Sees Another Woman When He Looks At You

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