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Is He Losing Interest? 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

Is He Losing Interest? 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

In a relationship, the question most women ask themselves at some point is: Is he losing interest?

Everything was great in the beginning; he was a great man, he put effort into your relationship, he did everything you ever dreamed of.

It seemed like you were a great couple, and you really hit it off.

You even thought he might be ‘the right one‘.

You started making plans for the future.

And as soon as every single thing was going in the right direction, he started to act a little weird and became distant.

Now, you feel like something is not right, you feel it in your gut and you try to find the reason why that’s happening, but you are met with zero answers.

You find yourself thinking: “Maybe he is losing interest in me?”

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

You already know the feeling. You’ve been there before. Things changed in a second, and the shift seems almost palpable.

You think that it is you who is imagining things, so you start to feel insecure about yourself, your fears start acting up and you wonder if everything will be all right.

The thing is, you already know the answer. Is he losing interest in you? You think he is and you came here as a last resort.

Don’t delude yourself. If you are reading this, it is most likely that he has lost interest in you already.

I know it is tough to hear this, but it is something that needs to be addressed.

There are some sure-fire signs that could help you realize that he has lost interest or is losing interest in you.

If the problem arises at the beginning of your relationship, then you still have a chance to face the problems between the two of you.

The other solution would be to call it a day, which would be better if it was sooner rather than later.

The heartache after such a break-up would be less hurtful if you did it sooner.

It would take less time to heal the wounds and you would be back on your feet in no time.

Your point of view should be as objective as possible in situations like these.

You need to be cool-headed and not let your emotions and heart cloud your judgment.

I’m here to help you realize whether he is losing interest in you with a few bulletproof signs, as well as to give you a few pointers on what to do if that happens.

Signs that will answer your question: “Is he losing interest?”

1. He doesn’t show affection anymore

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

You remember the time when the two of you were cuddling on the couch while the rain was pouring down outside, or when he surprised you with a kiss on your forehead.

Maybe he stopped holding your hand as you stroll through the city.

This kind of thing, holding hands, is a perfect indication that he cares about you and that he loves you without saying a word.

Men are affectionate creatures. They enjoy being affectionate toward the girl they love (that is, unless you find yourself an odd one).

And girls, they love intimacy, and they love the attention that the guy they are dating gives them, like wrapping his arms around her or a sudden gentle kiss.

The thing is, if those sudden moments of intimacy and love have disappeared, chances are he is losing interest.

You may feel like he started to slack off in the relationship. He rarely plans nice dates for you, or he doesn’t put in the effort like he used to.

He stopped trying to impress you or to win you over anymore.

Showing your partner affection is a must in every romantic relationship, as it shows them that you care deeply about them. It’s a fact.

He has already lost interest in you if he doesn’t cuddle with you anymore, if he doesn’t wrap his arms around you or if he simply stopped kissing you altogether.

If you have noticed that his physical touch and affection are different, then he is drifting out of the relationship.

Yes, that could be hard to hear, but he will feel guilty about his loss of feelings for you and he will try not to lead you on.

This is his way of telling you that he is not interested in you anymore.

2. There is too much or too little intimacy

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

Being intimate is also a must in every relationship.

The thing that strikes me the most when I talk to a woman who thinks that her man has lost interest in her is when she is surprised when he becomes less interested in her physically.

Let’s be clear, this sign is a no-brainer. If a guy is less interested in you physically and your intimacy level has decreased then he is losing interest.

Don’t get me wrong, you can try to bring back the spark that you had at the beginning of your relationship and maybe salvage it, but if he is losing interest in you as a person, doing the deed will not be enough for him to be hooked on you again.

The nights when you are together are becoming less hot and heavy in-between the sheets, right? Then, my darling, he is losing interest in you.

Maybe there was a time when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other, and you made love all the time.

However, now he says that he is tired and just rolls over and sleeps like a baby.

This is a definite sign he is losing interest. On the other hand, if the main focus is to get you into bed and nothing more, it can also surely be a sign that he is not interested in you. Maybe the romantic relationship is over, but he is still physically attracted to you.

In those moments, ‘doing the deed’ is a distraction technique because he uses it to prevent having to talk about other things.

He doesn’t want to talk about his feelings or he doesn’t want you to ask him any questions.

He uses intimacy as a way to fill the quiet moments and to avoid the harsh truth that he doesn’t want you in his life anymore.

A guy who has lost interest will use intimacy as a way to pretend he is still engaged in your relationship without having to sacrifice his silence.

Let’s spill the truth. If he stopped treating you as a girlfriend and started to treat you as his last resort to get some action, then he is losing interest in you.

3. He’s rude and offensive, and you often fight

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

Having fights most of the time means that he wants to break up with you because no one likes to fight.

His emotions toward you have changed and since men are more creatures of action, he sends you signals that he wants to leave you but doesn’t know how to say it.

Constant fighting with you will make his blood boil because every single thing you do will irritate him.

The things that did not matter to him in the past will now start to get on his nerves.

If he is seemingly angrier than he was before, that is a sign that he is losing interest. He will quarrel about little things because he is thinking about calling it quits.

His intention is to drive you crazy and drain your energy from fighting so that you will just give up on him and on your relationship.

He always has something to complain about now and nothing you do seems to please him.

He finds excuses to argue about literally everything, even trivial things, and you are left wondering what actually happened to the both of you.

Darling, he is picking fights and is being offensive so he can get out of the relationship, but he doesn’t want to say it.

He is being a coward and he is highlighting problems that were not there previously.

He wants you to do the hard work, so he is pushing you away from him.

I know it is cowardly for him to do that, but you never know, it may well be good for you to get rid of such a man.

He has started focusing on the cons and the flaws and pushes you to the edge.

He is hoping that you will be the one who breaks up with him, leaving him to play the victim and you to be the bad guy.

4. He stops including you in his plans

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

When I say future plans, I don’t mean marriage and having kids.

If his plans like where and with whom to spend Christmas don’t include you, then he is losing interest.

Sorry to break it to you, but if you are not his plus-one at his friend’s wedding, then you are not his priority.

A guy who cares about you and wants you in his life will find every opportunity to spend some time with you.

He will make the extra effort and plan an extravagant night out or a movie evening.

However, if he makes excuses even if you come up with a plan yourself, then he is not interested anymore.

He avoids you because he doesn’t want to spend time with you. That inevitable conversation needs to happen, but guess what?

He is avoiding it. He doesn’t want to face the truth, so he attempts to avoid it at all costs.

A guy who truly cares about you would put in the same effort as you, no matter the circumstances, if he loves you the way he should.

If he recently started making excuses for not committing to plans with you in the future, he is definitely losing interest in you.

Don’t get me wrong, he might plan something for the two of you for the weekend.

But he will not plan something that’ll happen in the next couple of months for sure.

5. He doesn’t pay attention to you

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

He does not listen to you or be attentive. When everything you say is unheard, then something is definitely wrong.

A person who is interested in you will listen and pay attention to everything that you have to say.

Your wishes are important to him so he will listen to you so that he can fulfill them.

When a guy is losing interest, then he will be less present with you.

His thoughts will be somewhere else and it is unlikely that he will do things together with you or want to spend one-on-one time with you.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not he spends a lot of time on his phone, scrolling, doing nothing, or if he pays attention to you.

A guy who is losing interest will seem distant and indifferent to what you have to say.

Maybe he is watching a game and when you try to initiate a conversation, he isn’t very chatty or he will give you some short answers.

His answers will get shorter and less meaningful.

Eventually, he will stop telling you about anything that happens to him because he doesn’t want to share it with you.

Be aware. Actions speak louder than words.

If he behaves differently, keeps things short, and is distant with you, then it is most likely that he is not interested in the relationship anymore.

6. He is indecisive and unsure about you

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

A man who cares about you will know what his plans are and what he wants to do because he wants to spend time with you.

On the other hand, a man who is losing interest will become vague about what his plans are or whether he wants to go out or not.

He will not look forward to seeing you so he will try to avoid it. Making time for your loved one is essential.

You need to spend quality time together, so you can get to know each other better.

However, if he stops sharing his plans with you, or if he goes out with his friends even though he said to you that he was busy doing something else, that is a huge sign that he is losing interest.

7. The relationship is stalling

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

When a relationship feels more like seeing a friend rather than a romantic partner, the reason for that could be that the flame has just gone out and that he is losing interest.

There is no point in continuing something that cannot work anymore.

A relationship with no ups and only downs will feel very stagnated, almost like boredom.

If you have been seeing each other for quite a while and he won’t take it to the next step and make it official, then he is not interested in you anymore.

He doesn’t see a future with you any longer.

He shouldn’t be rude in such a situation and maybe he doesn’t want to be mean or neglectful. Maybe he is just not all there.

What to do if he is losing interest?

You should give him space if he is losing interest in you

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

The first thing you should do is give him some space.

You should not try to win his attention or affection because it will only push him further away from you as he will feel pressured by you.

Yes, I know this is tough to do. You will feel uncertain, baffled, and most likely desperate.

However, if you try to reel him back in, the energy of your desperation will only confirm his doubts and he will move further away from you.

The best advice that I can give you is to remain calm and try to figure out from his actions what he wants.

As I said earlier in the article, actions speak louder than words.

Don’t try to read into things, because you might misinterpret what the real situation is.

Without even realizing, he will reveal his true intentions and it will be without you forcing him.

During these times, the situation could go either way. Maybe he will realize how much he loves you.

However, he may be scared or even overwhelmed by those emotions and by finally accepting those feelings.

Another thing could be that he is actually thinking about leaving you because he has lost interest, and then it is just not meant to be.

You should not be clingy

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

You should never hold on to a relationship too tight. A relationship is like a gentle flower. Just nurture it and it will last.

Loosening your grip and focusing on yourself is the best medicine if a guy is losing interest.

Everyone has a life outside of their relationship. And now it is your time to remind him who you are outside of your relationship.

If you want to attract him again, then the recipe is simple. Be the girl from the beginning… the girl who he fell for in the first place. Be charismatic.

You may wonder why he was drawn to you.

Well, make him believe that you are the same person as before and force him to consider how his life would be without you.

You need to make him miss you. That’s the whole point. You need to be confident and intriguing to him. Eventually, he will come around, trust me.

You should take a break from your usual routine

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

The one mistake that I see most women make when a guy is losing interest is that they reach out to him and make plans with him.

The key is to not make plans with him, to instead shake up your routine and not wait for his call on Friday night.

Instead, you should wear your favorite outfit and go out with your friends.

Sometimes it is best to spend some time alone at home or maybe go to an amusement park by yourself.

Pick up a new hobby. You know how good of an artist you were before. Why did you stop? Start drawing again or join a gym.

Whatever it is that you feel like doing, do it. Divert your attention from thinking about him and focus on yourself.

You should remember your worth

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

You are probably thinking about how bad of a girlfriend you are since he is losing interest, am I right? WRONG!

Don’t ever think about yourself in such a manner. Don’t feel bad and don’t think that this is happening because of you.

You are a wonderful person, a great catch, and he should be lucky that he can call you his girlfriend.

If he doesn’t feel like the luckiest man in the world, then he is not worth it, and he is not the right man for you.

He should appreciate what you have to offer to him. But how can he do that if you don’t appreciate yourself?

Most people don’t like to brag about themselves, but now is the perfect time to do so.

If you have a best friend, ask them to write down a list of your positive qualities. Believe me, you will feel better afterward.

Is he losing interest? Then focus on yourself

DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

The thing most hurt in this kind of situation is often your self-esteem. Your next step should be to work on that and to focus on yourself.

You need to get to a place where you feel calm in stressful situations.

Take care of yourself and the things that you have neglected.

After you have done that, then you can focus on the things that caused him to lose interest in you.

Maybe he is just not the right one for you or maybe you have doubts.

When you imagine your perfect relationship, do you imagine him? Do you feel happy when you think about him?

The best way to focus on yourself is by being honest with yourself and maybe you will find out that you are better off without him.


DONE! Is He Losing Interest 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

The most common reason why a relationship ends is because of losing interest in our partner.

These signs that I mentioned will tell you if a guy is losing interest in you and how to deal with it.

If you find yourself in some of these signs, then something is definitely wrong with your relationship and your boyfriend is not as interested in you as he was before.

Focus on yourself and try not to be stressed, as it won’t lead you anywhere.

Maybe you can do something that will make it better or maybe it is time for you to move on alone.

Is He Losing Interest? 7 Signs That He Is And How To Respond

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