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Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences?

Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences?

Sometimes, we get along with another person so well, like two peas in a pod. Naturally, this won’t always be the case because everyone is different in their own way, but just how contrasting can we be? Have you ever wondered how INFJ and ENFP cope together?

This is probably more of a concern to INFJ people because introversion is one of their main personality traits. For an ENFP person, there’s no such trouble because they are the polar opposite.

Now, we know opposites attract each other, but does that only hold true in the science world? Are people who are nothing alike destined to be matched, or are they completely incompatible?

Love knows no boundaries, but some things are also easier said than done. If you recently came across some problems in your romantic relationship, you might wonder if it has something to do with the contrast between your personalities.

It’s completely normal for people to not get along, but you want to make it work. Are these dissimilarities something you can get over together, or is there a possibility that they will make you drift apart?

If this turns out to be the cause for conflict between the two of you, you’re not sure if you can put yourselves through it. There are tough times in every relationship, but are these differences reason enough to make you rethink your choice?

Are INFJs and ENFPs compatible at all?

Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences

You wonder whether INFJ and ENFP types of people can work it out? We’re more than glad to bring you the great news because it seems to be that these personality types are perfect for each other!

This doesn’t have to be the rule for every relationship, whether it be a romantic one or simply a business one. However, those people who are so different say that they are a match made in heaven.

What makes this kind of bond work out so well? You’d think that these dissimilarities would end disastrously and you’re not entirely wrong.

Some people just aren’t compatible and the reason for that doesn’t have to be this contrast between their personality types. Other times, it’s a completely different story. INFJs and ENFPs usually attract each other because one person has something that the other’s missing.

You’ve probably heard when couples say to each other You complete me. This is how INFJs and ENFPs feel when they meet, as the feeling is similar to finding a missing piece to the puzzle.

Moreover, the two of these personality types share some common characteristics that help their bond grow closer. Therefore, it’s safe to say that INFJ and ENFP people are compatible, maybe even more than that.

What does INFJ mean?

The INFJ personality type is often called the “Counselor” and is one of sixteen personality types created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers.

The abbreviation stands for the four key personality traits, which are introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging.

Introverted people have tendencies to concentrate on their own thoughts and feelings. They can also come off as shy because they’re not as outgoing as ENFPs.

This, however, doesn’t mean that they don’t care about other people and that they don’t like to socialize.

INFJ people are just as compassionate as ENFP, but they have a different point of view. Unlike ENFPs, they like to keep things to themselves and in a way, are more sensitive.

How do others view INFJs?

DONE Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences 2

People often perceive INFJs as mysterious because they like to keep their opinions and life private. However, they don’t mind engaging in a meaningful conversation and will appreciate it if you start one with them.

They’re not as eager to talk openly about their feelings as ENFPs are, which makes them great listeners. Sometimes they find it hard to share personal ideas, values, and opinions.

This is not the type of person to make the first move or strike up a conversation as soon as they meet you, so they often appear quiet and reserved.

If you happen to tickle the INFJ’s fancy, then you’ve got yourself a deep connection. When they deem a person safe, they will be more than happy to share some of their interests.

Their intuition helps them perceive things through feelings rather than plain facts. You might consider them factual because of their seemingly calm outside which isn’t true.

They assess the situation before pouring their heart out, but once you get to know them, you’ll be surprised by the abundance of emotions they hold.

What about ENFPs?

As for the ENFP, it’s another personality type made by Kathrine Briggs and Isabel Myers. The four letters represent each of the four fundamental features of this personality type, which are extraversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving.

Extraverted people have no problem engaging in deep, meaningful chats with strangers. They like to know everything about you, your interests and likings.

Unlike INFJ, ENFP people will be the first to break the ice and make small talk with someone. It’s amazing how they have a certain approach that can make you feel like you’ve known them for ages.

Their caring spirits make them wonderful friends that you can always confide in, and deep down, they’re people pleasers.

This personality type doesn’t appreciate alone time as much as INFJ does. On the contrary, they thrive when they’re surrounded by others and they feed off of their social group’s energy.

What does ENFP look like to others?

Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences

People often relate ENFP people to toddlers because of their bubbly and energetic persona. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re frivolous, but rather enthusiastic and enjoying life.

Strong, artistic skills are a part of their character which helps them express themselves. Don’t get me wrong, they have no trouble voicing their thoughts, opinions, and likings. It’s just that they are in constant search of ways to communicate and describe their feelings.

ENFPs are emotional and completely able to represent their emotions with strong communication skills.

Also, they’re fun and spontaneous and like to live their lives to the fullest. Although they are people-centered, they won’t be affected by others’ judgments and opinions too much.

They’re not lazy, but just don’t like following strict routines. This is because of their spontaneous and fun side where they let their emotions guide them instead of the rules. ENFPs enjoy and value freedom, and will do anything to preserve it.

What is the common ground for INFJs and ENFPs?

Even though these two are different in many ways, certain aspects bridge the two personality types.

The INFJ and ENFP relationship is often a success, whether it be romantic, business, or simply a friendship. They share some common characteristics that will help them set their priorities straight and avoid conflicts in the future.

Both INFJ and ENFP have their own points of view on life in general but will try and work to find common ground in most cases.

If you and your partner have these personality types, you may find some facts in this article that seem familiar. Let’s see if this applies to you too!

1. Both INFJ and ENFP are compassionate

DONE Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences 4

For instance, both of these types are humanitarian and they love lending a hand. Both ENFP and INFJ consider making the world a better place and are determined on helping others. The compassionate persona these two types share makes them connect in an instant.

They show sympathy and concern for other people and will be there for them through the tough times. The desire for learning about other people and their interests makes them understanding and empathetic.

If you’re experiencing hard times and going through some sort of a crisis, this means your partner will be there for you, and vice versa.

INFJ and ENFP are empathetic and will deal with whatever life throws at them as a team. The two personality types make a great pair because they will suffer together and support each other no matter what.

2. Communicative types

You’ll find both of these personality types enjoying deep, momentous conversations, so communication won’t be a problem for ENFP and INFJ.

They easily come to terms when making important decisions because of their strong communication skills. If you’re one of these personality types and your partner’s the other, then you’ll find that you’re both creative and passionate.

This passion will allow you to share your abstract and metaphorical thoughts with one another. Once you get to know each other, you’ll find out just how many connecting dots you have.

While INFJ isn’t as open as ENFP, they have no trouble keeping in touch with people they’ve created a connection with. So, if your INFJ partner is shy with other people, they most certainly won’t be when it comes to just the two of you.

Oftentimes, you’ll notice a perfect balance in your relationship because an ENFP person will encourage an INFJ to be more open; whereas an INFJ will teach ENFP about boundaries.

3. Intuition and feeling make the two of you

Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences

Both INFJ and ENFP share two key personality traits: intuition and feeling. These two characteristics help them deduce right from wrong.

These shared features come in handy in an INFJ and ENFP relationship, whether it’s a romantic or a business one. They can easily overcome difficult times that may or may not be related to their partner.

Their intuition helps them see when something isn’t right. It’s like a talent for discovering hidden emotions another person doesn’t want you to see. They know when someone is struggling and can see right through the facade the other person’s trying to keep up. This makes them wonderful partners, in romantic relationships.

With their caring and nurturing nature, INFJ and ENFP relationships are unlikely to be stuck in a gloomy and hard time. Both of these personality types know how to lift each other’s mood and sense when something’s off.

The eagerness to help and the support they have for each other are what make them a great combination and is guaranteed that both will be pleased in this sense.

4. INFJ and ENFP compromise a lot

If you sometimes disagree with your partner, I’m almost one hundred percent sure you’ll find a way out of it. INFJ and ENFP personality types are easy to make up because they don’t like conflicts.

ENFP will most likely be the one to try to talk things out before they get out of hand. Remember, they are good at expressing their emotions and sympathize a lot with others. Therefore, it’s uncommon that an ENFP will just explode and let things build up.

INFJs like to compromise as well but have a different tactic than ENFPs. They’re more likely to keep to themselves, and although they try to avoid conflicts, they won’t keep silent about something that’s bothering them. INFJs’ approach to disagreements is a bit more drastic because they tend to let things culminate before intervening. Their introverted side will try to let things slip until it becomes a burden to them.

Regardless, both INFJ and ENFP will make an effort to dodge the arguments. A trait like this is useful in both business and romantic relationships.

Where is the contrast between INFJ and ENFP?

Although INFJ and ENFP get along quite well, they can have problems coming to terms with certain things. Don’t fret! A relationship between these two personality types isn’t a failure in an instant.

These are just some of the characteristics of the two types that don’t add up. Just like everyone else, you don’t have to agree on everything. It’s why compromise exists and INFJ and ENFP are really good at it.

1. Socializing

DONE Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences 6

While the ENFP personality type is the life of the party and likes enjoying the company, INFP doesn’t relish the crowd. INFJ dreads being the center of attention and does better in smaller, more private social circles.

However, ENFPs definitely need to socialize much more than INFJs, and they crave deep connections with people. Socializing is an energy booster for them whereas it might not be so attractive to the INFJ type.

If you’re one of these personality types and your partner’s the other, you may find it hard to harmonize your social life. One of you will just want to stay inside and order some take-out but the other will yearn for some fresh air and outdoor activities.

ENFPs are more likely to attend family and friend gatherings where they feel comfortable in a big group of people. On the contrary, INFJs will try to dodge the responsibility while making all kinds of excuses.

This could be a challenge for your relationship because an INFJ person will think of ENFP as loud and perhaps annoying. Also, ENFP won’t be head over heels for INFJ’s quiet and reserved ways.

INFJs will probably be more interested in keeping the relationship low-key while ENFPs will want to show their partner to the world.

However, you shouldn’t let this become a deal-breaker for your relationship, but rather try and view it from another perspective. Think of it as a perfect balance where the INFJ calms the ENFP while the ENFP entices the INFJ.

2. Point of view

Life goals and ambitions may differ from one personality type to the other. This is alright because everyone has their own priorities and dreams.

INFJ and ENFP are both passionate about what they love and what they want to do. They may not cross paths in some aspects because of that.

The thing is that an ENFP sees the big picture, but likes to enjoy the things and people that come along the way. They’re easily distracted from their goals and although they don’t give up on them, they’re in no hurry to achieve them straight away.

Their easy-going lifestyle that doesn’t like following rules or routines will relish the small, significant moments life holds. ENFP’s adventurous and spontaneous spirit will make them take very few stops along the path to reaching their goal.

On the other hand, INFJs will disagree with this one. Their organizational skills don’t allow them to get side-tracked that easily. They’re highly focused on their task and there’s little to nothing that could distract them from pursuing their plan.

INFJs don’t really appreciate when someone or something interrupts them on their way to accomplishing things. They’re determined to finish their task and have the eagerness of an animal that’s hunting down its prey.

3. Reality vs. imagination

Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences

An INFJ and ENFP relationship will have its ups and downs just like any else. It’s only logical that you won’t always agree with each other.

Your perspectives can differ in many aspects. For instance, INFJs’ views on life are set realistically. They tend to keep themselves grounded, and will not give in to the temptations of losing themselves in their imagination. INFJs like rules and routines which explains their organizational skills.

Despite this being an enviable trait, it can also become a problem for their partner. While INFJs don’t see anything wrong with it, an ENFP person may perceive them as boring and even a prude. For INFJ, this is just the way they want things done.

However, ENFPs can’t relate to INFJs on this because they have a totally different view on life. They like adventures, exploring, and imagination which make up a great part of their lives. This can seem inane to an INFJ who just doesn’t see the point in making things up.

However, the world of fantasy is a coping mechanism for ENFPs and something they find joy in. So, if you’re an INFJ and your partner’s an ENFP, this might be one of the difficulties you’ll need to face.

4. Short vs. long attention span

For ENFPs, details and repetitive actions can be boring. They don’t like spending too much time doing the same tasks or indulging in some washed-out ideas and thoughts.

An ENFP won’t be overjoyed when they hear they need to follow a strict routine and abide by the rules to get things done. They usually like to think of new ideas and create innovative projects along the way. They go with the flow and do things with a breeze, not being pressured by anyone.

Therefore, they may find things dull and jump from one thing to another quickly. This will often leave them with an unfinished task which can make them look irresponsible. They have no problem with leaving things undone as long as they have another task that stimulates them. Once again, they’re like a child that quickly becomes bored with a toy and bounces to another one.

It’s a completely different story for an INFJ who wants to get their tasks done as soon as possible. They like the more traditional way of doing things even though they’re also creative and innovative.

By-the-way events aren’t enough to distract them from their work and goals, so they tend to be more focused than ENFPs. The length of the attention span is one of the differences between INFJ and ENFP people that may be more visible in business connections.

5. Judging vs. perceiving

DONE Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences 8

One of the differences between these two personality types is judging and perceiving. Judging is the core personality trait of INFJs whereas perceiving is one of the features of ENFPs.

INFJs have tendencies to be a bit skeptical around new things whereas ENFPs welcome new ideas with arms open.

INFJs are people with well-organized and arranged ideas who like to be wary of unsuspecting events. They’re less likely to find their way around in new environments and improvise under new circumstances.

However, for the ENFPs, this is no problem because they like foreign people and fresh tasks. This boosts their mood and energizes them.

Instead of being cautious in new surroundings like INFJs, ENFPs can’t wait to encounter new, arousing experiences. Rather than being careful, they will jump headfirst into any new situation.

They like to welcome unsuspecting things and they will do it with enthusiasm. It doesn’t scare them, but rather entices them and gives them a thrill they’re constantly longing for.

So, are INFJ and ENFP compatible?

Despite some of the differences between these two personality types, we can say that they are completely compatible!

They’re destined for a life together because they share so many characteristics, and views on life. If you’re an INFJ that has met an ENFP person, don’t be scared to let them in.

It may look unnatural to you at first, but once you get to know each other, you’ll realize how similar you are. Some of the aspects may be troublesome as you won’t be able to find common ground that easily, but don’t worry.

Both of these personality types love compromise and I’m sure you two will be able to work it out. The INFJ and ENFP combination is almost guaranteed to succeed in both business and romantic relationships.

We’ve seen some of the differences and similarities between these two types, but how does the bond actually work?

1. They balance each other

Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences

INFJ and ENFP may seem too different at a first glance. However, we’ve seen that despite their differences, they do make things work.

The thing about INFJ and ENFP relationships is that they’re a perfect match. This isn’t just because of some similarities but because of just how contrasting they are.

Sure, if you’re an INFJ dating an ENFP or vice versa, you’ll be more than glad to find out that you agree on a lot of things.

However, sometimes you need a bit of divergence to spice things up. It’s great when your partner brings you out of your shell at times and shows you how amazing things can be from their point of view.

Moreover, these differences can bring you peace, quite literally. When you yearn for some alone time, your extroverted partner will be glad to leave you to yourself and go out with some friends.

It’s a win-win situation when it comes to these dissimilarities. Furthermore, this may work the other way around too.

For instance, your partner will tend to bring out the fun person you are when they sense you shying away at family meetings or friend gatherings.

Also, you can notice your partner’s ENFP personality getting out of hand at these gatherings and you’ll gently divert their attention. These small, everyday things that happen between you two are proofs of your co-life.

2. They make a great team

It’s no secret that INFJ and ENFP have different ways of looking at their goals and achieving them. We’ve touched upon some of the tactics that these two personality types use.

However, this is what makes this relationship so cooperative. ENFPs are great at starting new projects, exploring new ideas, and developing a firm starting point.

On the other hand, INFJs work wonders in bringing the task to its end. They tend to pay more attention to the details than ENFPs and they will be the ones to add the final touches.

Therefore, INFJ and ENFP make a great team, especially in business relationships. Their working atmosphere is calm and collected as none of them are competitive, but rather interested in making improvements.

They’re both good at being leaders and have no trouble connecting to people in their working fields, hence the amazing vibrations at work.

Unrelated to business, romantic relationships will thrive between INFJ and ENFP because they’re better together than on their own.

3. They fulfill one another on an emotional level

DONE Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences 10

INFJ and ENFP are stimulating to one another, and that’s the reason why you find conversations with each other so intriguing. You have a feeling like you’ve known each other for ages because of how deeply you understand each other.

Both of you tend to connect on a deep, emotional level because you like to seek further down below the surface. You’re always searching for a deeper meaning to things and experience life through your emotions.

This is where INFJ and ENFP get along perfectly because these two personality types know that there’s more to life than what meets the eye.

Both types are drawn to sensitive people who perceive emotions on a higher level so they can relate to them. Moreover, the pair is idealistic, which can only help them enhance and develop their relationship further.

This important connection will help both of you improve in expressing yourselves. Although extraverts find no problem in doing that, it may be on introverts’ uneasy side.

All in all, the benefits of an INFJ and ENFP relationship include advancements in communication skills and a confidence boost for both personality types.

4. They are future-oriented

The relationship between INFJ and ENFP is deemed to be triumphant because they both tend to focus on the time ahead of them.

INFJs plan things and they like to do it in a strict manner because they enjoy safe environments, and want to know what to expect. They’re not the type to just go with the flow like ENFPs are and do things along the way.

ENFPs are also future-oriented but in a more casual, relaxed way. They look toward the future with an open mind and will accept the things that happen in the meantime.

This personality type enjoys the unknown leading to the future. We can’t say the same about INFJs – they would be glad to skip all of the “unnecessary” events and get straight to the point.

Despite their different ways of dealing with life in general, they’re both set on looking toward the future that’s coming. This is important for their relationships, whether it is business ones or romantic ones.

Even with all their dissimilarities, INFJs and ENFPs are bound to produce a bond that’s like a match made in heaven, and focus on their future together!

In conclusion

Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences

INFJ and ENFP are compatible personality types that share some common characteristics. They’re both emotional and seek a deep connection with people.

ENFPs are extroverts who will soak in all of the attention, while INFJs are more likely to be good listeners. This contrast between the two can surprisingly bring great balance to the couple.

Both of them are intuitive which means they are led by their emotions rather than plain facts. Commonly, they will look at things in a subjective way which can be the cause for some disagreements.

However, they’re both highly keen on compromising so misunderstandings are bound to be solved in no time. INFJs and ENFPs avoid conflicts altogether and due to the harmony they share, it’s unlikely that there will be a lot of them.

Do INFJ And ENFP Get Along And What Are Their Differences?

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