She opened her heart to you. She accepted you in her life as the most welcomed guest. Her soul, body, mind were all yours but you threw that away. She is broken. Broken because you tore her heart apart.

She only wanted to feel your love and respect. That’s all she ever expected from you. Was that too much to ask? No, i don’t think so.

You always had her respect and admiration. She totally forgot herself,  her wishes and problems so she could dedicate herself to your needs. You were everything to her, her pride, her missing half, her guiding light. You were everything.

What did you do? Was it easier for you to crush her pride and heart rather than accept her love, kindness and generosity? Whatever, don’t worry – you successfully broke hear hopes and confidence into million pieces. How can you live with that? Doesn’t it bother you?

What did she ever do to deserve you cruel treatment.  How could you never realize she was so easy to love, admire or maybe you just didn’t want to see that.

I know, people will say she should have been stronger. That she should have shown some dignity and stood up for herself. That it was her fault that she let her “Missing Half” abuse her emotionally. If only she had shown more strength, bravery and had more self-confidence, she wouldn’t have been hurt. But, it’s never that easy. Is it?

She always knew that things weren’t right. She knew that this relationship was not what she expected. Her inner voice was always shouting at her: “Run, run as fast as you can and never look back”. However, of course she couldn’t. She couldn’t go away from him. She let him control her mind. His manipulations were strong. He had her under control and could do whatever he desired.

You broke her, she changed. You wouldn’t recognize her. She is a completely different person now. After you broke her:

Her heart is always guarded up.

You were the reason her heart is broken, you remember, don’t you? It was you who taught her that love can put deep scars in your heart and body. Scars that can never be completely healed therefore her heart is shielded within herself now. No-one will come near her heart again. Her guard is up. She is afraid it may happen again.

Trusting people? Yeah, it’s hard for her.

She believed you were the one. The loving, kind, unselfish person she always dreamed of. But, it turned out that you were fake. You were the evil in disguise. You were happiness sucking vampire. It is very hard for her to accept new people in her life because she will doubt everything people say to her.

She knows how to fake her feelings.

You destroyed the honest person in her. She was an open person. She would show her emotions whether she was happy or sad. But, you destroyed it when you came into her life. You made her suffer and devastated her hopes and spirit. You showed her what real suffering was like. She started to hide from her thoughts and feeling. She didn’t want people to know what she was going through.

Now, she can smile even though she’s suffering. Now, her body hurts but she keeps laughing. She’s drowning but she keeps saying she’s fine. Now, she lives in darkness but her face shines.

This is who she is after you broke her. Does this seem fair?

By Memions