When I look back and remember all the things we did to each other, I can surely tell that now it is better. What can I do now? If you are happy, so am I. So, I’m letting you go. Because it’s better. It will be better. I wish you all the best. If she is better than me, choose her, be with her, forever.

For me, there won’t be anyone who is better than you. No one can replace you. Ever.

No one loved you like I did. But, if ever anyone comes that will love you more, I will congratulate them with my whole heart. Because it is hard to love a person like you.

I’m not angry at you. No matter how much you hurt me, I can’t hate you. I don’t have a strength to hurt you like you hurt me.

It is hard. I’m looking at you two and how happy you are. You’re becoming a much better person with her. And I am the one you don’t even remember.

What hurts me the most is your leaving without a word. Without a reason.

I love you. Maybe someday, you will realize that you lost someone who loves you the most.