When we fall in love, everything is so beautiful. If you get into a relationship, it becomes even better. Everything flourishes. At first, you tolerate so many things because you don’t even know your partner that well. However, after a while those negative traits can come to light. If you are too nice and kind, your partner could easily use you in a bad way.
As this can turn into something serious, you need to be careful. These are five behaviors in your relationship that you should never tolerate, regardless of the love that you have:

  1. If your partner depreciates you.

If a person chooses to get into a relationship, then there are some rules to follow. Commitment is a serious thing, just as affection. There is no chance that you should tolerate someone who treats you disrespectfully. You chose your partner and if he is offensive or aggressive, ask yourself if that is something valuable.

Great love is nothing as underestimating a partner. You should be supportive and you should inspire each other instead of making each other less worthy. So think about this, and if you find that your partner behaves disrespectfully, then run away.

  1. If your partner lies.

As you are probably aware, honesty is the main thing in a healthy relationship. Building love which you tend to make last long is like building a house of cards. You need to put so much effort in it and if someone makes a mistake (such as a simple lie), it crashes. The first time you notice that your partner lied to you, the trust will slowly reduce. Communication is a priority, so is honesty, and you need to make that clear at the beginning of your relationship. A tiny lie can ruin everything.

  1. If your partner cheats on you.

This is a very serious problem if you need to handle it. Not everyone solves this the same way, but it is definitely not easy. There are those who could get over it, but also there are those who can’t maintain a relationship after cheating. If your partner acts like everything is normal after he cheated on you, there is a high probability that he may do it again. So, it is up to you to decide whether you are leaving your partner or forgiving for the sake of your long lasting relationship.

There are many problems during this work through after the cheating. However, it is up to you whether you are ready to forgive and move forward or whether you are so hurt that you can never imagine being with your partner.

  1. If your partner is putting pressure on you.

No matter if this is about things that you don’t feel comfortable doing, places you don’t like to visit, or people you don’t like to spend time with, your partner should respect that. There is no point in being in a relationship where the both of you are supposed to be equal, when one of you doesn’t respect that. Relationship is about listening to each other’s wishes and respecting those.

The same thing we can apply to intimacy. You should never agree on doing things you are not comfortable with.

  1. If your partner can’t control jealousy.

It’s fine and even lovely if your partner worries or if you two have some inner jokes. But on the other hand, if there is a problem every time you want to go out or every time you use your phone, well, that is neither fine nor cute. We can tolerate many things when a partner is jealous, but there is a certain line that we need to pull.

If your partner shows jealousy, try to take him with you so that he can make sure that everything is normal. But if you practically can’t live without making him jealous, than it is time to ask yourself whether you should tolerate that.

If both of you see your relationship as something valuable and worth fighting for, then you will be able to maintain your connection. Relationship with the right partner is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you.