To my dearest;

The point of me writing this letter to you is that I really want you to know what a great and amazing person you are. I could never be happier than I am now with you. The point of writing this letter to you is to tell you that regardless of those little fights and the arguing, I always end up in your hug, and that’s what makes us special compared to other couples. You can light up my day, even if it is the darkest one. You are making an effort and that is what I value the most. We are that good I could never want anything more.

You are a person that everyone would want to have, but not everyone deserves you. You are completely mature, you are smart, honest, good looking—well, just a real catch. I can’t say that you are perfect, but no one was ever closer to perfection. Most of the time you behave modest and shy, but there is no need for that. You should definitely be who you are and that is the most amazing person I have ever met. Just because you are nice and polite, many people tend to hurt you either on purpose or accidentally. Whenever I see that you feel low, I wish to hug you so strongly to make all your pain disappear. You and I make a real team and no problem can shake us or our connection. We can make it all easy.

You are the last person in the world who deserves to suffer. No one should ever hurt you, and they do it when they leave. You are afraid to make new starts because of that. You are so afraid to catch the fancy of someone, and you don’t know how to gain the trust when you meet someone new. The thing is that I know how you feel and that is the reason why you feel comfortable telling me all these problems. I sympathize with you because I have been through all of that. I can understand you because I also tried to love someone. It turned out to be in vain. And it happened not only once.

However, I know that this person you have right now is someone who is trying hard to make you happy and to show you love in its real shape. Even though it is nice that someone is making an effort, you feel like something is wrong. Your gut tells you, but you can’t find what the real problem is. Even I am helpless. But there has to be an explanation. We can speculate, but isn’t it destiny at the end? Does God determine who are we going to be with regardless of what we want for ourselves?

Only thing I am trying to tell you is that you should never give up on real love. The right person for you has to exist. This one will be there and will give everything. This one will make an effort; will give anything to bring happiness in your life. When you find each other, this person will want to know everything about you, will try to find a way to your heart, and will definitely love you for who you are. This person will never let anyone hurt you. Did you get the point of my words? Is that person already in your life? Do you have everything and are you really happy?

This person is right here; ready to cross the world with you, for you. This one is ready to fight against everything that might cause you pain. You have a great friend in this person. This one will support you, hold your hand and be by your side in any decision you make.

You can stay with this person waiting for those signs that he is the one, and your friend will be there for you. After all, you made this decision and you were very clear about it and your friend respected you and what you decided. As long as you are happy, your decisions are going to be acceptable.

Your friend is going to be happy just for seeing you smile.

The point of me writing this letter to you is to assure you that you deserve love. Don’t fear to love and wait for the true love. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Always have on mind that we need to wait for a while to get what we deserve. And everyone deserves to be loved and happy.

Yet, if you need a break at any time in your life, you will have a person to take a break with. That person will always be there for you.