There is no such thing as a perfect partner. Of course, you can find great guys out there, who would never hurt you intentionally. But you make mistakes, don’t you? Then why wouldn’t the best among them make a mistake or two here and there? That is why you should always remember these things, next time your partner makes a mistake, BEFORE you unleash hell on him.

He’s doing the best he can.

He seems perfect to you. Maybe he is near perfect right now. But he was in other relationships before you and they failed. He was probably to blame for some of them.

The point is, he wasn’t always as perfect as you deem him now. He’s human and he makes mistakes like all of us do. He might improve in the future, because there is always room for that, but that still won’t make him infallible. So cut him some slack.

Good things are in greater numbers than the bad.

When you have nothing but good memories with him, why would you let a little mistake change that? If he was so good and he still is good, but that mistake of his keeps bothering you, keep in mind that things happen by an accident. He is still the same guy. And it shouldn’t be held against him, unless he willingly repeats it.

You made mistakes, too.

You know very well there were instances where you hurt him very badly and made an ugly mistake. You also know you didn’t mean it and you would never let it repeat itself. That didn’t make you a lesser person or a bad girlfriend. It is normal.

People make mistakes trying to do good.

Sometimes you mess things up really bad when you were actually just trying to help. But instead, you made it worse. Or you might do something that looks awful out of context. Wouldn’t you want the benefit of the doubt in cases like those?

Next time make sure you ask what really happened first. Don’t raise hell until you’re sure of all the facts. He might have an explanation that will shed the light on all of it.

You might be at fault.

Maybe this one is on you. If you have been treating him poorly, don’t be surprised when he treats you the same. Not that it’s an excuse. Things can always be solved differently. But you need to be accountable for your actions.

Just because you fight, doesn’t mean you should break up.

Fights are a part of everyone’s life. They are bound to happen. It’s okay to yell at each other sometimes, but wanting to break up, and threatening with the possibility of it, is not wise. If he is the one, you don’t want him gone from your life for something that wasn’t a big deal at all.

Simple apology can have a huge impact.

A trait of a perfect partner is not being infallible. It’s the will to own up to the mistake, apologize and do the best he can to make up for it. And if he is the way you perceived him, that’s what you should expect from him.

There’s no such thing as a perfect partner, though.

It’s just the new, blinding love, preventing you from seeing the flaws that were there from the beginning. The flaws you will not notice until you have been together for a while. But just because they’re flaws, it doesn’t make them dealbreakers.

He might be dealing with something.

When you think he’s ignoring you or he’s doing something on purpose, it’s probably not the case. He just might be having some issues on the side that he doesn’t want to worry you with, or he’s trying to figure out how to share them with you. Everything is not always about you and your relationship.

If he messed up once, it’s less likely he will do it again.

If he really is a good guy who cares about you, then the mistakes he makes will be lessons for him. His intention wasn’t to hurt you, so when he sees how it affected you, he will do his best to never repeat it again. He would never make you feel that way on purpose, and that is why he will make sure he never does.