Everyone wants to be loved and treasured, especially by their partner. It’s important that you put steps in motion to ensure your woman is happy and treated well.If you don’t know how to make a woman feel loved, you can’t expect to receive love back. Women only offer their hearts fully to those who deserve it, so how can you ensure you’re worthy of her affections?

Let her know that she’s special and why

Every person has a little quirk that makes them the person they are. That’s what makes everyone unique and special. Let her know that you appreciate that she’s one of a kind, and compliment the things you love most about her. She may even be insecure about that one thing you love, so reminding her way it makes her wonderful is a way to help her build confidence.

Love her, flaws and all

Nobody is perfect, so it’s important to cut everyone some slack, especially the woman you’re dating. Look past what irritates you (and there will be some things that do!) and see her in the best light you can. If you want to know how to make a woman feel loved, show her that you don’t mind that she has imperfections. That’s when they understand your heartfelt emotions.

Don’t try and change who she is

If there is something about her you don’t like or that you disapprove of, don’t attempt to change it. If it bothers you enough, you’d be better off apart, because if you don’t appreciate her as she is, you probably don’t care as much as you think you do. Accept her fully or leave before someone gets hurt.

Open your heart to love and affection

Even if you’re not usually someone who expresses themselves a lot, make the effort to open up to your woman. Presenting your feelings to her will show her that you’re making an effort specially for her. It’s also important that you accept the love she gives in return. Any rejection of her affections will make her feel like she’s done something wrong, or that you don’t care.

Give as much as you take, and then some

If you’re not giving anything back to your woman, she’s going to start to feel neglected and unloved. The key to how to make a woman feel loved is passion, acceptance and mutual effort. Go above and beyond to show her that you care, or risk losing her to someone who puts in more than they get out.

Listen closely to what she has to say

Women don’t like to be ignored. It’s as simple as that. They deserve to command your undivided attention when in a conversation with you, and when you withdraw, she’s likely to take it personally. Don’t allow yourself to give in to distraction, and if she’s discussing your relationship, ensure to take it as seriously as she does. If she wants to talk something over, you know it matters to her, and you should make it your priority too.

Once you know how to make a woman feel loved, you’ll be loved back

In any strong relationship, it has to work on both ends. Once you start to give a woman everything she needs and desires, you’ll notice an increase in her affections towards you too. It’s not about sitting back and waiting for them to do the hard work – it’s about learning to fight for their affections, because they deserve to be fought for. Now you know how to make a woman feel loved, nothing can stop you.