Your heart is precious, so are your emotions.

We are all looking for someone to appreciate us, care for us, and love us. But why is it so important to find someone who will care about how we feel? Well, because if the other doesn’t care for our feelings, it can destroy us. The point of being in a relationship is to have someone who will protect us from ourselves and vice versa.

Imagine being with someone who doesn’t even notice when you’re sad, mad, or even tired, someone who simply doesn’t care. What’s the point if the person you’re sharing your bed with doesn’t even try to comfort you when you’re at your lowest?

We all need someone we can rely on, and we usually rely on our partners. We are social beings and we can’t always face the world alone. This is why we desperately try to find someone with whom we can face the outside world.

Since we are the ones who can choose the person we want to spend our time with, we better choose well. Because facing the world can be very scary. It is even more scary when nobody actually cares about the way you feel. This is why you should be dating someone who cares. Someone who will cheer you up when you are sad and show you that you are not alone.

So, date the one guy who allows you to be yourself. Don’t date someone with whom you have to pretend to be something you’re not. Find the guy who won’t run away from you the second you become emotional or vulnerable and instead of taking off will embrace your emotions and try to understand them so that he can help you deal with them.

Be with someone who cares and who respects your time. Someone who keeps their promises. Date a person who doesn’t spend his time on the phone when he is with you. Someone who cares for your emotions because your emotions matter. Because YOU matter.

Date someone with whom you can be honest and someone you can talk to without feeling uncomfortable. Someone who doesn’t say “me” but “us” instead. Someone who pushes you to move forward and gives you motivation.

I know it is hard to find and it seems impossible, but why should you settle for someone who doesn’t even bother to ask you about how your day went? It shouldn’t be that way. You should have someone who is sad when he sees you sad and tries to make you smile. That special someone who will put effort to make you the happiest girl in the world.

Because you deserve it. Everybody deserves their special someone. You surely don’t deserve a selfish person. Nobody does.

You deserve someone who cares about your feelings and who wants to hear about how your day went. Someone who wants to know every little detail about you. Because the outside world can be cruel, heartless, and scary, and it is easier to face it when someone holds our hand and when you know you can count on them to help you go through life.

We are enough alone in this world without our partner making us feel even more lonely. Having someone to share your emotions with is important and having someone who will try to understand those emotions is even more important.

Because at the end of the day, you will come home from work to your lover, and if he doesn’t care about how your day went, who will? If he doesn’t cheer you up after a bad day, who will? Nobody. So, don’t waste your time with a selfish person. Find someone who cares and who will pay attention to you instead of watching the game on TV.

Love is extraordinary, it can help us overcome the most difficult situations in life. But it is only possible when you are with the right person. Otherwise, it can only bring you down. So don’t settle for a selfish guy who only cares about his well-being, instead find the one who will fight for you and do everything he can to make you happy and fulfill your wishes.

Date the one who actually cares about your emotions.