The hardest working individuals are nurses. We call them heroes, angels, but they deserve more than a week to be celebrated. I want to give a shout-out to all those incredible women. There are even more than 10 reasons why nurses are the strongest women.

Nurses do many jobs in one and I think how not everyone can take such a wide range of responsibilities. They are working hard, and actually, they are not just nurses, they are medical experts, patient advocated, caregivers, and innovators.

Nurses know how to be tough and loving at the same time. They are smart and naughty. However, almost everyone loves to be in the company of nurses. Nurses naturally give compassionate care to the people.

For me, nurses are the strongest women and here are 10 reasons why:

Nurses have boundless energy.

Almost every nurse works 10-12 hours shifts and they have minimal breaks in between. However, after all those working hours, they conduct themselves in a professional and caring manner. They are helping patients heal faster all the time and they don’t get tired of their patients, ever.

Nurses get to know each patient.

The first person we see when we go to the doctor’s office often is a nurse. Also, they are the ones we spent the most time with. We connect with nurses on a personal level. They’re naturally compassionate, caring, and always helping us. Even when they could take a break, they choose to spend it with a patient instead because they care that much.

Nurses are always by our side.

Nurses deal with people at the most difficult times and give comfort and support to others at their worst. They listen to the complaints and demands of the sick and understand that fear. Therefore, they know how scared people can be and don’t judge. Nurses are the best support.

Nurses save lives.

Without nurses, hospitals wouldn’t function. They provide the initial analysis of a patient’s condition, and doctors always rely on nurses for the information. By their knowledge, they provide the basis of diagnoses and subsequent treatments.

Nurses are patient.

They are listening to a lot of complaints when they take care of people who are in pain. And they listen respectfully and are able to understand what they are going through. Nurses offer people the support they need. Hence, nurses are great listeners.

Nurses are super smart.

It’s not so simple to become a nurse. Nurses are required to have a college degree and many continue expanding the knowledge base in their field by attending seminars and courses. Almost all of them continue on to specialties. It’s not really easy to become a nurse and not everyone is born to become one.

Nurses are pros at handling emergency situations.

They can jump into action and get things shifted and perfected in order to avoid any disaster. They are trained to handle emergencies and they are really good at it. When it comes to pressure, they are cool as cucumbers.

Nurses are team players.

They are experts at working as part of a team. Nurses always band together when emergency situations arise to help those in need. They are always ensuring that patients receive the best possible care.

Nurses are super flexible.

They are working so hard and many of them are also juggling spouses, children, or pets. However, they always find time for their friends, and  all of them have a hobby or two. How is that even possible to do?

Nurses are the most caring people.

I think you’ll never meet anyone who cares like a nurse. They don’t mind administering enemas, diapering elderly patients, or de-lousing homeless patients. They stick it out because they are there for a bigger reason. All they want is for everyone to be healthy and happy.