Being involved with a guy who has recently gotten out of a long-term relationship can sometimes be tricky and risky. Everything can seem perfect at first, but after some time, you start to wonder if he is totally over his ex-girlfriend. He may claim that he doesn’t have any feelings for her, but he keeps giving you signs that he is not sincere and your intuition tells you that something is wrong. It’s hard to admit that someone we like loves someone else, but you deserve a guy who is 100% into you and focused only on you and not on his ex-girlfriend. Remember, you shouldn’t serve as anyone’s rebound. If you are in doubt and question whether he has moved on, here are 5 signs he’s still not over his ex.

He mentions her.

Her name comes up more than it should. Whenever he tells you a story or talks about someone or something, she has to be mentioned. Of course, you realize that she was a huge part of his life for a long time, and her name has to be brought up sometimes, but he is definitely exaggerating. And the worst part is that he is not doing it on purpose. He is unaware of the fact that he is constantly talking about her and mentioning her. This is a sign that she is always on his mind and that he has the subconscious need to talk about her.

He talks bad about her.

If your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend cheated on him or hurt him in any other way, it’s perfectly reasonable that he doesn’t think too nicely of her. But, if you see he is still angry and frustrated at her and talks trash about her, he definitely hasn’t moved on and still has feelings for her. When you don’t have feelings for someone, you are indifferent and that person cannot affect you. But, your boyfriend is bitter about his ex and when he talks about her, he always sounds resentful. Can it be more obvious that he isn’t over her?

They are best friends.

It’s suspicious if your boyfriend considers his ex-girlfriend his worst enemy, but it’s not good if they are best friends either. The two of them were together for a long time and it’s perfectly reasonable if they have stayed on good terms. But, if she is the person who comes to his mind whenever something exciting happens, if she is the first one he calls to share bad and good news, you have a problem in your relationship and you should be concerned. It’s rarely possible to stay this close to a person who meant this much to you, and it’s more than probable that he still has feelings for his ex.

He is still close to her friends and family.

If a couple was together for a longer period of time, their lives became intertwined. You can’t expect your boyfriend to ditch all of the common friends he had with his ex, but you should worry if he never introduced you to them. It’s always nice to stay polite after a break-up, but if he talks to her friends and family on a regular basis, you should be worried. He is probably doing this because he is not ready to accept the fact they are not together anymore and he feels closer to her if he stays in touch with them.

He keeps her stuff, texts, and photos.

You two are in a relationship now, but you have a constant feeling that you are competing with the ghost of his ex-girlfriend. Her stuff is all over his apartment, as if she is still living there. He hasn’t deleted any of her texts or photos and it seems he isn’t planning to. You must understand that these are his memories too and can’t expect him to delete a big part of his life, but if his living space starts to look like a sanctuary dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, you should definitely reconsider your relationship and your boyfriend’s emotions towards his ex. He probably isn’t over her and you are just his rebound, whether you like to hear it or not.