Dating can be exhausting sometimes, but it is a valuable learning experience. Dating gives you the chance to meet different kinds of guys. While dating, you also get to know yourself better and realize what you want from your potential boyfriend. But, before you decide what it is that you want, you should decide what it is that you don’t want. Dating gives you the opportunity to learn what types of guys you should always avoid and to recognize these guys right away. Every woman has some deal breakers and qualities she looks for in a guy, but following five types of men every woman should avoid. 

The Peter Pan

This is a type of guy who simply refuses to grow up. No matter how old he is, he remains a lost boy and a man-child stuck in Neverland. Although these guys are incredibly charming and fun to be around and, therefore, attractive for most girls in the beginning, they are too immature for a serious, committed relationship. Everything is fun and games for this guy. He probably has big plans for the future, but is too lazy and irresponsible to make them happen. At the same time, he doesn’t know what it means to be financially responsible. He is probably afraid of commitment—don’t hope of having a long-term relationship with this guy. When you are with this type of guy, you can’t rely on him for anything, and he expects everything to be done for him.

The “too good to be true” guy

If a guy seems too good to be true, he probably is. When you first meet this guy, you think you want to spend the rest of your life with him. But, sometimes this nice guy actually turns out to be the biggest douchebag out of them all. In the beginning, this guy will try to assure you that he is different than every other guy and that he is everything you have waited for. But, this is not his true self—he is only behaving in the way he thinks will be appealing. As time goes by, he starts showing his true face and becomes a different person. The real problem with this guy is that he doesn’t have a real personality, and you never know who he really is because he always pretends to be someone else in order to please other people’s expectations.

The Narcissist

Here is another type of guy that is charming and hard to resist in the beginning. But, this is one of the worst types of guys you could date or, even worse, be in a relationship with. This guy will always love himself more and will put his needs before yours. He won’t care about your emotions. These guys are self-centred, manipulative, and selfish. Actually, deep down, narcissists crave attention and approval. The worst thing about narcissistic guys is that they will lower your self-esteem, emotionally abuse you, and pretend they are the victims while doing so.

The Controller

This guy is insecure and also has a self-esteem problem. He was probably cheated on in the past, so he tries to do everything he can to prevent you from doing the same. He shows some signs of jealousy from the start, but you misinterpret it. You are even flattered that this guy is interested in you so much. But, as time goes by, you see that he tries to control every aspect of your life. He becomes possessive, controlling, and too clingy. This type of guy tends to become aggressive and abusive once he realizes he can’t control something or once you try to leave him.

The Trouble-Maker

Whether he is prone to excessive alcohol, gambling, or often gets into fights, there are guys who are born trouble-makers and enjoy conflicts. Many girls fall for these “bad guys” with vices, because they think they will be the ones who will help them and change them. You feel special that this tough guy chose to love you. You think you are the only one who sees the true him, and you see that there is a vulnerable soul hiding behind a problematic man that everyone seems to see. These guys are exciting to be around, but if you are looking for a serious relationship, stay away from them!