After a girl becomes a young woman, there has to be a first time to visit a gynecologist. Your first visit should be after your first period. There doesn’t have to be anything wrong, which means you don’t have to have a reason to visit gynecologist. Even if you have many female friends to talk about your problems, there has to be some space to talk with a competent woman or a man. Maybe a lot of your friends already have good relationships, which means sincerity and regular appointments with gynecologist.

There is no doubt that it is difficult at first. You can’t be so open if you are not used to talking about intimacy. Your gynecologist, however, should make you feel cozy about the comfortless things.

You should know these things, and they will surely be helpful to make you comfortable before your first gynecologist appointment. 

Stop trying to find a reason for your first visit.

When a girl is around 13-15 years old, she should start seeing a gynecologist, so they start to build a connection, and to discuss about infectious diseases, what are they, how to prevent them, and other things which include all advice connected to a health care.

If you were not one of these girls, you should make an appointment. If you want to feel comfortable and open with your gynecologist, you should freely ask her or him questions you want.

Being nervous is regular, but not required.

Everything is going to be fine. But still, it’s possible that when you decided to schedule your first visit with your gynecologist, you started to scare yourself and somehow you reschedule your appointment. Talking about personal health is not easy, yet you should not let this sense of fear beat you.

During the examination there will be a female supervisor if you need.

Wax and shave doesn’t have to be done before visit.

This is subjective option, vaginal grooming. Before having an appointment, it is important to be clean, and that includes taking a shower, or simply doing normal vaginal hygiene.

You can make a decision to bring someone with you.

Your friend, someone from your family, or even a partner can come with you. That is your decision. It is helpful to have someone outside or with you inside during the examination. Your gynecologist should allow you to bring your person inside, at least for the first time. All of this is important to make you feel comfortable.

Expect honesty.

Considering that you need to be open when a gynecologist asks you about your health, habits, history and worries, you will have to prepare yourself for honesty. It is all about communication and confidence. The appointment has to be private, so you need to be sure that the topics you argue about will be kept safe.

Don’t go during your period.

It is just bad idea. Blood can make results of Pap smear incorrect. It is best if you reschedule your appointment.

Drink water, because you will need to pee in a cup.

Your gynecologist is going to take your urine to make a “dipstick” test of it. This test shows if you have something that is going wrong inside of your body. Perhaps you have bacteria, which mean you have bladder infection. Also if your gynecologist finds sugar, it might mean that you have diabetes.

Gynecologists don’t require blood sample.

At a regular appointment, your gynecologist gives you a routine exam. Only if there is doubt of an infection, or if your periods are not regular, there is no need to have your blood sample.

They don’t do pelvic exam if you are younger than 21.

Just in case there is a specific problem, your gynecologist would do the pelvic exam and Pap testing. These tests are only for those women above 21, and they become routine at that age.

You can get a hormonal contraception without vaginal examination.

You can consider having only a pelvic exam, and you will get all of the important details. A question when to start using contraceptive pills depends on how often you have your periods, which means are they regular.

Also, if your pregnancy test is negative, you can start using contraception right away.