Don’t listen to them. There is no such a thing as “hard to love.” You simply don’t settle for less than what you deserve. Next time you hear anyone say this, dismiss them with a smile and one simple: “Maybe you just don’t know how to handle me.”

You are an active volcano; and that’s what the universe loves about you. You travel, you are in love with long dirty roads, you sing on top of your lungs, you laugh so loudly it breaks the walls around people’s hearts. You are smart, witty and full of go-to advices for your friends. You’ve been complimented so many times yet your relationships end before they even start properly.

They leave you because you’re too demanding, too stubborn, too outspoken. So, you try to shrink down to a smaller size. You make sure to smile politely, to laugh at jokes that are not funny at all, to leave your bitch-face aside. You try so hard to be satisfied with all the little things they do yet you go to sleep wanting more. What if the problem is not you?

I am here to tell you your confidence intimidates them. Your independence scares them. Your night outs make their mind wander. Your outgoing nature spreads an aura of light, so they feel like they’re in a shadow when you walk next to them. You are simply in search of a wild soul who can run free and keep up with your pace, so all those “you’re so hard to love, slow down girl” people are just not much of runners.

Don’t settle. I know it’s tiring and at times it feels like you’re doing everything wrong. It feels like you’re a constant disappointment to all those cute guys who approached you.

The truth is, you just haven’t met someone who can live up to your awesomeness. Someone who doesn’t get intimidated by how much of a woman you are. Once you meet this person, you’ll know.

They will find your sarcastic comebacks charming, they will laugh with you as loudly as you always wanted. They won’t expect you to giggle at their worn-out jokes, in fact, they won’t tell stupid jokes. They will not approach you with an attitude of a warrior conquering new territories.

No, they will be curious and want to learn about what makes you so strong. They will admire you. They will inspire you. They won’t be a reason to stay up late thinking what they offer is just not enough.

Most importantly, these people are just like you. They won’t try to keep you desperately. They will be around doing their own thing. You will add to their life, not replace everything they had before. You will have your space, your time, your piece of serenity.

If they didn’t show up yet, please be patient. Always be yourself. Don’t shrink in size. Try to love and trust those who seem worthy of your love.

As soon as they start backing up because you’re too hard to love, wish them good luck in their quest for easy things. Love is never easy. Trust is built, not born out of a few months spent together.

If they don’t deserve you- leave. While you’re doing so, don’t slow down. Run as before, laugh as if it didn’t happen. And please, they will try to make you fit into their tiny worlds- but don’t you ever doubt let go of your greatness.


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