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In 2021, I’m Going To Learn To Appreciate Myself More

With this year coming to an end, I realized that I have to learn to appreciate myself more.

So, next year will be the one when I finally change some things so I can feel the happiness within myself.

I will leave behind all the empty promises I made, all the fake friends, and my ugly past that haunted me for a very long time.

There are certainly many things to appreciate in our lives but this year has helped me understand that many things have to change so I can appreciate myself more.

I need to forget about the moments that brought tears to my eyes and all the times I felt bad about myself.

In 2021, I promise I won’t let toxic people into my life. I’ll get rid of them and they won’t steal a minute more of my time.

DONE! In 2021, I'm Going To Learn To Appreciate Myself More

I’ll only welcome those people who truly care about me and who bring me happiness.

There were times when I found it challenging to appreciate myself.

So many times I failed not just to love myself but to show how grateful I am for each and every day I get to live.

However, that won’t be the case anymore.

In 2021, I’ll surround myself with good people.

I know I have to create a positive environment around me so I can learn to appreciate myself more.

I know I’m worthy of being loved by others. It’s only fair to receive back what you put out there, isn’t it?

I have to get rid of the toxicity in my life if I ever want to learn how to appreciate myself more.

Those times when I felt bad about myself because I thought I did something wrong must be gone and stay in the year 2020.

I’ll learn to accept and appreciate all the genuine compliments.

DONE! In 2021, I'm Going To Learn To Appreciate Myself More

In 2021, I’ll give my all to create good relationships with the right people, as they will help me appreciate myself more.

I won’t just sit around and wait for those grand displays of affection, but I’ll also focus on those genuine compliments that come from people who I know care about me.

I’ll leave behind those people who are fake and who wear masks to cover their true faces. I won’t give them another chance to hurt me anymore.

Why? Because I’m sick and tired of giving fake people another chance, even though they gambled the first one.

In 2021, I’ll allow myself to love again, but this time my heart will be completely healed.

I will remember the things I learned from the people who hurt me and I won’t let them happen ever again.

I’ll memorize their patterns and traits so I won’t be caught in the same trap of thinking it’s genuine love when it’s not.

In 2021, I’ll reject the idea that I have to be perfect.

DONE! In 2021, I'm Going To Learn To Appreciate Myself More

I don’t need to have the perfect body or make-up! I’ll learn to embrace my imperfections because they make me unique and beautiful in my own way.

It doesn’t matter what other people think about me and it doesn’t matter what those social media comments say.

They just affected my mental health and my self-esteem.

But no more!

I’m never going to be perfect because I’ll have always to work on something and that’s fine with me.

I’ll try to improve myself every day and as a result of that, I’ll learn to appreciate myself more.

In 2021, I’ll do the things that I enjoy doing.

DONE! In 2021, I'm Going To Learn To Appreciate Myself More

I won’t just do things because someone else told me I have to.

There are things that I’ve done that have drained me of my energy; for example, I don’t like to hike, so why did I do that?

No more!

I’m finally doing things that make me feel good about myself. Feeling good is all the permission I need to do what I love.

I know I’ll become happier once I do those things.

I’m also finally going to write poetry, and I’m going to volunteer at the homeless shelter in my neighborhood.

I won’t let other people judge me for doing the things I enjoy doing. I know I’ll feel better afterward and I’ll learn to appreciate myself more.

In 2021, I’ll finally choose happiness over everything.

DONE! In 2021, I'm Going To Learn To Appreciate Myself More

Throughout this year, I neglected my own feelings so much because of others.

But no more!

Next year, I’ll learn to be kind to myself, just like I am to others.

I’ll finally become the person I always wanted to be.

I will learn to trust my gut a bit more and I’ll believe that God will help me fulfill my dreams and goals.

I’ll work toward having the career I always wanted to have.

I will patiently wait to find a partner who will appreciate me for who I am and won’t try to change me.

And I’ll finally learn to feel good in my own skin.

I won’t be afraid to be alone because loneliness can be a positive thing.

In 2021, I’ll be selfish and I’ll invest in myself.

DONE! In 2021, I'm Going To Learn To Appreciate Myself More

I’ll start to dream big and walk proudly toward my aspirations. By doing that, I’ll learn to appreciate myself more.

I know that next year, my whole world will be upside down, not for the worse, but for the better.

Finally, the year 2021 will be all about me.

I’m starting to write a new chapter in my life. A chapter that will be filled with people who I care about and who truly love me.

I’ll travel to places I always wanted to go. I’ll wake up every morning and remind myself how beautiful life can really be.

May the next year be the one when I finally learn to appreciate myself more.

In 2021, I'm Going To Learn To Appreciate Myself More

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