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In 2021, I Promise To Let Go Of Everyone Who Hurt Me

In 2021, I Promise To Let Go Of Everyone Who Hurt Me

2020 has been a real roller coaster. But it was a steep one, with lots of downs and not so many ups.

It made me realize that some people will always find a way to hurt me, no matter how many chances I give them.

Nothing would change. I was always the one sitting alone in my apartment, crying because they didn’t know how to treat me right.

So, one morning, I came to the conclusion that I’d let go of everyone who had hurt me this year and the years before.

I’d set them free and let them fly away from me, as far as possible.

The agony of pain had lasted far too long. I kept being the one who always waited for people to change.

That’s why I feel that I’ve been stuck in the same place for longer than I wanted, while others moved on with their lives without ever thinking of me.

So, my New Year’s resolution may sound simple but I know that it’ll take more energy and effort than ever before.

In 2021, I promise myself that I’ll let go of everyone who hurt me. You’ve had your fair share of chances and now it’s my turn to shine.

DONE! In 2021, I Promise To Let Go Of Everyone Who Hurt Me

Leaving you in the past is something that I was supposed to do long ago. But I always felt bad and convinced myself that you needed one more chance.

“One more chance and I’m done,” I kept telling myself.

Years passed by and I still kept my door open for people who might decide to come by.

I still woke up every morning thinking that those who had hurt me would realize their mistakes and would ask for an apology.

But that day still hadn’t come and I started to feel like a fool for waiting.

So, I made a decision and it’s one I’ll stick to.

If you hurt me in the past, I want to tell you that my door is finally closed to you. Don’t come back into my life as I won’t let you in.

2021 will be my year of complete change and starting afresh. I’ve been bottling up these bad emotions for too long and it’s finally time to let go of them.

I let go of my false friend who pretended to be something that she isn’t.

DONE! In 2021, I Promise To Let Go Of Everyone Who Hurt Me

I looked at her and saw a best friend until I realized that she had no respect for me.

She always did things behind my back and made me feel worthless.

Poor me, I thought that she was doing all of that to turn me into a better person but I finally realized that she was putting me down the whole time.

She wanted to feel better than me so she made me suffer every time she acted like I was her enemy.

Her words felt like knives and they were aimed directly at my heart.

I let go of all of my toxic family members. They’re family but they acted like they were my biggest enemies.

Whenever I needed their support, there was no one to be found.

All alone, I walked through life, fighting through the obstacles, hoping to find someone who would save me.

I didn’t need much – just a few words of encouragement that I could do it and that things would be fine.

But no matter how much I called for them, all of them turned their back on me and left me on my own.

It still hurts but I know that it’s time to walk away from them.

They did enough damage and I can’t let them do that anymore.

DONE! In 2021, I Promise To Let Go Of Everyone Who Hurt Me

Most importantly, I let go of that one special guy who hurt me in the past more than anyone ever did. You know who you are!

I’ve been thinking about you a lot more than I should and I’ve realized that I’m only making it difficult for myself.

You never gave me closure and I now realize that you never will. You didn’t care about my feelings before, so why would you now?

That’s why I made a promise to myself that I’ll no longer think of you and that I’ll let go of all of the emotions that still belong to you.

Both sadness and pain for your loss will be gone, as you don’t deserve to be present in my life anymore.

I’ll burn all of our photos that I kept hidden under my bed in case you came back. From now on, I don’t want you back.

You don’t deserve another opportunity, as you already had more than you should. I’ll no longer wait for you.

DONE! In 2021, I Promise To Let Go Of Everyone Who Hurt Me

There’s a man out there who’s waiting for me but he can’t have me as I’m still yours at heart.

That’s why I decided that it’s time to let go of you and make a place for another.

I promise myself that I’ll no longer grab my phone with the intention of calling you when I wake up from a bad dream. You can’t comfort me anymore.

You only make me sadder once I realize that you won’t pick up the phone.

My life stopped when I lost you and you kept living yours as though nothing bad had happened.

That’s why it’s time for me to stop and change roles with you.

From now on, I’ll be the one who lives my life with full lungs and people won’t point fingers at me anymore.

DONE! In 2021, I Promise To Let Go Of Everyone Who Hurt Me

“Look at her. She fell apart when he left her.” I don’t want to hear those words ever again.

Instead, I want to be the one who moved on with her life. I want to be the one who turned herself into the best version she could ever be.

I’ll leave you in the past as you deserve to stay there and I’ll focus on myself in the future.

So, with the end of 2020, I say goodbye to all those people who hurt me. I let go of each and every one of them and I’m going to tell them one thing.


In 2021, I Promise To Let Go Of Everyone Who Hurt Me


Wednesday 25th of May 2022

Bravo. Well done. Thank you. Good advice.