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I’m Worth So Much More Than To Be Half-Loved

I’m Worth So Much More Than To Be Half-Loved

A man shows his woman how much he loves and cares about her through his actions, not just words. And I thought that you were one of those men.

But you promised me the stars and the moon. You said you’d take care of me and treat me like a lady.

You were always obsessed with the material things and forgot that I’m not the type of girl who cares about what you drive or where you take me. The thing I care about the most is whether or not you truly love me.

I always wondered when you’d make me your number one. When I’d become something more to you than just a number on some pathetic list.

Even though you swore I was your top priority, you never showed me that. Truthfully, you only cared about yourself and your image. And you know what? I’m done waiting for you to change because I’m worth much more than to be half-loved.

After all the things that I’ve been through – the lies, deception, manipulation – I refuse to be your last resort. I won’t allow you to break my heart into a million pieces.

Because I deserve to be loved like there’s no tomorrow. I deserve the type of love you read about in romance novels.

DONE! I'm Worth So Much More Than To Be Half-Loved

The love that brings tears to everyone’s eyes and that people search for their entire lives.

You fail to understand that, because you only think about yourself. If you’d only opened your eyes, you would’ve seen how precious you were to me and how much I cared about you.

And I was a fool to think that you were the one for me. I was ready to give you my all, settle down, and have a beautiful, normal family with you.

I was in it for the long haul, but you couldn’t handle that. You were too busy searching for another woman to boost your ego again.

But I’m worth much more than being someone’s second option.

You were always expecting me to be there for you, even though you never once reciprocated. I was lonely and scared of losing you, yet you didn’t put in the effort to show me you weren’t going anywhere.

I cried myself to sleep every night thinking how you were with another girl somewhere. The thing that hurt me the most was that you weren’t man enough to admit to your mistakes. Instead, you tried to manipulate me and made me believe that it was all part of my imagination.

DONE! I'm Worth So Much More Than To Be Half-Loved

You took me for granted because you knew you had me in the palm of your hand. You knew I wasn’t going to leave you since I loved you with all my heart.

Not once did I feel like you cared about me. My emotions and needs were totally neglected and I told you that dozens of times, but you wouldn’t listen. You only wanted to show me off in front of your friends.

I’ve now learned my lesson: I refuse to ever settle for a man who doesn’t see my true worth.

I guess it was impossible for you to see how amazing I really was. You never sat down with me and asked me about the ambitious and crazy dreams I had.

You see, I want to travel the world with the person I love most. I want to write a book and need to feel free to express myself whenever I want. I don’t need to be judged by the person who, in reality, should be my greatest supporter.

You know, I’m the best of both worlds. I’m both masculine and feminine. I’m a superwoman who is invincible and vulnerable at the same time.

But you decided to ignore my wishes and instead saw only what you wanted and needed to see.

I refuse to settle for your half love.

DONE! I'm Worth So Much More Than To Be Half-Loved

And I realized that I’d never be happy with you by my side. I know my worth and I won’t settle for anything less than I deserve.

I refuse to let you sweet-talk me into staying with you – there’s more to love than that. Saying that I look stunning in a particular dress and then treating me like I’m just another girl to you isn’t love.

Love is more than empty promises. It’s certainly more than telling me that I’m your number one and then leaving me whenever you get bored.

Love is about making me feel beautiful about myself and about our relationship. You don’t need to say that you’re faithful, you need to prove it in your actions.

You need to reassure me in deeds that I’m the only woman in the world for you.

I need you to look me in the eyes and actually listen to what I have to say.

Truth be told, I’m too glorious to be half-loved.

DONE! I'm Worth So Much More Than To Be Half-Loved

I’m an amazing woman who has so much to offer to someone who’ll actually appreciate it. Yes, I make mistakes too, but I’m not scared to admit them. I learn from them and I give my all to prove that I’ve changed for the better.

I’ve never needed a man to feel good about myself or to feel loved. I was taught from a young age that the most important relationship that you can have is the one with yourself. So, I cherish that relationship.

But I wanted to love someone and to feel appreciated by that someone. My goal was to give you my heart and to make you the happiest man alive. But the truth is, you’re not the right person for me.

You don’t deserve me because I’m worth much more than to be half-loved.

I'm Worth So Much More Than To Be Half-Loved

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