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I’m Sorry To Say But This Is Why You Don’t Deserve Me

I’m Sorry To Say But This Is Why You Don’t Deserve Me

When a woman decides to end things for good, a man finds himself telling lies about her.

“She was crazy.“She doesn’t know what she wants.” “Her expectations were too high.

He pulls out the blame card and makes her responsible for the end, when in reality, things are not the way he presents them.

The woman usually ends up being the one responsible for the breakup but no one asks the question of what really happened.

The truth is that she was smart enough to realize that the man standing next to her didn’t deserve her.

‘Every story has two sides‘ and you need to hear my side too, before making a final conclusion.

DONE! I'm Sorry To Say But This Is Why You Don't Deserve Me


Dear Mr. Blame It On Me,

I’m sorry to say but this is why you don’t deserve me.

You didn’t love me. Yes, you said the words but you didn’t mean them. Now I know that.

They were misleading and false (like most of the things you did to me).

If you had loved me, you would never have been able to break me into pieces the way you did.

Trust me, that is not love!

You didn’t appreciate me. I fought for your recognition but I got nothing.

I never heard those words, “I believe in you!“You can do it!” or, “You are capable of achieving whatever you want!

DONE! I'm Sorry To Say But This Is Why You Don't Deserve Me

I don’t think that they are even in your vocabulary.

You put me down whenever I succeeded and made me think that my success was irrelevant.

It meant nothing to you and you wanted it to mean nothing to me too.

I finally realize that and I’m glad that I ran away from it.

You never listened to my words. Yes, you heard them but they never entered your head. It’s like they got lost somewhere in-between your ears and brain.

It’s like I was talking to a brick wall.

If you had listened, you would have noticed how desperate I was, trying to get through to you, craving your attention.

I now realize that I was just a figure standing in front of you. It’s like I never had a soul or emotions inside of me. That’s how you treated me.

DONE! I'm Sorry To Say But This Is Why You Don't Deserve Me

You lied to me. Not once but multiple times. Still, I made excuses for you, thinking that you would change.

I was hoping that one day, it would all be in the past, and we would stand together, holding hands, smiling like we had no issues to go through.

Well, I was wrong. Your lies continued and my patience wore thin.

Now I know that my time to leave was so long ago but I couldn’t find the courage. So, I stayed.

You never tried to change. I offered you my hand, hoping that you would take it and that we would work on our problems.

Still, nothing. I was the only one who made an effort and you never paid attention to that.

You only cared about yourself.

You were happy while your needs were satisfied and it didn’t matter to you that I was fighting my battles alone, with no one to help.

DONE! I'm Sorry To Say But This Is Why You Don't Deserve Me

“I am happy!” was a famous expression of yours. That was the only thing that mattered. My happiness was not important and you made that clear to me.

You never paid attention to my feelings. Angry, sad, devastated – you never noticed any of them.

You taught me how to live life without you and I liked it.

It was liberating to know that you wouldn’t kill my mood or that you wouldn’t be able to put me down when I got home.

I finally mattered and I was finally enough for myself. That’s the most important thing I have become in all my life. ENOUGH!

You had no idea what you had next to you. I would move mountains for you (at least until I realized that you wouldn’t walk over a puddle for me).

That’s when I decided to pull the brake to stop the moving train so I could get off.

DONE! I'm Sorry To Say But This Is Why You Don't Deserve Me

If I didn’t mean anything to you, then you wouldn’t mean anything to me anymore.

I’m sorry to say but you don’t deserve me, as I deserve someone way better than you. I deserve someone who will be completely opposite from you.

I deserve someone who will love and appreciate the person I am. Someone who will care about my feelings and who will put me first from time to time.

I deserve someone who will hold on to me when times get hard and when I don’t see a point anymore. The one who will stay!

He will fight with me against the dark parts of my personality and he will convince me that he is here forever, that he won’t leave me.

I truly believe that I deserve the one who will be there for me.

He will be my biggest support and my inspiration; he will push me to be the best version of myself.

DONE! I'm Sorry To Say But This Is Why You Don't Deserve Me

I deserve the one who won’t lie to me. He will be honest and he will make an effort to talk to me.

He won’t shut me out when he doesn’t feel like explaining himself.

Instead, he will communicate with me, comfort me, and hold me in his arms, telling me that everything will be okay.

Now, I can proudly say that you didn’t deserve me. If only I had been brave enough to see that earlier; my life would be much better.

I would have left you a long time ago, but I was a fool thinking that you would ever change.

I realize now that people like you never change. They stay that way their whole life.

P.S. You didn’t lose me because of the things you did to me.

No, that’s not why I left. You lost me because of the things you didn’t do, as those are the ones that hurt me the most.

I'm Sorry To Say But This Is Why You Don't Deserve Me

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