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I’m Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

I’m Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

Where is the love that has been fought for throughout the centuries? The one where you ran into the arms of your lover and everything else disappeared?

The one about which writers have written and kings have led wars all through history? Where is that special feeling of finding THE ONE?

You spend your life looking for your soulmate and once you find him, there’s no turning back.

Where is it, though, because I’ve been looking for it and I can’t find it anywhere?

I’ve tried many times but it doesn’t seem to make an appearance.

I even decided to end my quest but that feeling in me kept me going.

“Real love exists. You just have to find it.”

But when I look around, I fail to see any sign of real love.

DONE! I'm Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

Instead, I see all these couples loving their modern relationships and yet leaving things behind the second things get hard.

I’m scared of all this and of everything modern relationships brought us. It makes me doubt that I’ll ever find real love.

You want to know why? Let me explain it to you!

I’m scared of modern relationships as theyre about taking the perfect Instagram photo and adding a heart-touching description underneath it.

They’re about making things look picture-perfect while the reality is quite different.

Instead of having a good conversation, a couple puts more effort into making a good photo that will suit their feed and make other couples jealous of the love they share.

At the same time, their love has become all about making it look good on the outside while on the inside, both of them are unhappy.

DONE! I'm Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

I’m scared of modern relationships, as people have lost their privacy. Relationships used to be sacred places shared only by two people.

Now, it’s the two of you and the rest of the world.

Every step you take is shared online, from your first kiss to the size of your engagement ring.

We all know what others had for breakfast, where they went on their honeymoon, and how many times they’ve broken up.

The second you delete a photo of yourself and your significant other, the rumors start to spread.

“Did he cheat on her? He probably did. I saw him a few weeks ago talking to some girl on the street.”

Then, another person continues.

“He did cheat on her. My friend told me. She saw him carrying bags for some woman. She was older than him and she was even pregnant. Is it possible that it’s his baby?”

DONE! I'm Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

And it goes on…

“I think that it’s probably his baby. She must’ve found out about that and she left him.”

Then, in a few weeks’ time when that couple makes up, the rest of the world will make an effort to create a new rumor for the reason they got back together.

Over and over again, every step of the way is closely followed and our noses are always poking into other people’s lives.

I’m scared of modern relationships as they’ve become about creating a perfect fairy tale.

It’s not about creating happiness between two people who are in a relationship.

It’s more about showing others that what you have is magical and unique.

You sit in silence next to each other, with your phones in your hands. You scroll down through them, ignoring your partner’s existence.

DONE! I'm Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

If you even say something to your partner, they probably won’t be listening. Those words simply don’t reach their ears.

Instead, they evaporate into thin air and then you keep asking yourself why your partner isn’t paying attention to you.

It’s not as puzzling as it seems!

I’m scared of modern relationships as they’ve replaced face-to-face communication with phone calls and texting.

We no longer resolve arguments while standing in front of each other.

Instead, we pick up our phone, dial a number, and say a few words before the person on the other side of the call hangs up.

And that’s the best-case scenario.

In most cases, we simply give our partner the silent treatment and wait for them to make a move.

Or, we move on with life as if the other person never meant anything to us.

DONE! I'm Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

We either don’t do anything about the issue or we walk away. It looks as if there’s nothing in-between.

I’m scared of modern relationships as they have turned jealousy into a normal habit that all of us should have.

And how couldn’t they? We’re surrounded by people who don’t care about love or one-on-one relationships.

You sit down with your phone, download an app, and boom – you have everything in front of you.

There are a number of people who are willing to give you a chance. Your only job is to swipe right or left, depending on whether you like them or not.

Most importantly, there’s no trust. You simply go through a relationship HOPING that your partner won’t cheat on you.

You hope that they won’t hurt you because it’s the only thing you can hope for.

If you express your concerns, you’ll be seen as controlling and old-fashioned.

DONE! I'm Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

You’ll get a reply that everyone does it and that’s why it’s a normal thing to do.

If everyone does it, you should do it too, right?

I’m scared of modern relationships the same way today’s generations are scared of commitment.

They run away from labeling as if it’s the worst sin they could commit.

Meanwhile, they come up with all those fancy names in order to avoid those scary words ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’.

That’s why we have open relationships, almost relationships, and casual relationships.

Still, if that doesn’t suit your needs then you could look for a solution in a situationship, texting relationship, or in the worst-case scenario, maybe the words ‘serious relationship‘ describe your status the best.

I’m scared of all of that.

DONE! I'm Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

Where is that feeling when the world becomes all yours and you don’t see anyone else when you hold the one you love in your arms?

Where is that need to look around and search for the eyes of your significant other?

Not because you want to control them, but because out of the whole crowd, they’re the only person you want to see.

Now, we see couples holding hands and looking around, wishing to find a better option.

Someone more open to the possibilities of modern relationships. Someone less in love…

I'm Scared To The Bone Of Modern Relationships

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