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I’m Letting Go Of Those Who Can’t Value Me

I’m Letting Go Of Those Who Can’t Value Me

I never really gave up on anyone. You shouldn’t just give up on someone, right?

That’s what I thought. Once a person would come into my life, I would do everything I could to keep them there.

That’s how it should be, right? People who walk into your life should stay there.

Wrong. It’s naive thinking that every single person you meet deserves to have a place in your life and your heart.

Trying to keep people in my life only got me hurt, betrayed, and broken and the worst thing about it is that it’s my own fault.

Not everyone you love will love you back, and I refused to realize that, which got me hurt multiple times.

Why do people give you sorrow when you give them love? It didn’t make any sense to me.

If I’m nothing but good to someone, why on earth would they bring me down?

My heart got broken a lot of times, and there were nights when I couldn’t sleep from all the tears… just because I refused to accept that some people are simply mean.

No matter how much love you give them, they aren’t going to change…

Believing that you can change them can only cause you pain.

It’s understandable to think that someone will be good to you when you shower them with love… but a lot of the time, that isn’t the case.

I felt lost and had no clue how to proceed so I just gave love to people who took it and gave nothing in return.

Im Letting Go Of Those Who Cant Value Me

At one point, I finally had enough and decided not to do that anymore. It made me so worn out that I found it hard to even get up in the morning.

I was mad at myself for having such a weakness, and I couldn’t give any more love to anyone.

By loving so many people who didn’t deserve it, I forgot about loving myself.

I tried so hard to be good to everyone I knew, and all they did was use me as much as they could.

Once I wasn’t useful to them anymore, they left. Is there anything worse you could do to someone who showed you nothing but love?

I was emotionally drained and was left alone when I really needed those people to love me the way I loved them.

It made me realize that I have to be my own hero. I have to guard my heart.

Too often than it should happen, those you can’t imagine living without can live perfectly normally without you.

What you need to understand is that just because you love a person, it doesn’t mean that that person is good for you.

Maybe you would like them to be a part of your life, but it doesn’t mean that they deserve to be a part of your life.

You do your best to be there for them, but it doesn’t mean they value you.

No matter what you do, there will be people who won’t love you.

I thought if I did everything right and treated them kindly, they’d love me back, but I was wrong.

However, I still have some hope and that’s because I understand that there are people who won’t ever stop caring for me, regardless of what I do.

Im Letting Go Of Those Who Cant Value Me 2

It’s important to distinguish between those two types of people, and I’m learning to do so.

You’ll also learn that some things have to happen, even if you don’t want them to, and you can’t do anything about it.

We have to accept that we don’t know some things, but life teaches us about them regardless.

The most important thing I’m learning is that I must let go of those who aren’t good for me, no matter how much I care about them.

We have to let go of those who don’t value us, and it’s not about giving up on those people, but about doing ourself a favor.

The worst thing we could do is hold on to those people just because of the fear that we won’t find anyone else to love.

There will always be those kind people who consider us good enough, and those are the only ones worth having in our life.

We weren’t made to constantly get hurt by those who don’t really love us.

I have to have faith that there will always be those who will recognize my worth and treat me the way I deserve… and you should too.

Guard your heart, and don’t let others who have done you wrong convince you that something’s wrong with you.

Something’s wrong with them, not with you. I’m learning that, and it’s the most important thing I need to learn.

Don’t devalue yourself because someone didn’t value you.

Let’s remind ourself that we are worthy, even when people don’t see it. No one can determine your worth but you.

I have done a lot for others, probably even too much, and it’s time to stop.

Im Letting Go Of Those Who Cant Value Me 3

It’s crucial that we realize that we need to let go of those who don’t value us and walk away.

Regardless of how much we love them, they’ll never love us.

You need to realize the same thing I did which is that regardless of how well we treat them, they won’t ever return the favor, nor will they be kind to others.

We can be selfless as much as we want, but those people will still be selfish so it’s time to let go.

Those narcissistic, self-centered, and toxic people don’t deserve a place in our life.

I’m not going to give my time, love, and kindness to people who are incapable of appreciating it.

I love them, but regardless of that, I need to let them go.

It’s better that I break my own heart than to keep letting others break it. It’s time to escort them out of my life.

They broke my trust and expectations for long enough.

Not everyone who comes into your life is meant to stay there. Some of those people come only to teach you a lesson, the lesson of letting go of those who can’t value you.

I’m Letting Go Of Those Who Can’t Value Me
I’m Letting Go Of Those Who Can’t Value Me 5

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