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I’m Done Putting Up With Men Who Don’t Deserve Me

I’m Done Putting Up With Men Who Don’t Deserve Me

When everyone decides to leave you, the only person who’ll always be there for you is yourself. That’s why you should always be kind to yourself.

Throughout my life, I’ve been dealing with men who don’t deserve me. But I’ve learned a valuable lesson from my past experiences – putting yourself first doesn’t mean you’re selfish, it means keeping your sanity.

Because of that, I’m done putting up with men who don’t deserve me. I refuse to let anyone walk over me.

That’s why I owe an apology to myself first. I’m sorry for allowing that to happen.

The thing is, I was the one to blame for letting in those men who made me feel unsafe, scared, and unworthy of love. I was ashamed for keeping them in my life, even though they made me feel as if I’m not enough to them.

And I’m sorry for doing that to myself. I won’t repeat the same mistake ever again!

Truth be told, love shouldn’t be difficult or complicated. You don’t have to wait for a guy’s approval to feel wanted and happy.

I’m not hard to love, it’s just that none of these guys was the right one for me. How do I know that? Because when a man genuinely loves a woman, he’ll do anything in his power to prove to her that she’s worthy of being loved, and he won’t take her for granted.

That’s why you should never go out of your way just to get the person you love to show you his love.

Love is pure, kind, and soft. It isn’t indifferent, silent, manipulative, or aggressive.

DONE! I'm Done Putting Up With Men Who Don't Deserve Me

I know this now, even though it took me years to find out the real truth. I learned it the hard way. I’m sorry I didn’t protect myself.

I’ve been out of sync with my emotions countless times because I couldn’t express my anger or sadness freely. All those men didn’t accept my emotional side and they used it against me.

And I’m sorry for not being loved the proper way by immature guys who didn’t know what they want in life. I could never trust them as they broke their promises multiple times.

I didn’t get the chance to show them my real self because they were always trying to shape me to fit their needs.

I’m never accepting indifference and tolerance as enough as it only brought me sorrow and misery. My kindness was always mistaken for weakness and it was taken for granted.

I know I made some bad decisions that weren’t the best for me. But I was foolish enough to believe that I could change a man.

I’m done putting up with men who don’t deserve me.

DONE! I'm Done Putting Up With Men Who Don't Deserve Me

I know I’m the only one to blame for my choices. Sometimes I chose them because I thought they could love me the way I deserved to be loved. But it all ended up in pain and heartbreak.

In every experience, there is a lesson to learn. And I’ve grown from that pain.

Sometimes the universe has its own twisted way of teaching you how to become stronger. That’s why I stopped questioning why and learned to let go.

I reject being someone’s second choice because I refuse to look at myself as a victim.

I’ve learned how to live with my mistakes and, despite everything I’ve been through, I’m not giving up on myself. I’m a survivor, I’m sure going to make it. I possess the strength and will to achieve anything that I put my mind to.

I went through hell and back and I didn’t break. That’s called strength. That’s what it means to gather enough courage to pick yourself up after being torn into million pieces and still have faith in love.

I’m not just someone’s puppet and I’ll never be one. I refuse to be manipulated and controlled by a man who refuses to grow up emotionally.

I won’t let a man tell me lies and half-truths. Rather I’ll let him show me with his actions how he actually feels about me.

And I won’t let him make me feel bad about myself. I’ll never prioritize any man above myself, ever again!

I’m done putting up with men who don’t deserve me.

DONE! I'm Done Putting Up With Men Who Don't Deserve Me

Also, I apologize to myself for trusting others more than myself. I doubted myself and didn’t listen to my intuition.

I let men prioritize others above me and as a consequence, never felt truly loved by any of these guys. And I couldn’t see the truth because I was blinded by my love for them.

I didn’t believe that I could find someone better and I was afraid of being lonely. But now I learned that it’s better to be alone than to feel lonely in a relationship.

I regret giving them second chances. Men will never change unless they willingly decide to change on their own. They always believe to be smarter and better than us, but that’s not true.

I’m perfectly lovable, smart, and good on my own.

I will never degrade myself and think that I’m less than others when I’ve clearly achieved so much on my own.

And I know now that I wasn’t the one who owed them an apology – it was the other way around. They made their own choices and I couldn’t have done anything about it.

I’ve finally realized that I’m enough to be loved by the right man. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others – no one is perfect and everyone’s paths are different.

Once I thought that I would never meet the right man for me, but I finally have hope that God will send me the right one. I’ve learned to let go of my past.

One day, I’ll meet a man who will treat me with respect and admiration. Someone who deserves to be loved by me.

That’s why I’m done putting up with men who don’t deserve me.

I'm Done Putting Up With Men Who Don't Deserve Me

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