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I’m Done Being Taken For Granted – It’s Time To Take Control Of My Life

I’m done being taken for granted. I don’t want to get my heart broken by those immature men whose only goal is to manipulate you and make you feel worthless. Now, I’m going to do my best to take control of my life and start living by my own rules.

I’m just sick and tired from going through the same emotional rollercoaster over and over again.

There were times where I made a promise to myself to never give a man another chance, and yet failed to keep it because of my belief that everyone has a good side.

And I admire myself and all the women who know what I’m going through. We’ve fallen so many times, and yet we’ve never surrendered. We decide to rise again and become bolder, stronger, and more determined to reach our goals.

After your heart is broken by so many guys, it’s quite easy to fall into a dark place and start doubting whether you actually deserve to be loved. In those moments, all that’s left to do is to stand strong and believe in a better tomorrow.

And as you rise from the ashes of your broken relationship, you learn a lot from that painful experience.

But it’s all matter of you taking control over your own life. Although I know it’s not simple as it sounds, it’s necessary if you ever wish to be treated the way you deserve to.

That’s why I’ve established some new rules in my life and I’m sharing them with you in case you’re as heartbroken as I once was.

1. I won’t chase after love

DONE! I'm Done Being Taken For Granted – It's Time To Take Control Of My Life

Once I emotionally healed from my toxic ex, I learned that there’s no point in chasing after love. After all, being in a one-sided relationship is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

Love has to flow both ways. All your respect, desire, affection, and investments have to be reciprocated.

That’s why I’m done being the one who does everything in the relationship and gets nothing in return. I can’t stand being in love with someone and yet feeling alone when I’m around them.

I desire a man who will make a genuine effort to make me feel loved. Someone who’ll match my energy and attention and won’t back down when things get rough. I want a man who cares about my emotions and isn’t scared to openly express his.

I know that men aren’t used to verbalizing their feelings, but if I can adapt to every situation, so can they too.

2. I will avoid messages that come too late

DONE! I'm Done Being Taken For Granted – It's Time To Take Control Of My Life

It’s a well-known fact that women are more emotional than men. And usually, men tend to use that against us.

Some of them take advantage of your broken heart and shattered dreams to satisfy their needs. They attack you with messages when you’re at your lowest because they recognize that’s when you’re most vulnerable.

But, I’ve decided to take control over my own life by resisting the urge to answer a message that comes when it’s already late.

I won’t respond to those late-night calls that only mean one thing and I’ll never send a follow-up message after getting ignored by an insignificant guy.

3. I won’t start anything with a man I can’t trust

DONE! I'm Done Being Taken For Granted – It's Time To Take Control Of My Life

One of the most important pillars of a romantic relationship is having trust in your partner. Without it, you don’t have anything – your bond is flimsy.

Trust isn’t something that can be built overnight. By proving that you’re going to stand by your partner no matter what, you’re actually earning their trust.

That’s something I definitely learned after being cheated on by a guy who didn’t possess the strength to say directly to my face that it’s over between us. Instead, he hooked up with another girl and showed that he couldn’t be trusted.

I’m not saying that every guy is like that, but the next man I meet will definitely have to slow down his pace and take things slowly. I’ll need a chance for both us to get to know each other better before we go from dating into a romantic relationship.

4. I will prioritize myself above everyone and everything

DONE! I'm Done Being Taken For Granted – It's Time To Take Control Of My Life

Losing sight of what’s important to you is fairly easy when you’re in a relationship with someone. You give everything to the other person and you make them your world.

That’s what I did. I was so focused on my toxic ex that I forgot who I actually was.

Furthermore, I only prioritized his needs and neglected my own. I repeated the same mistakes multiple times and that took a toll on my mental health.

It took me some time to realize that my emotions are important too. I’m worthy of receiving love the same way my partner is.

So, I rebuilt my life. I decided to try new stuff that actually made me happy. I started working toward achieving my dreams. And I began practicing self-love.

5. I will be more selective about the type of men I date

DONE! I'm Done Being Taken For Granted – It's Time To Take Control Of My Life

I’m finally done with dating toxic men. The amount of experience I have dealing with them is concerning – I can now recognize one from a mile away.

I know that some of my expectations won’t be met and that I’ll be wrong sometimes too. I’m also aware that there’s still a chance that I’ll get hurt again, but at least I’ll know how to identify all the warning signs and red flags.

6. I will walk away if I have to

DONE! I'm Done Being Taken For Granted – It's Time To Take Control Of My Life

The time for being taken for granted is behind me. I won’t let anyone treat me badly anymore. I know I deserve better.

That’s why I’m not afraid to be single and walk away from a guy who doesn’t see my worth. I won’t allow any man to mess with my feelings and use me for his selfish needs.

I found happiness within myself and am satisfied with who I am today.

I'm Done Being Taken For Granted – It's Time To Take Control Of My Life

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