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I’ll Stay Single Till I Find A Real Man That Does These 5 Things

I’ll Stay Single Till I Find A Real Man That Does These 5 Things

I dated so many terribly wrong men that I started to believe that I was the one with the problem. Was it me, not them?

Was it something about me that caused those relationships to fail? How could I have such bad luck with men?

After the last lousy relationship, I came to the conclusion that I was the only thing all those men had in common. However, I’m done with blaming myself.

The only thing I did wrong was that I put up with things I didn’t need to because I thought I couldn’t expect more from a man. I thought it was silly to expect a man to fulfill all my needs.

However, there is a man who could fulfill my emotional needs, and it’s only a real man.

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A real man wouldn’t think I’m asking for too much, because I wouldn’t even have to ask him. He is a rare species who would understand my wants and needs even better than me.

He would never complain that I’m overbearing, nor would he run away when things get tough. A real man would be there for me in person.

I haven’t yet found that man, and that’s the reason I’m single and I’m fine with that.

After all, I don’t want a man who will never make me happy and I don’t need someone who will need me to act like his mother.

Caring for each other goes both ways, and I’m done with immature boys who need a mother, not a woman. They aren’t capable of taking care of themselves, so how could they take care of me?

There are 5 things every woman deserves to have from her man. Until I find such a man, I’ll stay single, and I recommend you do the same.

1. He communicates openly

I'll Stay Single Till I Find A Real Man Who Does These 5 Things

Never settle for a man with whom you can’t have a real conversation. I want a man who will talk to me about everything, the good things as well as the bad.

Isn’t it easy to communicate when everything’s going great? Well, I need a man who will be able to talk to me when things are bad too.

I don’t want him to hold anything against me in the future and sulk in silence! He needs to speak up when there’s something wrong and tell me about it.

It’s childish to do it any other way. Just say what’s wrong so we can fix it; is that really too much to ask for?

Let me know if I did something that wasn’t okay and be willing to work on it with me… After all, it’s the only way a relationship could ever be successful.

2. He is ready to take responsibility for what he does

I'll Stay Single Till I Find A Real Man Who Does These 5 Things

Do you really want to be with a man who plays the blame game? Well, neither do I.

I don’t want to hear an infinite number of vague excuses when he does something wrong. A real man takes responsibility for his actions, and he will talk to me about it!

Admitting when you do something wrong is something only a real man could do. When it’s his fault, he will own up to it, and I’ll love him even more because of it!

Apologize when you’re wrong and mean it when you say you’re sorry… and I’ll appreciate that more than you’ll ever be aware of.

Relationships are about being honest, even when it’s hard and especially then. I wouldn’t have any problems with a man who would simply take responsibility for what he does.

3. He is loyal and trustworthy

I'll Stay Single Till I Find A Real Man Who Does These 5 Things

A real man would be my rock when there’s no one else I could turn to, and he would never take my trust in him for granted! 

I hate it when men make me regret the fact that I have opened up to them. That can be really hard, and it shouldn’t happen in a relationship, as the man you love should be your safe harbor.

Be a man of your word if you want to be a real man! So, do what you say you’re going to do.

Keep your promises, and let me trust you! Because if I ever think that I can’t trust you, what’s the point of us being together?

My man should be the one person in this world who I can completely trust, and he should never make me doubt his loyalty.

Once I realize that it’s safe to trust him, our relationship will become much better and he will be able to trust me just the same.

Everyone envies the couple who has trust because it’s the foundation of a healthy relationship. Is it so bad that I want that?

4. He is compassionate

I'll Stay Single Till I Find A Real Man Who Does These 5 Things

I need a man who will understand when I’m not feeling my best and who will be there for me. He will hold my hand and tell me it’s all going to be okay.

When painful things happen, we all need a real man who’ll be there by our side through it all… and because he wants to, not because he has to.

A real man has empathy, so he gets sad when you are sad. That is what I want from a man – to feel my sadness and my happiness with me.

When you love someone, their sadness and their happiness are also yours, and you understand what they’re going through.

I know how it breaks my heart when someone I love is suffering, and I want a man who will feel the same way about my pain.

5. He is supportive and emotionally mature

I'll Stay Single Till I Find A Real Man Who Does These 5 Things

I already mentioned that I have dated immature boys, so finding an emotionally mature man is a challenge. However, I believe that men like that are out there, and they’re the only real men.

That type of man wouldn’t go crazy when I want to hang out with friends instead of with him and he also wouldn’t start a fight just because another guy talked to me.

A real man would trust me and support me. He would know he’s the only man in the world for me.

Emotional maturity would allow him to see that he shouldn’t ruin our relationship over a little jealousy!

A man like that is out there, and I’ll stay single until I find him.

I'll Stay Single Till I Find A Real Man That Does These 5 Things
I'll Stay Single Till I Find A Real Man That Does These 5 Things 8

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