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If You’re The Woman Of His Dreams, Nothing Will Stop Him From Pursuing You

The simple truth is if a real man wants you to be a part of his life, nothing will stop him from pursuing you. On the other hand, if a man doesn’t have genuine feelings for you, there’s nothing you can do that will make him stay by your side.

Sometimes it’s difficult for us to accept rejection. Many people listen to their heart instead of their mind, which is when conflict arises.

You can do everything you can to please him and make him feel loved but despite all of your efforts, if his emotions for you aren’t valid, then he won’t stay in a relationship with you.

Making excuses to escape the ugly truth won’t get you anywhere. You have to accept it and not live in an imaginary world.

If he wants you, if you’re the woman of his dreams, nothing will stop him from pursuing you.

DONE! If You're The Woman Of His Dreams, Nothing Will Stop Him From Pursuing You

It’s better to bruise a heart with the truth than to break one with a lie. No matter what you do or how much you give yourself to him, the truth will eventually come to the surface.

By lying to yourself all the time, you’re actually breaking your heart into a million pieces. You’re waiting for the inevitable to happen.

It may be difficult to hear the truth but if he isn’t pursuing you, then he truly doesn’t want to be with you. Some people think that love is complex but it isn’t.

If he isn’t pursuing you, then he’s most probably not interested enough in starting a romantic relationship with you. He may like you a bit but not enough to consider taking things to the next level and being exclusive with you.

You should never be with a guy who’s indifferent toward you, with someone whose emotions are an enigma to you and who doesn’t make an effort to sweep you off your feet.

He’ll never open up to you about his feelings because he isn’t ready to commit to you. And why would you be with a man who’s not ready to be there for you when push comes to shove?

You can try anything you want but he won’t dedicate his time to just one woman. He won’t reject all those other women and give up all of his options just because of you.

The truth is that you’re wasting your precious time on a guy who’s afraid of committing to only one person.

If he isn’t pursuing you, then he isn’t ready to make an effort to keep you by his side.

DONE! If You're The Woman Of His Dreams, Nothing Will Stop Him From Pursuing You

He’ll let you go so easily, without even breaking a sweat. He won’t work to keep you because you’re just another girl to him.

It could be that he expects you to do all the work in a relationship and he would settle down with that kind of a woman.

However, we both know that such relationships never work. There can’t be one who pulls all the strings, while the other partner does nothing.

You should know that if a guy doesn’t put in any effort, then he doesn’t deserve you anyway.

Let’s face it, if he considers you the woman of his dreams, nothing will be an obstacle to him. There’s nothing that he won’t do for you, the one he’s been dreaming of, because he knows that you’re worth the effort.

Do you know how guys often aren’t good at verbalizing their emotions? Well, with this guy, you won’t have to wonder what his feelings for you are because he’ll show them to you through his actions.

If you’re his dream woman, he won’t blame the timing. A guy who’s afraid to commit to a woman will lie to and deceive her and he’ll use bad timing as an excuse to leave her.

However, with this guy, it’ll be different. He’ll make sure it’s the best possible time to have you right there by his side.

Even if his life is a mess, he won’t see you as someone who casually walked into his life but rather as someone who came along at the right time and helped him with it all.

If you’re the woman of his dreams, nothing will be complicated to him.

DONE! If You're The Woman Of His Dreams, Nothing Will Stop Him From Pursuing You

He won’t use anything as an excuse to leave you in the dark because he knows that’s something only immature boys do. He won’t play any mind games with you, as your heart is too valuable to him to do so.

If this man finds himself in a complicated situation, he’ll sort it out, as a real man does. He’ll resolve any difficulties so that he can be with the woman of his dreams.

He makes an effort and that’s what separates him from the rest of the guys.

Remember that real men don’t hide behind excuses and they’ll never play any mind games with you. They know that only boys do those things.

A real man always steps up his game and does everything in his power to keep his dream woman by his side. And when a real man likes a woman, he makes sure she knows that.

He’ll bend over backward just so you notice him and he’ll do anything possible to make you fall for him.

He knows that you won’t settle for anything less than you deserve, which is why he’ll constantly work on himself and even climb the highest mountain if that means that you’ll be with him.

He won’t give up so easily if you’re the one for him. You’ll never have to second-guess his intentions because he’ll make sure you’re aware of them and he’ll prove to you that he wants you in his life.

On top of all that, he’ll talk about his feelings openly and without hesitation. He knows what he wants and won’t stop at anything until he makes you a part of his life.

Anything else is pure proof that he’s an immature man who doesn’t know what or who he wants in his life.

If You're The Woman Of His Dreams, Nothing Will Stop Him From Pursuing You

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