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If You’re Hurting, Then It’s Not True Love

If You’re Hurting, Then It’s Not True Love

Tell me, how many times have you been hurt by the person you love? And how many times have you given them a another chance to redeem themselves?

It’s never a good thing for love to hurt you. You shouldn’t be crying yourself to sleep every night, because your only reality is that love is painful.

Your mistake is that you think true love must hurt. It shouldn’t.

Love doesn’t hurt you. And the person who has genuine feelings for you has no intention of hurting you at all.

I bet you wish someone told you this a long time ago.

Love should never bring you to your breaking point. But a person who doesn’t know how to truly love someone will do that.

He’ll also make you feel like you’re not worthy of being loved, like you’re not enough for him. He’ll never appreciate you the way you deserve.

Love is a beautiful thing that enters your life and makes everything more beautiful. It’s like when the sun shines after a cloudy day. Everything becomes clearer once the rays of sunshine break through the gloomy clouds.

You should never blame love when something bad happens to you. Why? Because if it’s true love, then you won’t be hurting.

DONE! If You're Hurting, Then It's Not True Love

True love is as pure and magical as a snowflake in winter. It’s humble, generous, inspiring. When you love someone you feel like you can achieve anything in this world, but at the same time, it’s as fragile as a newborn baby.

True love should never hurt – it always heals. It’s supposed to give you wings and not put you in chains.

When someone genuinely loves you, he’ll always do anything he can to bring a big smile to your face. He’ll love you just as you are and you’ll feel blissful by his side.

Most importantly, you’ll be in touch with your true self.

It’s difficult to believe in love if your heart’s been broken so many times. In those moments, ask yourself: Is the love that I’m accepting true or fake?

I know that you had men who made your life a living hell, who only saw your imperfections. And because of them, you have a hard time believing in the healing power of love. You fail to trust anyone around you because of it.

But you have to remember that all the pain you’re feeling right now is just a consequence of the person who didn’t know how to properly love you.

You’re not struggling right now because of love, but because you encountered the wrong man.

True love will help you open your eyes.

DONE! If You're Hurting, Then It's Not True Love

Genuine love will help you realize that all this time, you’ve been wasting your precious life on the wrong men. It’ll show you the difference between being loved by a real man and an immature boy.

You’ll feel reborn once you experience true love. Why? Because it has the power to wipe clean all of your past experiences that ended badly. On top of that, true love will prevent you from repeating them, ever again!

The right one – one who’ll love you purely and without holding back – will accept you for who you are. He won’t feel the need to change you in any way because you’ll be perfect to him.

But remember, true love is supposed to be spontaneous and not forced.

You can’t force someone to love you. It’s not how true love works.

Sure, you have to put in the effort to make it work. But you shouldn’t be the only one doing all the work in your relationship.

All those cute, romantic gestures that you do in a relationship, he has to want to reciprocate. By doing them together, you’re actually feeding your true love.

Genuinely loving someone means that you’ve promised to bring a smile to their face every day. It means that you’ll do anything in your power so that your significant other feels special and not neglected by you.

And you can feel true love by those sweet, spontaneous kisses you get from the one who loves you. Those long, warm embraces and a shoulder to cry on are what counts when you’re hurting or in need of reassurance.

Don’t for a second think that someone who’s selfish and toxic toward you is someone who’ll spend the rest of his life with you. Because he won’t.

True love means that you’re able to show your weaknesses, knowing that your loved one won’t use them against you. Instead, he’ll accept them.

DONE! If You're Hurting, Then It's Not True Love

When you feel genuinely loved by a man, you’ll grow into a superwoman. He will help you become the best version of yourself.

How? Well, firstly, he’ll accept your flaws because he knows that no one’s perfect.

You’ll be able to show your true self and never feel ashamed for who you really are. True love will inspire and motivate you to do great things. With true love, you’ll reach ultimate happiness.

True love never fades. It always stays.

There’s no doubt that true love stays even when something bad happens. It’ll be there for you, guiding your hand through trouble times and telling you that everything is going to be alright.

If you’re hurting, then it’s not true love.

True love will help you heal your wounds and it will keep you safe. On top of that, it will accept your shortcomings and love you unconditionally.

If it doesn’t, that means you still have to search for it.

If You're Hurting, Then It's Not True Love

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