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If You’re A Girl Broken By Narcissist, Read This

If You’re A Girl Broken By Narcissist, Read This

When you met him, you had no idea that you would end up here – in a place where you no longer know what it means to trust yourself.

You had no idea that his sweet words would actually be venom. That they would poison you and make you question everyone who came after him.

At first, he was a perfect gent. He was Mr. Made-For-You and you couldn’t resist his broad smile. He showered you with love and affection, and made you feel so special.

After all those stories he told you about being hurt in the past, you could never imagine that you were listening to lies. He was playing you, but doing it so smoothly that you never suspected a thing.

In the beginning, it was a love story created for the screens. But as the ball unraveled, you realized that things weren’t the way you expected them to be.

He became the protagonist of your worst nightmare.

DONE! If You're A Girl Broken By Narcissist, Read This

Soon you realized that your heaven-sent man is a narcissist whose intention is to play his dirty game with you and destroy you.

All those roles he took on were his way to win you over and gain your trust.

The moment he realized he had you, the pain and terror began.

I know that he broke you. He was like a candy on the outside with a bitter surprise on the inside.

He kept gaslighting you, making you feel like the worst person in the world. You started questioning yourself and you felt like you were going crazy.

All those manipulations that you couldn’t run away from had a huge impact on your life.

He changed you and now when you look at yourself in the mirror, you don’t recognize your own reflection.

Your eyes give you away.

He broke you and now you have to put yourself back together, piece by piece.

DONE! If You're A Girl Broken By Narcissist, Read This

I know that right now, you have no idea what love is supposed to feel like. At first, you believed he was your true love – your knight in shining armor.

He lured you in big time. In one moment, you felt like a princess. The next, you were on your knees, begging him for mercy.

You now know that he wasn’t the right man for you, but it’s too late.

He’s changed your idea of love and made you question every single guy that comes after him.

He also showed you what it means to live a life filled with trust issues.

Because of him, you now know what it means to be afraid of every single person who wants to come close to you.

So, you decided to build a wall tall enough that no one could cross over. If you keep people away from you, they won’t be able to hurt you, right?

But the thing is, this has made you lose those people who wanted to truly care about you.

DONE! If You're A Girl Broken By Narcissist, Read This

They tried to show you that they’re there for you and that you can always count on them.

But your previous trauma kept chasing after you. A narcissist who broke you made you lose control over your life.

You were left alone because you doubted everyone’s intentions.

And even if you found the courage and let someone get close to you, you still saw the consequences of your previous relationship.

Your narcissist ex made you feel like everything was your mistake. That’s why you still keep apologizing for things that have nothing to do with you.

He blamed you for everything and you still feel like you’re the one who has to take all of the burdens of the relationship.

So, you acknowledge your partner’s mistakes as yours and you repeat the words “I’m sorry” as if you committed the worst sin there is.

Deep down, you know that you never did anything wrong, but a narcissist’s manipulative desire to control you still has an impact on you.

DONE! If You're A Girl Broken By Narcissist, Read This

Even though he’s long gone from your life, you still feel the consequences of his past actions.

It will take quite a bit of time to get yourself back to the way you used to be.

It’ll take a lot of energy and effort to fix yourself up and fill all those cracks in your heart.

Until then, you’ll remain distant because you use it as a way of running away from your narcissistic partner of the past.

You blocked his words trying to hear no sounds coming from him.

It was the only thing that kept you from going crazy.

You pretended that he wasn’t there, hoping that one day when you wake up, he’ll magically be gone from your life and memory.

But it took a mountain of courage to run away from a narcissistic partner who shaped you by his mold.

DONE! If You're A Girl Broken By Narcissist, Read This

It took you a huge amount of effort to escape from his hands and save yourself from the pain.

Now, let me tell you that everything will be fine in the future. I know that a narcissist broke you.

He made you feel like you could never go back to your old self, but that isn’t true.

But the good news is, as time passes, you’ll learn to love yourself harder.

Day after day, things will get easier and you’ll finally realize that all the pain you went through was a lesson.

No, you aren’t weak for being broken by a narcissist. Instead, you’re incredibly strong for having the strength to walk away from him.

You’re a warrior who just went through the biggest fight of her life. And you made it through.

DONE! If You're A Girl Broken By Narcissist, Read This

Yes, he broke you, but you never let him destroy you beyond repair.

You showed your power and courage when you left him in the past and ran away from his acid words and controlling behavior.

I know that you feel like you’ll never be able to love anyone the way you used to. And it’s true.

The love you’ll give from now on will be more precious. It’ll be appreciated more by the right man.

Because he’ll know what you went through to be where you’re now.

He’ll know how much courage it took you to escape from the controlling hands of a narcissistic partner.

You made it through. Now, take a deep breath and cherish every piece of yourself. You deserve to know how strong of a person you are.

And once again, you aren’t weak by being broken by a narcissist – you’ve proven yourself strong by successfully running away from him.

If You're A Girl Broken By Narcissist, Read This

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